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Next Book Due For Release: Book 2 In the Novak Series

These are heroic fantasy adventure fiction short stories in the tradition of Doc Savage meets Gi Joe… with touch of the Punisher in there.

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If you like action, adventure, and mayhem in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with soldiers protecting a Utopian city… then we share very specific tastes!

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Novak is a drug-addicted infantryman fighting in a vicious post-apocalyptic wasteland where battles rage between Union Forces and a mutant Hoard army. It’s a dystopian world where you must choose between the safety and rules of living inside the wall, or the danger and chaos of the freedom outside.

When Culler’s drug debts get him in trouble with the State Collecters – his squad, the “Deaths Head” begin taken missions for extra credits that monster stomp through the minefields of insanity.

Adapt and overcome, persevere until victory… and keep an eye out for big brother.

Get emailed the link to the free monthly kindle adventures as they are released