A Beginner Workout Routine With Everything Explained Step-By-Step

Just starting to get into shape? This 21-day Rapid Fat Loss Program Is A Beginner Workout Routine And Eating Plan With Everything Explained Step-By-Step
beginner workout routine showing home gym setup

You can do this workout at home without any loss of effectiveness and I give those instructions below as well. First topic addressed is weight loss, then building lean muscle.

If you are like me the first time you tried a beginner workout routine, you’re biting at the bit to see if this stuff is actually going to work. It will. Guaranteed. I have trained many beginners using the exact same stuff I am showing you. They have all done very well.

There are a couple of things as a beginner you need to do before you even begin to step foot into the gym. These will pay dividends for you later.

Ray Burtons beginners workout routineMy daily practice as a personal trainer and all my experience up to this point is here in this beginner workout routine series. I hope you find it useful in creating a healthier, fit and lastly, more attractive body.

I know that when I started working out I had a lot of questions. These were mostly about what to spend my money on that would actually help me make progress. Well as far as supplements go, there is only one company on the internet that I have ordered through and trust. I’ve ordered and sold through more but got burned. At any rate, if you’re going to pick up supplements online, get them through Amazon.com. You know Amazon won’t mess with your stuff and you often can get free shipping.

As you can imagine, with the exposure of this series (based on my book), this letter gives the above mentioned company a lot of business and they give me a referral fee as a thank you. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that I do profit from making the above endorsement, but that I would not tell you of anything if I did not use it myself and trust the performance of the company mentioned. I wish you all the best as you start on a great adventure. Something that if you apply yourself fully to will cross over to all areas of your life and in many different ways.

Let me know if you have questions on the beginner workout routine series in the comments below. I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

My name is Ray Burton. Fitness has been and will always be my life. After helping people one-on-one as a personal trainer for a few years you realize something about your business.  You’re limited to the amount of people you can see in a day.

The only way to help every one get in shape, is to make information available on a massive scale. Through this beginner workout series I hope you will find the answers to all your fitness questions and that your future will be full of life and vitality.

I Was Skinny, Then Fat – Just So You Know

Throughout my childhood I was skinny, 126 pounds in high school to be exact. No too good for football or picking up girls! I had always trained to be in shape doing cross-country running and track and field. I can even remember training for field days in grade three on my own because I wanted the red ribbon. As social aspects of life crept in during high school and girls became a lot more important, I wanted muscles. So I began to workout with weights. This was the beginning of the end you might say. I devoured everything I could find on fitness and weight training and it became my passion and still is to this day.

Using what I learned in the beginners workout you are about to go through, I left high school at 175 pounds of lean muscle. Quite a change to be sure, but I kept on going. A couple of years later I was 210 and not so lean. You could say I was quite the fluffy fellow actually! This prompted me to learn how to get lean but still keep all my hard earned muscle.

I learned, I applied and I changed. I took my fitness to a new level and joined the Canadian infantry. My fitness level and system for maintaining it must have been good, because I won awards for most physically fit infantryman and ended up providing training and designing a beginners workout for the soldiers of the Anti-Armour platoon while on tour of duty in Bosnia.

Once I finished my tour, I realized how much of a part fitness was in my life and how much it enhanced all areas of life, so I became a personal trainer. I wanted to pass the torch to others so that they would also be able to fully experience life with discipline, determination, and confidence. You only get one shot, make the most of it.

The Idea Behind Starting This Free Beginner Workout Routine Series

There has been a trend lately in the world where the truth seems to exist only if it is profitable. As the owner of a personal training company, I see many people that have begun to workout or have even trained for long periods of time and never get any results. I feel this is a real shame. Countless numbers of really nice people put in the time and the effort and nothing happens, and they give up.

There are too many theories and new wonder workout routines that confuse the average person and cause them to doubt if they are or were ever working out correctly. This confusion in itself is enough to halt any progress because if you’re not confident that what you’re doing is working, then you won’t give it your full effort. That is where this series comes into the picture.

Promises are given too freely these days and with too little value placed on them. If you promise someone that you will give them results, then you better produce the results.

Why A Beginners Workout Routine Series?

