Copywriting To Help Your Business Grow

“Who else wants to attract hundreds of cash paying clients to your business or website and generate mega-profits?”

It works like magic but almost nobody knows about it.
You’ll ask yourself, how can something so simple be so powerful…
and so secret -That’s the way advertising agencies like it.

Finally, you attract clients overnight like a magnet without lifting a finger – guaranteed. Here is an incredible opportunity for you to…

  • attract clients overnight regardless of a “weak economy”
  • build your business with a ridiculously low cost per lead
  • flood your website with paying clients
  • laugh at the overpriced advertising agencies while counting your money and get results overnight!

If your business isn’t the success you dreamed of, this is your opportunity for your business to do a 180 overnight. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, or what shape the economy is in.

When clients are magnetically drawn to your business, your phone rings off the hook.
Clients clamor to be the first to pay for your services.

But when your copywriting is not effective, your phones are silent. And your bank account balance begins to plummet.

It drives business owners insane. Every time they place an ad, they never know what to expect. All the advertising agencies tell you that if only you get your name and your logo out in front of the public long enough, customers will flock to your door.

Or you put up a website and you have two problems. First, you have to get people to your site. Second, they have to convert from Internet surfers to buyers. Studies show that people make decisions about websites in about 7 seconds. And if your website doesn’t grab the reader, they are not going to buy.

The newspapers, radio stations, and television stations have a built in answer. “You didn’t advertise with us long enough. Give us thousands more of your hard-earned dollars and eventually, these ads should work.” And then, when business never comes around, they come up with yet another advertising package guaranteed to drain you.

That’s the way it was for me and now. Those days are over…

I ran a successful personal training business and noticed that my leads began to dry up. Ads supplied by my “business coach” which were once effective no longer worked. My phones went silent. My cost per lead grew to outrageous proportions that I felt I was the money funnel for my advertising guy, rather than the other way around. That’s when I decided I had to take action.

I connected with the top minds in the direct marketing business and I tapped their secrets.

The bad news is, I waited too long to learn the right way to write ads that would have saved my business and prevented a pit of debt thousands of dollars deep.

I lost my first business, but you don’t have to.

Thankfully, with what I learned about powerful copywriting, I was able to save my house from foreclosure, beat away the beast of bankruptcy and start a new career that was much more profitable. And let me tell you something. It was a whole new world. I learned…

  • Why your headline can ruin your ad or make you a winner… with just a few simple tricks.
  • Why everyone who reads your ad loves it but it fails in the newspaper. And the one thing you need to do to produce consistent winners.
  • The one thing that is missing from almost every direct marketing piece. And why when this piece is added, your sales skyrocket.
  • How your marketing can become consistent month after month. And you no longer have to worry about just making your next payroll.
  • Why letting your news paper design your ad could be the most expensive mistake you ever make.
  • How you can cut your cost per lead and cut down your advertising at the same time.
  • Why the font you use affects your ad response. Newspapers do not want you to learn the simple trick that makes your ad more effective.
  • Why the advice that every marketing expert gave you about your business was dead wrong.
  • I scrapped everything that I believed about marketing and began to use my new found knowledge

    I began writing my own ads and my phone rang off the hook. It seemed like magic.

    But it’s not magic at all!

    You see, what my clients learn is what the great copywriter and direct marketing wizard, Gary Halbert once said, “You are only one sales letter from success.”

    I quickly and effectively write hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners, kick-ass sales letters and – as a result – your business improves overnight.

    My name is Raymond Burton and my ads, direct mail letters, web-sites, and radio ads have made hundreds of thousands millions of dollars for my clients. People call from all over the world just to get me to write ads for them. People routinely pay me thousands of dollars to create ads for them. I’ve taken the most distressed businesses and turned them around overnight.

    Now, I know you probably never heard of me I was content to stay in the background with my small but elite group of clients. That’s when I discovered something. The average business has absolutely zero-chance of getting one of the top people in direct marketing to do their copy for them. They are booked for months – even years – in advance.

    Even more frightening. Even if you pay one of the big names the staggering amounts of money they ask for, there’s no guarantee that they will actually personally do the work for you. They won’t tell you this but chances are, some flunky is actually going to do the work for you and the big name you pay is only going to review it and make a change or two. Almost all the leading copywriters farm their work out. So you pay Rolls Royce prices and get VW quality.

    The way the big copy guys work is they charge are large up-front fee, typically $15,000- 25,000. And that’s just for starters. Then they want a piece (often 5%) of every dollar you make.

    But the truth is. Most of these guys no longer work for guys like you or me. They work for the big mailers like Boardroom, Rodale, Phillips, and Agora. Many of the big names have decided to use their talents and promote their own product lines. Rumor has it that at least four of the copywriting superstars are leaving the field this year. So, in the meantime, they want to sell us their courses on how to write our own copy. Big Mistake.

    Seriously, have you ever cut your own hair? It may look good in the front, but you can’t cut what you can’t see. And you can’t write effective compelling copy unless you know the triggers that make people salivate for your product.

