Need Writing For Your Fitness Business?

Are you in search of a dependable writer who will create great health and fitness content for your company? The kind of content that connects your brand with the customers that use your products? Get in touch.

I can help your fitness business with writing such as product descriptions, sales pages, “About Us” pages, articles, white papers, internal communications documents like company magazines and sales funnels.

Although I write for a wide range of clients from churches to clothing brands, my strength is fitness copywriting. If I don’t have personal experience in your topic of business, I always enjoy the investigative research required to write effectively on most topics.

I always meet deadlines, skilfully weave keywords into engaging content and write to specific word counts. All that while producing compelling, relevant and informative content that distills complex ideas into an enjoyable and easy to understand read.

Copywriting Clients Include

I’ve been writing professionally since 2002 when I left the Canadian Infantry and have been writing for a wide variety of businesses and contexts ever since. Here are some ways I can help you build your fitness business with words:

Article writing
Blog posts
SEO content
Product descriptions
Landing pages
Sales funnel and relationship building emails
Sales letters
About and bio pages
Direct mail copy
Press releases
Facebook And Google Adwords

Get in Touch

If you have any additional questions, please contact me and we’ll discuss how I can help you make your amazing business even better.

Raymond Burton
Professional Copywriter
Certified Personal Trainer
Calgary Alberta

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