I love fitness and wanted to make a living from it. I thought of several different ways and realized that I should put some of this stuff I do on a daily basis to paper to save people the time and effort of figuring it out for themselves. The big money these days is in magazines. I thought about it, but came to a startling idea. Why not make a living simply showing people what they need and then setting them free to do it on their own?….(unless of course they ask to continue with your help)

There are always new ideas and of course you can make it complicated to sell the shit out of it, but the essence remains the same. There are some rules, but most are more like guidelines. So how do magazines keep going year after year? Well, swimsuit additions, star profiles, supplement adds, and new and confusing routines that keep you jumping around and never fully applying yourself for any length of time to see results.

These methods worked for me through the years, as well as my clients. I’m not going to confuse you or pretend that this is incredible new science. You are going to learn what has worked for millions of people, for the last 100 years. Learn this stuff and apply it…..it works.


Can’t is a word that is foe to ambition;
an enemy ambush to shatter your will.
It’s prey forever to a man with a mission;
and bows only to courage, and patience, and skill.

So hate it with hatred that’s deep and undying,
for once it is welcomed twill break any man.
And whatever the goal you are seeking, keep trying!
And answer this demon by saying, “I Can!”

The Biggest Problem When Getting Started

The real problem for people when they begin to workout is that they don’t know where to start and how to effectively get the ball rolling. There are so many different ways for beginners to workout and people want to know which is the correct one. It makes sense because, why start if you’re only wasting your time on a less than perfect workout routine?

Here’s the catch; every workout routine will work for someone out there at some point in his or her training progression! The reason is because everyone is different. Just like for every individual, there is a perfect mate, for every person they may need a different workout routine. At different points in their lives. No one workout routine or method always works for everyone indefinitely!

Beginning to workout is a trip without a final destination, so you better enjoy the process because you never reach the end. What I mean is that, seldom do I ever talk to anyone who says, “I am the best that I want to be, I no longer need to improve!” As we go through this beginners workout series, I will explain things to you so that you won’t be blindly following numbers and exercises.

You should know why you are doing everything and what affect it will have on your body. At no time should you think that you can’t do this or that because of time restrictions or anything else because your beginners workout routines are always flexible!

The point is that in ten years, your body won’t care if it worked out on a Tuesday or a Friday, but your wife or husband will sure care that you put them in second place to something. You can see what I am getting at, make the beginners workout routine series fit your life, not your life fit the beginners workout routine.

Now, there are no perfect routines, but there are ways that are better than others when you go about this whole fitness game!

Let’s Get The Idea Of “Losing Weight” Out Of The Picture

This topic is front and center because if you don’t get this stuff straight right now, all the rest of this 30DBB series will be useless.

You should also read this article: Burning Fat VS Building Muscle

Losing weight (burning off excess fat) is the topic on many of our minds. If its so important, why do so many of us beginners fail in our fat loss efforts? Well, while I do want you to like who you are, fat and all, I will not say what people want to hear if it’s not the truth. You’re here because you want to change your body. I’ll say what you need to hear to do that very thing. So if you have been working out for a few months and you haven’t seen any changes, then there is a problem with what you are doing.

If your not working out, but think your on a great body changing program (read diet scam or pills), you can stop right here. You’re overweight because you’re inactive. You need a beginners workout routine NOW.

What I have come to understand is that many people are smart enough to know what needs to be done to change their bodies. What I also understand now thanks to my experience with others that are overweight is that knowledge is not what makes us succeed when trying to lose fat. It’s putting that knowledge into practice. So if beginners know what needs to be done to change their bodies, why are they not doing it?

One reason is because the bad habits that made them overweight somehow makes them feel better now than they think they will once they lose weight on a beginners workout plan. In other words, immediate satisfaction. We all know that most things that are worth having in life take effort. If this is you, than learning about discipline and goal setting is your first step.

The other thing for beginners is that its easier to be overweight now and enjoy your bad habits than it is to put in the effort on a beginners workout routine if your not 100% sure that this program you’re on will help you lose fat. You’ve tried to lose weight before right? Your still here looking for answers too. That tells me two things. First, you have unresolved personal issues that need to be dealt with professionally because you have adopted unhealthy habits that help you mask your personal pain. Second, you’re still overweight.