    But there is nothing a little guy can do.

    Until now…

    Here’s how I discovered the secret to success… and you are the winner.

    I studied every book I could get my hands on about the art of copywriting, the power of persuasion and salesmanship.

    And after weeks, months, and years of slaving away at copy, I struck the mother lode of gold. I reached a 1% conversion rate on cold traffic to one of my fitness products.

    I thought I was a king until I read that other “gurus” were getting 2% conversion rate and higher. I figured maybe I’m I don’t have the magic. Maybe I don’t have the gift for this… so I hired a “professional copywriter” and you won’t believe what happened next…

    The Professional Copywriters Sales Page Converted Worse!

    Thats right. Because I’m a tester I know the numbers don’t lie, I knew exactly how poorly his sales page did compared to mine.

    Oh, his looked amazing. Great graphics and the words rolled off the tongue. The page split into one for males and one for females to nail down the demographic and everything.

    But the numbers don’t lie and he wouldn’t give my money back.

    So I decided that I was going to become the best I could at this copywriting thing.

    Letter after letter that I wrote was producing serious money for my online business (The whole time laughing and pointing at that other guy in my mind). I set a sales record for my ebook – and the money poured in month after month. And that’s when the phone calls started.

    Everyone wanted me to “give away” all my secrets.

    And at first, I was more than happy to do so. I shared my secret success formulas with others. I gave them my full page newspaper advertisements, my direct mail letters, my radio commercials, and my sales scripts. I ran out of time responding to everything.

    That’s when I decided that I really had two businesses. My own products and the ability to write words that sell those products.

    Now I help other business owners with TESTED ADVERTISING to produce money magnet advertising copy.

    When I decide to accept someone as a client, I totally immerse myself in their business. I want to understand it inside and out. And only then do I begin to write. As a result, my copy reads as if their best friend is talking to them.

    People hate to be “sold.” My copy seduces the prospect so they buy your product without remorse.

    Now if you book one of the big names in copy and get them to write for you – prepare to do some waiting, serious waiting. Typically, the earliest you will get results from them is from four to six weeks. Hey, you wait that long and your business might not be there.

    Because I have a vested interest that your business succeed, I call my business…

    Copy To Grow – and I’m your spell casting word wizard

    Because when you need results, you need the magic spell cast now. Not in six weeks. And I am going to bust my gut to produce for you. Because you can use these secrets to make yourself a fortune.

    • How to turn lost or forgotten customers into a steady stream of paying clients. They’ll be glad to pay you again once you learn these secrets.
    • How to create a flood of hot, paying leads, sales appointments and new customers. You may have to hire new staff to deal with the surge of demand.
    • How to get customers to take action when you need immediate results.
    • The greatest advertising secret ever discovered and how it can give me a 7:1 return on your investment dollar (or more.)
    • How to grab Internet surfers by the mouse, turn them upside down, and shake their credit cards out of their wallets.
    • How to reduce the money you are currently spending on advertising. You will be shocked at how much I can slash your marketing costs.
    • How to split test on the Internet and draw paying customers to your site again and again.
    • The pile of cash that is hidden in every business and what you can do to tap it again and again.
    • Attract paying customers to your website overnight without paying outrageous fees to search-engine specialists. They’ll tell you it will take months to make your first sale. With me, it’s just a few minutes.
    • The website mistakes that drive away customers. If you’re doing one of these, your prospects are fleeing in droves.
    • How to eliminate cash flow problems… for ever! Just send out one of my letters when things are slow and wait for the phone to ring. (Hint, warn your receptionist!)

    When you hire me to work for you, in as little as 24 hours after you start using my copy, your business does a turn around. And I guarantee it.

    Kick Start Your Marketing Piece Or Web Site!

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    • The “one” word at the core of your online business. If you don’t live by the word, you’re not really in the game… and you’re making 1/10 the money you could be!
    • The reason most websites fail! If you don’t know this ingredient, you might as well turn in your domain name and give up your dreams of success.
    • How to hit the passionate “sweet spot” of your reader and literally whip him into a buying frenzy even if he has to max out his credit card in the process!

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    Your Overnight Success

    In the copy business, the top names are booked months (or years) in advance. So if you want to hire someone like Gary Bencivenga, who is widely considered to be the top copywriter in the country, forget it It’s not going to happen. Gary has retired.. He will only promote his own products. So here are your choices:

    • Go after one of the top names in copy and wait for them to produce for you. (It could be months or years – if they even agree to take your business.)
    • Hire one of the top names in copy and pay top dollar to have some flunky write your copy for them. (You’d be shocked at which top copywriter hasn’t written a word of his own copy in years!)
    • Get one of these guys to work for you when they start at $15,000-25,000 or $2 each word. (It sounds cheap until you figure out that doing it that way makes the 15 grand sound like a bargain!)
    • Buy some do-it-yourself copy program to save a few bucks but then discover that the author of the program hires other people to write his own copy!
    • Or, the single worst mistake you can make – doing it yourself. Look, everyone wants to save a buck but you wouldn’t dream of stepping into an operating room after watching General Hospital. The difference between hiring a pro and doing it yourself will pay off immediately. When you hire a pro you learn…

    Now, there’s another way to make some serious money!

