How To Use Goal Setting Theory For Your Best Year Ever

goal setting theory - monks destroy goal mandalaMost goal setting theory guides say to form a life long, 25 year plan. Then work your goals back from there to do what you should right now. I don’t agree.

I’ve been there and tried that. The problem is that you truly don’t know the person you want to be in 25 years. You think you do. If you are living life fully, you never know what experience might turn all your best-laid plans on their ears!

14 years ago I was in the Canadian infantry and my goal was to become a sniper, crawl around in the jungles of panama and save the world. Now I’m writing to make a living. How does that work?

Life has a habit of changing. That means you and your goals will too. Why do you think there are so many divorces? People grow, they evolve and they become new creatures. Sometimes they turn into creatures that just don’t see eye to eye on things anymore. Their goals and expectations for life change.
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Your Life As A Song

Carlos Castaneda Thinking Your Life Is A SongWarning: Alternative Thought Ahead – I am reading Carlos Castaneda’s “The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge“ in the backyard. Its 4:10 in the afternoon and the sun is about to go behind the big poplar tree by the back fence. The breeze and temperature are perfect thanks to the wonderful Canadian summer climate.

My girlfriend is asleep for an afternoon nap. We both are getting a little tired on our herbal cleanse. I got up about half an hour ago.

Life comes in moments.

In this moment reading page 110 of Castanedas book, I realize I am really just a part of the universe’s big musical production. We are little songs.
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How To Do A Pistol Squat Or One Leg Squat

Ray demonstrating how to do a pistol squatI searched everywhere on the internet when I wanted to relearn how to do a pistol squat again after my injuries. I looked up all the masters.

Here are a few of them. In some way, shape of form, they all contributed a piece of knowledge that at some point glued onto another piece to bring me to the final objective of doing a one leg squat.

In the end I have the routine and approach that showed me how to do a pistol squat that worked for my body. My body’s kinks, injuries and limitations. If you’ve weight lifted using the squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press your whole life, then our bodies are probably similar.

The Sources Of Pistol Information

Pavel Tsatsouline (The box down method works if it’s only strength you need but if you are broken, then other methods are needed.)
Steve Maxwell (Just solid stuff that works)
Steve Cotter (Inspired me with the table jumping pistol squat)
Gold Medal Bodies (I find that GMB is better than gymnastics bodies for stiff, banged up adults.
Gymnastics Bodies (Getting rid of lower back curve and improving overall spinal mobility for the handstand spilled over to improving the pistol squat. However their video demonstrations are not consistent in form instruction and I spent a lot of time digging on the forum.)
Kit Laughlin (Single Leg Squat Progressions)

Kit Laughlin is well known to those that are into flexibility and a fully functioning body but I wish he were even more known to the mainstream fitness crowd. He is a humble man who always speaks kindly and offers great courses for the most reasonable price if not free.
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Calgary Personal Trainer

Do you need a program to get in shape fast? I’m a Calgary Personal Trainer that’ll show you how to burn of excess weight, tone up your muscles and get in the best shape of your life with workouts under an hour, even if you have less-than average genetics and minimum time available.

I don’t know you yet but… Have you ever had this happen to YOU?

  • You decided to lose weight so you started counting calories and made sure you were under a certain amount of calories each day….
    However after a few weeks you realized you weren’t seeing any results or your results stalled pretty quickly…
  • After trying a low carb or no carb diet…the cravings and headaches were just too much to bare…
  • You wasted a bunch of your hard earned money on bogus diet pills and “miracle” supplements – Only to
    realize they were a complete scam and didn’t live up to their promises…
  • After seeing a personal trainer or nutritionist, they tried to sell you a bunch of their supplements that you HAD to have?
  • You hit the gym and started using the treadmill or elliptical a few times per week…. But after a few weeks you got discouraged and stopped going because after all that effort, you never saw any results.
  • You went to the pool with your friends or family but you were hesitant to take off your shirt or your cover up because you weren’t very confident about how you looked in a swimsuit.
  • There’s a certain piece of clothing in your closet that you keep around because you’re hoping that one day you’ll be able to fit back into them!
  • You feel like you’re always on a “diet” yet you’re not getting in better shape and you’re frustrated because your waist still looks the same…

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And The Leading Hypothesis For Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Are

Going to answer what the leading hypothesis for delayed onset muscle soreness are in this post and how to get rid of or help relieve muscle soreness.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Ever hit a new cardio class or start on a new exercise program only to wake up feeling like you’ve been beaten all over with a rubber hose?

