BT – These Hopeful Machines

BT - These Hopeful Machines BT released These Hopeful Machines yesterday and I got my copy thanks to my buddy Kevin sending me an iTunes gift certificate via email. I didn’t even know you could do that but it sure is cool to open up your email to a pleasant surprise like that.

I’m listening to BT – These Hopeful Machines right now as I’m typing this and loving the glitchy ear candy. Compared to This Binary Universe, so far there are more vocals that make this album a little more ambient trancy than the usual awesome mind muck left to right glitch pan.

I’m not digging it but it fits the mass market better than his older stuff.

I’m betting that including more female vocals will boost the sales of this album as most people enjoy that aspect of ambient music. I however don’t dig lyrics so I prefer the older music only stuff that BT does. You get a strange sense of some Depeche Mode “Enjoy The Silence” sort of vibe. Not that you couldn’t do worse with that choice though. It’s classic.

6 of the 12 tracks are over 10 minutes long on this one. So far off of These Hopeful Machines, I like Rose of Jericho the best. It has that old reliable pumping, sidechained background pad going that I like in my mellow choices of music.

Track 10 off of These Hopeful Machines is titled Le Nocturne de Lumière and this is good laid back trance track. It feels good listening to it here while I write this.

You’re not going to get any massive build ups or huge foot stomping hits for crazy cardio off this latest release from BT but if you want some super laid back chilled out tunes to work to, maybe do some yoga or to drift off to sleep at night, it’s fun ear candy. Good headphones are manditory to REALLY enjoy all the back and forth panning and swirly effects in the old noggin.

Overall I think BT – These Hopeful Machines is well put together, clean and marketable but nothing in it blows my mind or makes me want to replay parts of it over and over like his older stuff does. These Hopeful Machines is available on iTunes and on here: These Hopeful Machines

P.S. The last minute of the track “Every Other Way” is pretty freak’n mind blowing 🙂

P.S.S. UPDATE: For some reason, the more I listen to BT These Hopeful Machines, the more I seem to like it. It just seems to pump along in the background in a soothing way. Especially Track #2 “The Emergency” that one could make the charts for sure.

Now if you really want to see what BT is capable of I have to suggest This Binary Universe. That album rocked my world. With great headphones like I have, the album is truly like watching a movie with your ears… if that makes sense.

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2 thoughts on “BT – These Hopeful Machines

  1. Joseph

    Hi Ray, i also got this cd, i think that that tune the emergency will make it to the charts, this would be my first disc from BT that i purchase and i like it a lot


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