    I am going to shamelessly bribe you into action … and guarantee you will get results:

    I’ve written successfully for health & fitness, real estate agents, business opportunity seekers, personal development, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, and a long list of B2B and B2C customers.

    Every campaign has been a winner. Aren’t those the results you want for your business?

    Warning: After I write for you once, you will never let anyone else do your copy.

    Free Consultation

    I select four jobs to do a month. That’s all. I don’t farm out the work. I do it all myself. But that means I get to be selective about who I work with. The first half of the year is already done. Three jobs are already reserved in July and August is going to be exceptionally busy.

    If you recognize the price I charge is immaterial because you can make it back the first day
    you use my copy, I invite you to call me. But if you’re price shopping, I’m not the one for your business. Please don’t call me if you are price shopping.

    Every creative job that I do is completely different. I don’t have a one price fits all service. Here’s the way it works. You email me with the specifics of the job as you understand them. Leave me phone numbers (day and night) where I can reach you. Please tell me the time zone you are in and when I can call. We will connect by phone and talk.

    If you are really in a rush, call me in my off at 403-862-9514 and we can hook-up right away. We will spend some quality time talking and I will freely share my expertise with you. You may discover the reasons why your marketing or copy hasn’t been working. It’s a fascinating call. You may want to have a tape recorder ready because I will give you so many ideas, you may not be able to write them all down.

    First I want to understand what your business is. What’s working and what the problems are. I am going to want to see copies of what you have been using. I want to know where you want to take your business. What’s the next level?

    I want to clearly understand what your real needs are. My questions will quickly get to the heart of the problem. You will have a clarity about your business that you lacked.

    And then and only then will I make a proposal to write for you and turn your business around – literally overnight. And once you use my copy, you are just hours from the greatest business turnaround you have ever experienced.

    If you need a newspaper ad, give me the exact dimensions of your ad and I can deliver your finished product in Word, Quark, or PDF. For no extra charge, once you have approved the ad, I can even submit it to your newspaper electronically.

    If you need to convert visitors to your website into buyers, not only can I write hard hitting compelling web copy.. I can also help you create a high impact Google adwords campaign that will bring paying customers to your site in droves for just pennies in a few minutes. And if yours isn’t working as well as you’d like, maybe you’d like my secrets.

    I will write and direct your complete marketing campaign and bend over backwards to turn your business around.

    Or, you may have a project that just needs to be tweaked a bit. Sometimes, just a small adjustment is all it takes. It’s not about charging you high prices. It’s about getting you the results you deserve. You win either way because…

    I take all the risk…

    (Graphic Guarantee)Calgary Copywriting Guarantee

    Copywriting experts can write copy for anyone. So it doesn’t matter if you selling real estate, medical services, insurance, or an ebook, I can get you results – fast.

    We can arrange instant payment options so you can get your cash register humming overnight!

    Let me caution you, although I am not yet asking the $18,000-25,000 that my buddies in the copy writing field are charging these days, my time is limited. I assure you that you can find less expensive copywriters than me. (And if you are looking for cheap copywriters, I’ll even tell you where to go.) But in that case, you’ll probably cost yourself more in lost profits and ad spend than you would have saved. And my results are second to none.

    Here’s who should not call:
    1. You want to send SPAM emails.
    2. You are promoting something illegal or mis-representing your product.
    3. You want Rolls Royce results at Kia car prices. (I’m good, not cheap)

    Extra Bonus: One Year Follow-Up Access!

    I’ll give you a secret e-mail address no one else gets. Being able to drop me an email with a quick question means you’ll never be left hanging when you need to get my marketing advice. I’ll answer your question as fast as I can. (Same day replies are typically the rule.)

    You’ll have the best marketing advice money can buy, from one of the most respected and fastest thinking direct marketers on the planet.

    If I don’t feel that I can skyrocket your sales, I’ll tell you up front. Otherwise, hang on for the most exciting ride of your life.

    Your marketing partner,
    Raymond Burton

    P.S. —If after using Copy To Grow,you don’t think it is the most powerful marketing advice you’ve ever encountered in your business… if you’re not certain that you’ll be able to lower your cost per lead and convert more of your prospects… you let me know and I will totally rewrite from scratch your ads, letters, or web-site at my expense.

    P .P .S. —Remember… when you hire me, I get you results immediately. While other copyists are still deciding whether or not to work for you, my results are making you serious money right away. Copywriting, Direct Mail, Internet, are Results Guaranteed.

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    (I don’t get on the phone unless it’s scheduled with a client because once I’m in the writing trance, it’s catastrophic to break that spell!)