Its a bummer I know and I feel it too…guess when? When I do something I have not done before or when I change weight, intensity or volume or emphasize the negative portion of a movement OR go into ranges of motion that I am not used to.

First… DOMS stands for delayed onset muscle soreness when you see it below.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) starts to be thing of the past when you have done just about everything the exercise world can throw at you because nothing can surprise your body anymore. Until you one day add in one of the factors I mentioned above.
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Bodyweight Exercises For Back

chin ups are the king of bodyweight exercises for backBodyweight exercises for back break down into two over-all types. These are chinup type and row type movements. Pulling down from overhead towards your shoulders is the chinups. Pulling an object from in front of you to your chest is a row type. There are also multiplanar exercises which you see a lot in gymnastics training.

Let’s get started… this post is around 1000 words and will take you about 5 minutes to read. I’ve also put a demo video at the end of the article if you would prefer to watch instead of read.
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Starting With Bodyweight Box Squats

If you are just getting started working out at home then you’ll want to do the static bodyweight squat for your lower body.

supported bodyweight squats

You bend your knees and try to get your thighs parallel to the floor in the bottom position for a couple of seconds or as long as you can take it. The goal is to get up to 10 minutes in the very bottom position. Break up the time however you want. The same position you would be in if you were reading a magazine in the bottom shelf at the store.
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Full Body Bodyweight Workout Routine For Home

full body bodyweight workout routine bench dipsNo messing around with this one. Here is a full body bodyweight workout routine from soup to nuts. Everything you need.

Here we go…(FYI: this article will take about 35 minutes to read)

Read this series of articles if you are looking for a beginners workout using weight training.

From March to June of 2009 I took a handful of people at different times and personally ran them through 4 weeks of this full body bodyweight workout routine, twice a week.

The results were outstanding.

You are about to embark on the same program modified for those wanting to get in shape quickly and safely indoors.
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How To Work Out For Older Adults

How To Work Out For Older AdultsI was asked by someone if they were “Too old to start working out.” I almost flew out of my seat. Here’s the question.

Hello Ray,

I am 49 soon to be 50. I’m 6′ tall and weigh 186-188 pounds. I have not been working out at all for about 2 or 3 years and somehow I noticed that I have really lost a lot of muscle mass, and have started to look like an older man.
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How To Get Work On Upwork With No Experience

How To Get Work On Upwork Ray At Desk WorkingToday I was laid off from my job as an apprentice electrician and decided to really crack the code on how to get work on Upwork since I have more time on my hands.

Why Upwork? If there is low hanging fruit, I’ll eat it. I’m still doing traditional client getting off of Upwork.

I’ve been copywriting for my own fitness products since 2002 but this loss of the day job has put a dent into my income. I don’t like it, but it allows me to do more writing than I was able before.
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Doomsday Debt – Preppers Forget Dollars When Prepping

doomsday debt preppersIf you want to grab a preppers attention, tell him he is close to getting snuffed out. Tell him he’s close to getting the rug pulled out from underneath him, and he doesn’t even know it.

DoomsDay Debt!

See, it’s sexy to load up on .45ACP and argue about if it will be a flood or nuclear winter that will take everyone out. It’s not so sexy to suggest clipping coupons to get your ass out of debt.
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How To Find Your Passion And Purpose

All right, today, we’re talking Success Principle No. 2, which is how to find your passion, your “Purpose.” Stated as in the book, it says, “Be clear why you’re here. Decide upon your major, definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it.”
how to find your passion
Now, for me, my note is that people go a little too foo-foo here. So, for example, I don’t know why I’m here. I’m 40 now. I have no crazy, Ghandi-like purpose or passion that I know of. My main motivator is pretty simple, and that’s to make money, cut obligations so I can enjoy life and be happy. So for me, phrasing it that way makes a lot more sense than to think of smelling crystals and burning incense and stuff. But anyways. To be on purpose means that you’re doing what you love to do and doing what you’re good at and accomplishing what’s important to you, so that’s how I see it. So that brings up the integrity thing too. I’ll link to the integrity post right here; that’s a good one.
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How To Win The Conquest Of Happiness

I have some cool takeaways from reading The Conquest Of Happiness By Bertrand Russell. These summary notes are the thoughts generated by reading the book, the takeaways of what was written.

