R.L. Burton Author Of Cullers War Series

Hi everyone! My name is Ray, and I write Distopian Military fiction and Action/Adventure novels as RL Burton. I collect long bows, guns, and books (which I dig into for inspiration). It’s a good day when I get to the woods or the range.

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Whats New?

Cullers War book 2 This month’s issue of CULLERS WAR is all finished up and ready to go. Cullers War #2 is titled Double Tap Death Shot.

This months issue is a little longer at 8861 words and is about a 40 minute read.

The gist of it? It’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

Welcome to the Barrens, a vicious radioactive wasteland full of conflict between the Union Forces and an outcast subhuman species; the Mutes. Its a bloody guerrilla war over the last free zones of North America. Social unrest, militaristic police forces, and big brother is always watching you inside the wall…

IN THIS ISSUE (#2): Sergeant Culler and the rest of his Union section are back behind the Second Battalion lines after their hasty attack on a Mute command post. They bought the company precious time and saved lives, but there’s no time for rest yet. Things aren’t slowing down one damn bit in the trenches for Alpha Company.

Smoke rises from villages on the horizon as Mute sleeper cells join together for a two pronged attack that will bring the Union to its knees. Things take a gruesome turn when Union wounded try to retreat to safety because the savage Mute forces smell blood, and the wounded are easy prey.

What’s Next?

Issue #3 Of Cullers War: Due for release May 20th 2014


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