So if you have tried beginners workout programs before, (more than you care to admit) and you haven’t lost weight, do you think there is a problem with every one of those beginners workout programs? Or do you think maybe the lack of results lies within? Don’t turn away, this is facing the facts time if you want to change your life.

It takes calories to move, and using calories is the heart and soul of a beach body program. Now I’ve told you that in order to lose fat you must move.

Another reason that people cant break the bad habits that are holding them back is because at some point, something or someone did or said something to this person that has preprogrammed them to think bad things about themselves. Things like: your fat, your over weight, you will never lose weight, and you’re big boned.

Programmed to think that in some way you are flawed and doomed to a life with some sort of shortcoming that makes fat loss impossible for you!

Are you living out life overweight because someone said something that influenced you? Whoever said that…”To hell with them!”

Thoughts lead to feelings causing actions that create your results.
Those people don’t know what you’re capable of, or how perfect of a person you are, and you know what? Neither do you.

Not until you do your very best on this 30DBB series will you know what you can achieve when you truly apply your self to a serious fat loss lifestyle. If this person told you that you are weak willed, fat, ugly, or lazy, then that’s their perception of you. That’s not you. You are and can be so much more.

Let me set the record straight right here right now. You are not a special genetic freak. If you are human (and I hope you are, if not “live long and prosper”) then you can burn off fat and build muscle with this 30DBB series. Read that again. If you are human, you can burn fat and build muscle.

If you continue to believe that you are destined to be overweight, then you will fight with your inner self to be anything better. In essence if you change and stop feeling lazy, weak willed or fat ect, you will lose your old identity.

The “fat ego” has a way of wanting to self preserve (even though outwardly you want to lose weight, you really do), so it will fight you. This is why change is hard. This is why starting a beginners workout routine and new fat loss life style will be a challenge. You must recreate yourself and become something more wonderful and beautiful than before…. lose your old self and create a better you.

Step up and become involved with life. Do not stand on the sidelines any longer.


One of the things people don’t get is that burning fat is like balancing your bank account. Except now you want to be in the red. You can’t deposit more calories than you withdraw or your fat bank account grows. If you stay comfortable and keep that bank account balanced…. you’ll always have fat money in the over weight bank. There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat. So you must either cut that many calories from your diet (very hard) or burn off that many with exercise (doable) to lose a pound of fat a week.

The trick for this 30DBB series is to use both.

If you are shooting for 2 pounds of fat loss per week, you are looking at withdrawing 7000 calories from you fat bank account. That’s 1000 calories a day my friend. When you’re hungry, you don’t want to lose that much food from your diet. So burn some of those fat calories away!

For This 30 Day Beach Bod Challenge, something like this is better:
250 calories from a half hour weight training
350 calories from a half hour cardio
400 calories by diet

Now the final important thing to know about burning fat is that you need multiple meals per day to lose fat (as a general rule). Your body can only use so many calories in one sitting before converting the rest to fat.

Let’s say you need 3600 calories a day (you wish!). Lets say that your body can use only 600 calories per sitting before you start to store it as fat. If you eat six meals per day, all totaling 600 calories than your getting what your body needs without becoming overweight.

Now let’s look at what most beginners do. Remember that your body will try to get those 3600 calories because that’s what it needs. You wake up and maybe have a small breakfast, about 300 calories. Go to work, eat lunch because you’re starving after 5 hours and binge down 1200 calories from MacDonald’s. Congratulations you have already stored 600 calories to fat. Than you starve yourself to supper and binge again, eating another large portion of 1200 calories and storing more fat. Go watch some TV and go to bed.

What has happened is that you have eaten 2700 calories, 900 less than you needed so your metabolism slows (read getting gain more weight) but you have also managed to store 1200 calories to fat because of your large meals. A double whammy that kills many beginners workout ambitions.

This is where I will stop for now on strictly fat burning and weight loss. On to the good stuff.

In the next part of the beginners workout routine series I will give you a beginners workout that a raw beginner or overtrained experienced lifter that’s showing no results lately would be best to follow when wanting to get on track. This is a beginners workout routine that I have found to work for a lot of people of all ages that have come through the different clubs. It works around the idea that you should walk and then run!

Lets get started by answering some basic questions and check off a few preparations before you head off to the gym!

