Need Writing For Your Business?

Are you in search of a dependable and deadline savvy business writer who will create great content for your company? The kind of content that connects your brand with the customers that use your products? Get in touch.

I can help you with business writing such as product descriptions, sales pages, “About Us” pages, articles, white papers and internal communications documents such as company magazines.

My fields of expertise from personal experience are the electrical trade, oil and gas, and fitness. For other projects, I immensely enjoy the investigative research required to write effectively on most topics.

I always meet deadlines, skilfully weave keywords into engaging content and write to specific word counts at .25 cents a word. All that while producing compelling, relevant and informative content that distills complex ideas into an enjoyable and easy to understand read.

Copywriting Clients Include

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If you are interested in my services then please do not hesitate to get in touch by contacting me either through phone or email:

Raymond Burton
Professional Copywriter
Calgary Alberta