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About the Music
The music is a voyage of ear candy. A brain dance in your headphones. The goal is to effect you through specific vibrations, frequencies and tones. Rhythms when needed are very powerful. This music makes you FEEL something. It may be a meditative state, possibly forgiveness, courage, love… it depends on the specific piece but it is all designed with your success in mind.

About Ray Burton

After being involved with the physical body for so long as a fitness coach and soldier with the Canadian Infantry, I realized that the body is only part of the picture so after many years of that I decided to get back to my true passion.

I can’t remember a time as a boy when I didn’t fall asleep with my father playing the piano downstairs. After many different jobs, I relized one day that there was only one job I ever had where I would stay after work or go back to the shop with the keys to hang out by myself and that was when I ran the MusicShop.

MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC… it’s always been there. Creating it, listening to it, playing it for others… I just never thought I could feed myself off it.

Be Inspired…

Create Your Reality….

Raymond L Burton


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