Beginner Workout Routine Preparation Checklist

1. Get your body fat checked

2. Measure all your body parts (biceps, calves, chest, etc)

3. Buy the food you are going to need

4. Have a clear and defined goal of why you are beginning to go to the gym and what you are trying to accomplish once you get there. Put this on the first page of your training notebook. As a beginner, momentum is your biggest friend and you need to remind yourself why you are beginning this over and over until its habit.

5. Believe in yourself. Know, without a doubt, that whatever someone else has achieved, you too are capable of getting the same results if you put in the same amount of discipline and effort. You may be just a beginner, but what you accomplish from here on in the gym is only up to you and the amount of effort you put into it.

Body fat check – Most gyms will do this for you, and some will do it for free. If you can’t get a gym to do it and you don’t want to pay a trainer to do it, then you can buy devices at fitness stores that will take a measurement for you. Some of these are more accurate than others but at least you will have an idea of where your starting point is as a beginner.

The reason you want to do this is because you can lose weight but it might be muscle if you are missing a piece of the puzzle. Also, sometimes beginners gain weight and freak out. If you check your body fat and your percentage has gone down then your weight gain has been muscle and you should be stoked because now you will have a better shape and a higher metabolism.

Scales are o.k., but they don’t tell you where the change in bodyweight came from so keep that in mind.

Measure your body parts – Get a plain old tape that a seamstress would use (not a carpenters tape!) and get measurements for all your body parts. Make little notes as to what side of the body it was and if you can find a land mark like a freckle or scar then you will be more accurate when you come back to do it again. You want to do this because then you will know if something grows quick (and you can be excited) or if you may need to put more effort into a body part that is lagging (in this case, cash in on that determination!).

Bottom line is that if you don’t do these two things as a beginner, you wont be able to appreciate the differences you have caused to your body. The other is that it gives you some solid figures to brag about!

Have a clear goals that you want from this beginner workout routine – Lifting weights and watching your food intake is not without its trials. When you do anything that takes you out of your comfort zone, you had better have a good reason why you are doing it. In order to do your best at anything you really have to want it. You must have something that will drive you when your motivation wanes as a beginner.

Believe – Have you ever gotten ready for something and had that feeling that no matter what happens you are going to succeed at it? What happened? You probably got what you wanted right? Well, the same thing applies here. The body cannot achieve anything that the mind thinks is impossible. Did you know that when people under hypnosis touched an ice cube that they were told was a hot piece of steel they actually developed a blister? This just goes to show the power of belief and that whether you think you can or can’t, your going to be right! “As a man thinketh so shall he be!”

The Basics Of Your Beginner Workout Routine

As a beginner your body develops to the needs put on it, chances are that your body right now is a finely tuned machine for TV. watching! So what we need to do is get it ready to train without causing your body to say “nope, don’t think so pal” in the form of an injury. Basically we are going to get your beginner butt to the gym and get used to the routine of getting out of the house a couple of days a week to workout.

Most beginners can handle a three-day a week commitment to workout. That’s all that is needed to make most of the changes for the majority of people. Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the weekends off is usually convenient for beginners.

It doesn’t really matter as long as it is three non-consecutive days. Then we go and train the whole body on each of these days with a one exercise per body part workout. Now its always smart to warm up before exercise so we do five to ten minutes of any cardio machine to get the blood flowing. This gives the heart a heads up to what’s coming!! Then we go on to the routine, and finally the 20 to 30 minute fat loss cardio. So to take care of everything, you’re looking at an hour to an hour and a half if you’re taking your time as a beginner.

What Are Sets And Reps Explained

Beginners ask what is a set? A set is made of a bunch of reps done in a row, followed by a rest of usually a minute or two. Soooo, what is a rep? The rep is short for repetition. Or, how many times you raise and lower the weight in a row.

So if you sat down and picked up a weight and put it down 12 times in a row, you just did one set of 12 reps! Clear it up a little?

O.K., now it’s written a little different when you see it in a workout. The number of sets comes first and then the number of reps per set. So to do three sets of twelve reps it would look like this, (3×12).

Sometimes you see this 3×10, 8, and 6. This means you do three sets in total but one at 10 reps the next at 8 reps and the last set at 6 reps, all spaced out by your determined rest period. Now I know some people are going, duh, I knew that! But it never hurts to explain.

