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Battlefield barrenCullers War Series Podcast – Book 1 (Battlefield Barren) Chapter 1 (audio version at end of page)

Dollars for flesh. I gladly signed the papers, took the money and now I can’t pay it off. The dollars are gone, now it’s time to pay back my debt, bullet by bullet.

Looking down the barrel of my rifle, I wondered if the death I was dealing, like cards from an endless deck, had any honorable reason behind it.

Crouching in my rocky hole, freezing my ass off during the miserable winter cold of the Barrens, I looked up at the calm grey sky. I drifted in peace for a second, then reluctantly let my eyes fall back to the hellish smoke, frozen ground, and chaos surrounding me. Men were everywhere, locked in the ultimate of competitions… WAR.

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Music by Severed Fifthfree album “Denied By Reign” by Jono Bacon]]>

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