A Straight Jacket For My Mind

money is a straight jacket for my mindThat general malaise.
When all the work is finished at the end of the day.
Board but listless on a Sunday night.
Knowing and preparing for my upcoming plight.
The struggle to profit and make the months rent.
Each moment not productive costs another cent.
Second to hour and hour to day,
Time expires past 30 and then its time to pay.
I could brush it off and enjoy my time,
But I can’t relax when I count every dime.
The truck is squeaking, the gas is low,
So where are the clients, that’s what I’d like to know.
If I were a squirrel, I’d be scrambling for nuts,
But I can’t find enough to get out of this rut.

One of these days, I’ll start my car from inside,
And even feel proud to offer someone a ride.
I wont stare at the gas each time I drive,
Or scramble for nuts, just to survive.

Sometimes I feel like I’m hanging off a cliff,
Struggling for a hand hold that I always just miss.

I wrote this back in 2002. Those were some tuff days. I remember coming home from the gym to find a bag of groceries hanging on my door. Being this way was not something that I was proud of so I kept it pretty quiet. Someone knew and someone cared enough to help out without hurting my pride.

I also remember my friend Tim who worked the counter at the gym giving me some credit to buy my protein powder for the month. He said he knew I would make it and I could pay him then.

It was shortly after that when a client decided that he wanted to sponsor me to compete in the southern Alberta bodybuilding championships. With his help I went on the win the light heavy weight title. During that time I wrote two books, Your First Competition and The Fat To Fit Program.

Fast forward to present day. I woke up this morning at a time of my choice to do a radio interview with Don Russell from WBT- AM 1110 to talk with the folks in Charlotte, NC about The Fat To Fit Program. One of many I have done over the last couple of months as part of my media campaign.

I checked my clickbank account to see how many copies of my program I sold while I was asleep. Then I logged in to see how much my adsense account had made.

I finished a cup of coffee as I sent out a few new clients to my personal trainers that I have hired over the last couple of years and then typed out this article before going back to bed for a nap.

As I went through my binders and notebooks from a couple of years worth of goal setting and dream lists, I realize I have become what I set out to be. I am healthy, have an abundance of time to use as I like and 90% of my income happens no matter if I step into the office or not.

Wherever you are now, you can get to where you want to be. Write down what you want and put today’s date on it. Start working on something that you love to spend your time on that you know will help other people. The amount that you can help other people is directly related to the amount of money you can make.

Start with the intention that every bit of work you do will be used infinitely to create income without your physical presence. Automation is the key to unlimited wealth while still having the time to enjoy life.

How do you know what is the thing that you should be spending your time on? Something I read in the book ” The Alchemist” was a big help to me. “Where your tears fall, your treasure lies”. If you find something that really moves you and creates an emotional response deep in your soul, you have found your passion. Anything else you spend your time on will fill you with tension and unhappiness.

You have to follow your heart and your intuition. This is the only way you will make it through the tuff times and still be happy until your finances catch up with your dreams.

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