Here is more about sets and reps explained in a video I did while in sunny Florida:

Beginner Cardio Workout

Cardio is short for cardiovascular, and this is where you burn off some extra calories for fat loss or train the old ticker to work more efficiently so you wont have a heart attack when your kid jumps out of the bath tub as your sitting on the can! What determines how intensely you do your cardio as a beginner depends on the goal that you are training for. A lower heart rate is more for fat loss, while a higher heart rate works the ticker. I’ll tell you how to do this later. Just remember that I’m keeping this simple so we can get going.

Now, for the actual workout. You could start right off and do a billion sets to try to look like Mr. Olympia, but chances are you’ll have to call in sick the next day due to chronic ” I can’t moveness”. So as a beginner what you do is start off with one set for each of the exercises during week one and two. Now, the only scientific proof for this method of mine I can offer is that if you don’t listen, you’ll be as stiff as molasses in January. Weeks three and four, you bump it up to two sets for each exercise. Don’t worry we are going to stop this at three sets when you start your second month of training.

How Much Weight Should A Beginner Use?

How should I know? I don’t know how strong you are. Seriously though, this is why the slow build up in the levels of volume in this beginner workout routine. The first couple of weeks are for experimentation. On Monday for example, you would pick a ridiculously light weight and do your exercises. That was easy, you think. The next time in however, you take another guess at what you should try. Something just a little heavier.

Doing it this way you actually get six workouts in before you should have found a challenging weight. Sooner is better. On week three when you start doing multiple sets, do both sets with the same weight. Eventually you will be doing three sets with the same weight, for the same reps. This is when it is time to nudge your weight up a bit. Now remember, I said nudge, not use the whole stack plus little children for extra weight.

Take Your Time Adding Weight

There is no time frame to get to the point of all three sets for the same reps as a beginner, just keep putting in time until it happens. This is where it could get a little confusing if you weren’t the smart, good looking, intelligent person you are! (Never hurts to get a pat on the back right?)

If you do 3 sets of twelve reps (we are) and you add some weight, you will probably get fewer reps than before because it’s heavier now. This is O.K. because you just stick with it until you get back to twelve reps. So, this is what it looks like. You were doing three sets of twelve with 100 pounds. Now on set one you use 105 pounds and get ten reps, that’s cool. Next week eleven reps, right? When you hit twelve again, you up the weight again! When the other sets become easy, you adjust the weight for them too.

Soon your weights look like this 110 pounds for 12 reps, 110 pounds for 10 reps, and 105 for twelve reps. Next week it should be 115 for 10, 110 for 11, and 110 for 10. Now can you imagine explaining this every hour on the hour to someone new? Thus the motivation for the book Fat To Fit., where this excerpt came from.

So the bottom line is that the weights you use in this beginner workout routine are determined by the amount of reps you are going to do. The correct weight for you to use on a set of twelve reps is the weight that causes you to not be able to do another rep in good form after twelve reps.

Write Your Workout Down

When calculating up your weights when you record them in your book a lot of people are unsure about the weights of bars, machines and pulleys and how to figure it into their total weight lifted when they write it down. Here are the numbers I use.

The big, long, straight bar, or “Olympic bar” is 45 pounds. The short crooked “e-z curl bar” is 15 pounds. Now where the guesswork comes in is with machines and pulleys.

All I do to keep things simple is to count only the weight I put on the machine (not the weight of the machine itself because machines are all different, especially smith machines) or go by what the numbers on the stack say. After all, the only thing that matters as a beginner is that you make a progression from what you have previously recorded as your weight in your journal. The only time you might run into trouble is if you tell some big guy that you bench 300 pounds but leave out the fact that it was on the smith machine! (Because the bar is always lighter than the free version.)

Is This The Right Beginner Workout For You?

This is a routine for the beginners who say, “I’d like to lose the spare tire and maybe add a bit of muscle. I don’t want to look like those guys in the magazine though!”

Actually, all beginners should start off the same way regardless of their goals. You have to give the body a warning of what is coming. A whole body workout is the nuts and bolts of all training routines. What we do is take one exercise for each body part and do three sets of 15 reps with it. Now on week one, you may find that three sets is too much. This depends on the shape you are in.

