Building Muscle And Burning Fat At The Same Time

If you try and build muscle at the same time as you are losing fat, you are not going to get anywhere really on both of those goals. So what you need to do is do very short cycles of each going back and forth between the two. Where for example you are doing 5 days of muscle building, where you are eating more, your training is different, your training is geared towards building muscle and strength and then immediately after those 5 days you go straight into a fat loss diet kind of program, your training is very different, your calories are lower – I like to do low-carb eating when I do fat loss stuff just because it is a lot more effective, I find.

It is not obviously perfect for everybody, a lot of people can’t do it very well, but I get a lot of great results from it and you don’t necessarily need to be training 2-3 hours a day, in fact I recommend against it. You can do 3 times a week on each of these different phases and on the fat loss that even includes your cardio; you just add in some high intensity intervals at the end of the weight training and 3 times a week, or 3 times during this phase, and you will be perfect.

You will be able to use each of these phases to kind of build on the other one. For example, when you are doing a fat loss short phase, your metabolism can sort of slow down as you get towards the end of it, but if you have ever done a diet before, you kind of know what happens when you come off and you get a rebound weight gain. What we want to do then is take advantage of that rebound by immediately going into the muscle building training and eating a bit more and basically using that to our advantage, that hormonal surge and that kind of rebound of your metabolism from that, and you can really see amazing results by doing it that way; just very short phases back and forth between two different widely varied goals like that.

Anybody that has ever competed has run into that and not very many people are using it to their advantage. I remember, I don’t know, 6-7 years ago a poplular magazine did an anabolic kind of cycling series there, where you went into an over feeding phase after a dieting phase.

Nick: Yes.

Different people call the method different things. You could go back old school and it was called zigzag dieting there for a while but it works no matter what you call it.

This kind of training has been around for a long time. In the previous mentioned magazine he recommended doing two weeks of diet and two weeks of muscle building, but for me I found that to be too much.

I found by shortening those cycles you actually get better results and I have seen some pretty insane results in myself by doing that and it is kind of what I based my regular training programs on. I like this kind of idea rather than focusing on just one and hammering away at it for 6 weeks, just go back and forth between the two and really mix things up that way. Your body actually benefits from it and it is a whole lot easier as well to manage it that way as well.

At first, when you don’t know what you are doing you have got to follow your diet plan step by step but as you get leaner you start calling your own shots on how many low-carb under feed days you want to over feed and of course based on your body. If you are someone that holds a little bit more or someone that is just revving like a squirrel, you only need like 1 day down and to be hitting a higher rep work out that night and your glycogen stores are just pulsed and then you are ready for a re-feed. So it really depends on the person.

Hope that gives you a little insight into getting lean and muscular by thinking outside the box. You can find the workout routine that matches this style of eating here: Ray’s Workout Program


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