About Being A Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Albert and I am currently pursuing a Degree in Exercise Science.

Health and Fitness has always been an area of interest for me. I’ve thought about
becoming a fitness trainer and I have some questions which I think will help me
give me more insight on being a successful Fitness Trainer.I would greatly appreciate
it if these questions get answered to their best extent. I felt asking someone who already
has had experience as a fitness trainer would produce a more helpful response.
The Questions are as follows:

1. Why did you become a Fitness Trainer?

Because exercise is a huge part of my life and there isnt anything that I would rather be doing than playing with friends.

2. What are the working conditions like as a Fitness Trainer?

Whatever you make them. You can train people wherever and whenever you want with whatever equipment you want.

3. What are the required Qualifications?

-Love physical activity

-Care for your people

-Be high energy

4. What certification is required in becoming a Fitness Trainer?

It depends on the part of the world you are in.

5. What will the salary outlook be like 5 years into the profession?

It depends on your ability to generate business through differant avenues.
Basically your income in any job is always unlimited..you are the limits.

6. Is there any kind of advancement for a Fitness Trainer?

This is the same as income…

7. What kind of Training do I need to undergo?

It depends on your area of the world and what is dictated by your governing body.

8. What will the employment outlook look like 2 yrs from now?

Why would you want to be employed? Be your own boss.

10. What is the nature of work you do?

I help people change thier state of health so they can live life in the body and state of mind they want.

11. What would my responsibilities be as a fitness trainer?

To help people achieve thier physical goals. Everything else to do with running the business should be outsourced.

12. Are there any preferred qualifications?

Every organization that gives certifications say they are the best. Go with the one that will let you learn the most for the target population that you wish to help.