A nice way to tippy-toe into this beginner workout routine is to do 1 set of everything for week 1. Then two sets of everything for weeks two and three. Finish it of by getting in all three sets by the end of the month. By month two, you should be doing three sets of 15 for every muscle group. Done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After the routine do 20 to 30 minutes of your preferred cardio.

Wait there is still more stuff to get a handle on…

How Long To Rest Between Sets

I see folks (mostly beginners) always chatting to friends or answering their cell phones. This is a waste of everyone’s time. Two minutes rest between sets is O.K. until you get accustomed to the work load. Never longer unless you are on a specific power routine. If I can breath normally after 45 seconds, I’ll start the next set. If not, I give myself up to a minute and 30 seconds. Of course there is always a balance. Don’t go lower than 45 seconds either. If you can start before that, you were probably slacking on the effort of the first set!

Your Max Heart Rate

Here is how you gauge your progress for the beginner workout routine cardio. Take 220 minus your age and multiply it by 60%. That’s a great place to start. What you have here is 60% of your maximum heart rate. Let’s say your 40. 220-40= 180 (your max heart rate). 180x 60%=108. So there you are on the bike pedaling away, reach down to your wrist, find your pulse for 30 seconds, and multiply it by two. If you came up with 115 slow it down a little and vice versa.

Beginner Warm-up! Its wise to never rush into a workout without doing some sort of general whole body warm-up. This could be as simple as 10 minutes of low intensity cardio on your favorite machine. You just to get the blood flowing. Follow that up with some general stretching to get rid of any kinks and then off you go!

Your Beginner Workout Routine

Here is the equipment I use and how I set it up to workout at home.
Muscular Adaptation
3 day a week, full body routine
Weeks 1-4

Squats 1-3 sets for 15 reps (how to squat)
Bench Press 1-3 sets for 15 reps
Dumbbell Shoulder Presses 1-3 sets for 15 reps
Barbell Row 1-3 sets for 15 reps
Barbell Curls 1-3 sets for 15 reps
Triceps Push Downs 1-3 sets for 15 reps
Calf raises (standing) 1-3 sets for 15 reps
Crunches-Abs 1-3 sets for 15 reps

You can stay on this routine for more than four weeks if it keeps on producing results. If things get stagnant, its time to take a look at your next routine.

Read the next article in this series for more help on training, eating and recovery. I’ll cover it all.

Ray Burton
I.S.S.A. certified Calgary personal trainer

Here is the next article in the series if you want to jump ahead Beginners Workout Routine Series Part 2



  1. Tony says

    I’ll admit that I like the newsletter. I am a relatively new reader (I only saw issues 100 and 101).

    I do like the exercise demo videos. Perhaps you can consider doing videos for some exercises for the chest and hamstrings (two challenging areas for me).

    I also like the motivational part of the newsletter. I admit that I have a tendency to view motivational speakers as entertainment and then forget to do the actions necessary to see the fulfillment of the motivating talk. So, yes, a helpful reminder and insistence on action was very welcome. I commend you for saying so.

    The crossfit material looks interesting (yet challenging). I have never seen anything like it and would like to learn more.

  2. Susan says

    Hi Ray,

    I love the stuff you post on nutrition. I have always had a pretty good diet but I definitely had to fine tune things to reach my goals. It took quite a bit of effort at first but now it’s getting easier and easier. The more that I reap the benefits of maintaining a healthy and balanced eating plan the harder it is to stray from it. I just love how honest you are. I am a very direct person, one of my best friends has referred to me as being brutally honest!!!!!! So I appreciate that in other people, keep telling it like it is Ray, we are all too busy for excess crap. In your motivation segment, I liked how you said to try new things and find something you like. Last year I started playing golf and I love it. I do alot of walking, swinging the clubs is great for the upper body and being outdoors is awesome. And for all you single girls out there like myself, I have met some great guys. It’s not all old guys either, there are people of all ages and guess what, they all have jobs, it’s not a cheap game!!!!! I played golf with a guy as a first date and I’ll tell you it was the best first date I think I ever had. So find something you like and have a blast!!! It’s a great way to keep active on your non workout days. Have a great day everyone.


