How To Increase Your Metabolism And Burn Off Belly Fat Fast

How An Overweight 46 Year Old… Lost Over 50 Pounds, Did His First Chin-up, and Was Finally Able To Run For The First Time In 30 Years…

results from 30 day home workout planThe picture on the left there is a friend of mine who learned the truth about how to increase his metabolism and burn off belly fat the easy way.

He lost over 50 pounds in one year without… going on a crazy diet, taking diet supplements or going to a commercial gym.

I thought this would be info you could use.

Two years ago, I got a call from Jim, who is also a grandfather. He told me he started feeling weird, and started having heart issues while at a family picnic. Luckily there were medically trained professionals at that picnic and they took care of him on the spot.

All of a sudden, getting in shape became a priority to him. He wanted to get his body into shape so he could stick around and enjoy those grandkids and all the money he had earned working hard the last 40 years.

A year later from the scare day, he had lost over 50 pounds, without a dieting, without taking a diet supplement and without wasting time traveling to a commercial gym. He was now doing chin-ups, pushups, and actually jogging for the first time since he was a kid. Up until recently, nagging knees kept him from doing anything other than walking.

He even rounded off his list of accomplishments by doing a 24 hour physical fitness adventure challenge.

Hearing him talk about what he can do now, and how it translates into quality time with family and friends, along with how much easier it makes his daily life, makes me a happy camper.

Now if Jim Edwards can completely change his health, looks, weight and physical fitness, believe me… SO CAN YOU.

Why? Because he was no “Easy Pickings” when we first started. To be perfectly honest, he wasn’t even walking on a daily basis. Now he’s does Tough Mudder and other Adventure style races regularly.

Jim Edwards before losing weightThat’s Jim And I over on the left before he got all buff and fit.

How To Increase Your Metabolism And Burn Off Belly Fat

Jim told me, “Almost everyone has some sort of heath issues as they fly past the 35 year old age mark. Feeling like crap all the time, no energy, achy joints and some, god forbid, have heart problems just starting to kick up.

Basically, everything just kind of sucks. It’s harder and harder and harder to get out and move around and do anything. Then one day you kind of give up. I personally gave up from the standpoint of, I just feel like crap, I’ve got lots of work to do, I’ve got all these responsibilities, I’ve got all these things I’ve got to do. I need to concentrate on that.

The worst part was realizing that I had let myself get this bad off. That was the worst. It angered me.

That’s really when the downward spiral happens if you don’t take positive action on it.

But then it clicks, it sounds something like this in your head…

“You know, I’ve got to make a change and I’ve got to make a permanent change. I’ve got to do something completely different than what I’ve tried in the past because what I’ve been trying is not working.

I realized if I don’t make a change I’m going to die. I’m going to die early and I’m going to die in pain and I’m just not going to have a very good quality of life, and I’m 46 years old. I mean, come on. I’ve got to do something different.”

That’s straight from the heart.

Now, if that above stuff rang a bell with you… Then you’re 100% ready to take action on the rest of what Jim and I talked about.

I have a full interview with Jim all about everything he did to go from couch potato to Tough Mudder and I’d like to share that with you. It’s a free report you can read it at your leisure. I’d also like to show you exactly how to do everything that Jim did step-by-step.

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