Calgary Copywriter Helping You Grow Your Business

Calgary Copywriter Ray Burton Head ShotHi, My name is Ray Burton and I’m a Calgary Copywriter that would like to help you grow your business. Direct response copywriting is the secret to attracting hundreds of cash paying clients to your business.

If you want a stream of clients overnight without lifting a finger, a great piece of sales copy allows you to…

  • attract clients regardless of a “weak economy”
  • build your business with a ridiculously low cost per lead
  • flood your website with paying clients
  • let your advertising do all the leg work for you

When clients are magnetically drawn to your business, your phone rings off the hook.

But when your copywriting is not effective, your phones are silent. And your bank account balance begins to plummet.

As a business owner it drives you insane. Every time you place an ad, you never know what to expect. All the advertising agencies tell you that if only you get your name and your logo out in front of the public long enough, customers will flock to your door.

You put up a website and you have two problems. First, you have to get people to your site. Second, you have to convert Internet surfers to buyers. Studies show that people make decisions about websites in about 7 seconds. And if your website doesn’t grab the reader, they are not going to buy.

Here’s Where Good Copywriting SAVES YOU

While running my personal training business I noticed that the leads began to dry up.

Word of mouth trickled off and the phones went silent. My cost per lead grew to such outrageous numbers that I felt I was feeding money hand over fist to Facebook and Google ads, rather than the other way around.

That’s when I decided I had to take action.

I connected with the top minds in the direct marketing business and I tapped their secrets.

The bad news is, I waited too long to learn the right way to write ads that would have saved my business and prevented a pit of debt tens of thousands dollars deep.

I lost my first business, but you don’t have to.

Thankfully, with what I learned about powerful copywriting, I was able to save my house from foreclosure, beat away the beast of bankruptcy and start a new career using my new found copywriter skills to sell products online. And let me tell you something. It was a whole new world. I learned…

  • Why your headline can ruin your ad or make you a winner… with just a few simple tricks.
  • The one thing that is missing from almost every direct marketing piece. And why when this piece is added, your sales skyrocket.
  • How your marketing can become consistent month after month. And you no longer have to worry about just making your next lease payment.
  • Why letting your newspaper design your ad could be the most expensive mistake you ever make.
  • How you can cut your cost per lead and cut down your Google AdWords bill at the same time.
  • Why well-written website content is the new “Smile and handshake” introduction.
  • One epic mind shift that will completely jack your conversion rates

I scrapped everything that I believed about marketing and began to use my new found knowledge.

I began writing my own ads and my email inbox filled each morning with sales and leads notifications. It was like finally figuring out how to turn on a faucet to get water.

Good Copywriting Can Change Your Business Overnight

Like the great copywriter and direct marketing wizard, Gary Halbert once said, “You are only one sales letter from success.”

Hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners, kick-ass sales letters and interesting website content are quick and effective ways to your business improves overnight.

I have studied every book I could get my hands on about the art of copywriting, the power of persuasion and salesmanship, and writing engaging, useful articles… then applied those secrets to my own line of products, and now…

I’m ready to help you with these TESTED ADVERTISING METHODS to produce money magnet advertising copy for your business.

  • Turn lost or forgotten customers into a steady stream of paying clients. Get a reactivation email written up.
  • Create a flood of hot, paying leads, sales appointments and new customers. Get a tested lead page with an email opt-in created.
  • Get customers to take action when you need immediate results. Have several eye-grabbing headlines split tested for your product.
  • Grab Internet surfers by the mouse, and compel them to share your articles on social media. Hire out your website article creation to a proven expert freelance writer.
  • Get a higher rate of return on your advertising dollar. Don’t you want website copy that turns $1 of advertising spend into $2 or more?
  • Attract paying customers to your website without paying outrageous fees to search-engine specialists. You need strong, interesting articles and web content that’s SEO prime steak… but focused on the bottom line of MAKING MONEY.

Give Me A Call To Kick Start Your Marketing Piece Or Web Site And Discover…

  • How to skyrocket your online sales… without… force, struggle or deceit! (No need to be a Con Man. Just apply these simple skills… and… sit back while your bank account swells in size almost effortlessly!)
  • What you must pay attention to if you want to make maximum money from your online business! (It’s the most important element… and… you must know it before you write even a single word.
  • How to have new website visitors stay on your site longer, look at more pages, come back to your site again and again and Tweet, Like, and share your content!
  • The top 10 reasons most websites fail! If you don’t know these ingredients, you might as well turn in your domain name because your website is an internet ghost town.

So … whether you want to boost your online sales … or make money by bringing customers through your door… or make your staff understand an important internal document … just click here to hire Ray Burton.