  3. Tom says

    Thanks ray, you’ve given me some handy hints and the full program looks amazingly promising.

  4. Rick says

    Thank you for keeping me updated with your info, I try to save as much as I can. Right now my problem is I am 50yo, have lost some weight (down to about 120), with the job I have I’m lucky if I get to eat one meal every 2 days. About 10 years ago I lost 45% of my right lung so I’m not sure how much weight training I can do, but I really need to put some lbs. back on. Hopefully soon I will start to make better money and can afford to change my life around and follow your info more. Again Thank you and I will continue to save and read your input as long as you keep sending it. Rick

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    Wow Rick. I truly wish that things come together for you very quickly and that you bring the things you need into your life.

    You can do it….

  6. brantley Lecroy says

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    Hi guys. Just happened upon your site. Looks good.

    I have run against 2 issues that need clarification.

    First ! I am a small dude. I have lost 45 lbs and now have stabilized at ~135lbs at age 54, and at 5′-8″ I’ve always been a hard gainer as far as mass is concerned (aside from fat). Now it is time to bulk up in the right manner. In the past I have been a freeweight enthusiast, and never been able to bulk up the arms. They looked like atrophied appendages on an othewise trim massed torso. I am looking for suggestions on that front.

    Second ! My chest routine needs modification. I have a unique problem in that the left side bulks up less than the right side (strange, eh?) I am conscious of keeping the presses consistent . I even add an extra 10# to the Barbell on the left side to help balance out the difference. It doesn’t seem like it helps much.
    The difference from left to right is noticeable (at least to me). Seems like the arms stay consistent with each other in measurement.


  8. Rosa Hernandez says

    I have a schedule problem. I want to follow the morning cardio training but I have one problem with this. My schedule runs like this I work 6 days out of the week and 4 days off. My schedule changes every time I go in 0530-1330, 4 days off then 1330-2130, 4 days off and then 2130-0530, 4 days off and it repeats. The question I have is if I still fast 12 hrs will it still work the same way?

  9. Warren says

    Totally agree with Ray. I’m 5’11” / 185 and relatively fit. By eating more carbs, I can “gain” 5 pounds in a day. Of course, the weight is mostly liquid and quickly goes away after a fast, even a carb only fast. Water weighs 8 1/3 pounds a gallon, and many foods are mostly water.

    Keep track of weight trends over weeks or months and find a way to measure body fat. Though I weight myself daily, I only use it as a guidance tool and not a way to measure whether my program is working.

  10. Smaran says

    Hi Ray,

    Your instructions are basically for those who wish to lose weight. I am 74Kg and 6Ft tall guy. I wish to be fit and for that i go to gym 3 days a week. I basically work out on my upper & lower body alternately. I have been doin so for a month and seem to be satisfied by my efforts. Now i wish to go for some heavier stuff, get good abs, biceps and shoulders. pls suggest me wok out for these.


  11. says

    Smaran, I’m glad the message is getting through. This blog is about LOSING FAT, not just weight. If you want to gain weight, simply eat more, rest more, and lift more. It really is that easy. This program here, the beginners one, is a legendary mass builder if you push the weights and eat like a horse. It is also a fantastic way to lose fat if you control your eating, BUT still lift heavy. That way you get lean, muscular and athletic…. NOT skinny fat like most “Diet Only” programs.

  12. Smaran says

    Thanks RAY it is great to see that you responded. Most of the times people create such sites and replies don’t come through. Thanks again for your advice. I would love to recommend your program to my friends.

  13. Tracey says

    I don’t believe I can lose it. I’m 5’7 and 168.. I feel defeated before when I even think about starting. I’m hopeful about your plan.. I have made good food choices for several years now and still I have a belly and back fat.. Ugh! it totally what you said:” Lack of Movement”

  14. Neerja says

    i wanted a functional trainin n few other free weights exercises for a 75 year old woman having no medical issues

  15. kirsty says

    im 16 and i really want to go into the navy but im not partically fit im not fat but exercise has never been my strong point do you have any tips that could help me so i could pass phase 1 training to get into the navy

  16. says

    Ray I find your attitude fantastic. You are a real, approachable and no bull shit type of guy and I don’t even know you personally.

    Thank you for your great advice.

    Eon Duyts

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