happy feeding the wolves
Sitting on the side of a mountain, a boy and his father were on a bowhunting trip when a scene unfolded in the valley below.
The father pointed, “Do you see the wolves eating the deer from the rear up?
The boy watched fighting the desire to pull his eyes away, “Yes.”
“Do you know why they do that?”
“No, dad.”
“Do you think it is to let him enjoy life a little longer before they have to kill him? Maybe because they are sorry they are killing him?”
The boy watched the deer’s hind quarters crumble under it’s own weight.
“I don’t know,” the boy said looking away.
The father lit a cigarette, “They are keeping him barely alive so the meat stays fresh longer.”
The boy crunched his eyebrows and looked at his dad, “Is that why the factory gives us the weekends off?”
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Burning It Down First Book In The Culler Series

Burning It Down Book By Raymond BurtonIn a chillingly realistic future, the Barrens is a vicious post-apocalyptic wasteland where battles rage between Union Forces and a mutant Hoard army. It’s a dystopian world where you must choose between the safety and rules of living inside the wall, or the danger and chaos of the freedom outside.

Culler gladly signed the Union loan papers, took the money and now he can’t pay it off. The dollars were gone, the business a bust, and it’s time to pay back the debt with blood.

Looking down the barrel of his rifle, he wondered if the death he was dealing, bullet by bullet like cards from an endless deck, meant more than a paycheck.

Crouched down in the rocky hole, freezing his ass off during the miserable winter of the Barrens, he looked up at the calm grey sky for respite from the hellish smoke, frozen ground, and chaos around him. Men were everywhere, locked in the ultimate of competitions, war.

Burning It Down is a story of never giving up despite the odds. War is a crucible of fire that smelts men into legends, and the Phoenix is rising.

Adapt and overcome, persevere until victory.

Where To Pick Up Your Copy Of Burning It Down

Burning It Down is the first book in the Cullers War Series and contains the first six short stories in the monthly published adventure.

You can pick up your copy at these spots: and
Barnes And Noble

The Beasts Of Hill 677 – A Cullers War Adventure #6

The Beasts Of Hill 677 - Cullers War Cullers War Adventure #6-“The Beasts Of Hill 677From the Cullers War Series (Audiobook Version Download At End Of Text Article)

In the near future, our world is attacked and will never be the same. It is a war like no other. A war of chemicals, radiation and mutants.
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Do You Have The Courage To Lead?

Clint Eastwood has the courage to lead himselfNote to self…

To rule your life, you must have the courage to lead.

Calm, cool, positive, confident. Think Clint Eastwood in the movie Pale Rider or The Outlaw Josey Wales

In the face of all confrontations and obstacles. You are a rock. An iron shaft in the frozen ice. Immovable.

A leader is a person who sets high standards and achieves them. – Have the courage to lead yourself – All great men win victory over themselves first before being called upon to lead others.
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The Face Of Evil – Battlefield Barren Ch5

The Face Of Evil - Cullers War Chapter 5 Of Battlefield Barrens Book 1 – “The Face Of EvilFrom the Cullers War Series (Audiobook Version Download At End Of Text Article)

Culler stood starring at a map scratched into the ground with the other platoon leaders, listening to the intelligence update from the lieutenant. The enemy was pushing in two areas, not just at their valley. Intel said an additional force of Mutes was also holing up in a small town just north of the valley.

Again, different tactics for the Mutes who preferred to skirmish and disappear. Now the Mutes were committing everything they had in the Barrens, and solidifying their forces in a town that the Grand Union wanted for future expansion.
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Valley Of Fire Pt2 – Cullers War Series bk1 ch4

Valley Of Fire Pt2 Cullers WarWelcome to “Battlefield Barrens” book 1 chapter 4 of the Cullers War series (Valley Of Fire PT2).

Bringing you audiobooks for free every Saturday. Written and performed by author Raymond Burton except for this intro which is of course, the automated A.I. system that is now hacking your audio delivering device. Battlefield Barrens is suitable for ages 18 and up and contains graphic violence and offensive language.
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Valley Of Fire Pt1 – Cullers War Book Podcast Ch3

Valley of Fire Cullers War Book Chapter 3Welcome to “Battlefield Barrens” Episode #3 of the Cullers War series called Valley Of Fire (original title “Napalm Death”). I’m bringing you audiobooks for free every Saturday. Written and performed by author Raymond Burton, that’s me. Battlefield Barrens is suitable for ages 18 and up and contains graphic violence and offensive language.
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