Calgary Copywriter Fees

Calgary Copywriter Ray Burton Head ShotIf you would like an initial face-to-face meeting, I normally provide this first client meeting free of charge. The meeting must be geographically viable of course as I live in Calgary, Canada.

A deposit of 50% of the total project fee is payable to initiate work on your project. Payment may be made by PayPal, business cheque or Direct Bank Deposit (within Canada).

The writing fees listed below are guidelines only as some projects require more research time than others. All project quotes include two free rounds of revisions in the price.


I like to keep things simple at $125 per 500 words of copy for simple content creation. These are writing tasks such as:

Article writing
Blog posts
SEO content
About and bio pages

Long-copy landing page (microsite) – $2500
A long-copy dedicated Web site designed to sell a consumer product – such as a newsletter, e-book, or conference – directly. The online equivalent of a 6- to 8- page sales letter.

Medium-copy landing page – $1800
The online equivalent of a 2- to 4- page letter. Used for b-tob offers and products that require less description.

Short-copy landing page – $700 – $900
A simple landing page for a product or offer. Often used for white papers, software demos, ebooks, and other inquiry fulfillment. The online equivalent of a trade ad: headline, a few paragraphs of descriptive product copy, and order portion

Landing page versions – 25%-50% of above fees
Creating different front-end for an A/B split test. Price is based on the assumption that Raymond Burton is writing the version at the same time he is writing the original landing page.

Hard-copy version of landing page – 50% + 2 cents/piece
Ray’s fee to turn the landing page he wrote for you into a direct-mail package is 50% of the original copywriting fee plus a mailing fee of 2 cents per piece after a test of 50,000 pieces.

Transaction page – $350
Similar to a short-copy landing page but with even less descriptive product copy; a page designed primarily as an online reply form where the visitor can either order the product or (if lead generation) request a free white paper or other information.

Long-copy email – $850 – $1,200
An e-mail designed to sell a product directly by driving the recipient to a landing page. The online equivalent of a 2- to-4-page sales letter.

Teaser e-mail – $500 – $850
A short e-mail designed to drive readers to a microsite or long-copy landing page where they can order the product. The online equivalent of a 1/2-to1-page sales letter.

Lead generation e-mail – $500- $700
Similar to the teaser e-mail but the purpose is to drive the readers to a landing page or transaction page where they can request a free white paper or other information.

Short copy – under 500 words and online e-mail conversion series- $350-$500 per effort
An email conversion series is a series of follow-up e-mail messages, sent via auto responder, designed to convert an inquiry into a sale.

Facebook Or Google Adwords Online ad – $150
A 100-word classified ad to run in an e-zine and drive readers to a microsite or landing page.

E-mail capture pop-under page – $250-$500
A window that appears when visitors attempt to exit your web page without ordering; offers free content in exchange for the visitors e-mail address.

“Mail order” package #1 – $3,000 (value $4,500)
Everything you need to sell a newsletter or other consumer product online; includes a long-copy landing page, three teaser e-mails, and three online ads. This options is recommended for marketers with access to large e-lists.

“Mail order” package #2 – $3,000 (value $4,500)
Everything you need to sell a newsletter or other consumer product online, includes a long-copy landing page, pop-under page to capture e-mail addresses, and three conversion emails to convert inquiries to sales. This option is recommended for marketers who drive traffic to their site primarily through search engines and paid traffic.

Website package #1 – $2,000 – $2,500
A small business or single product line Web site consisting of a home page and up to 5 additional pages.

Ongoing site copy maintenance – 3% of gross sales or $1,500 a month
For a royalty of 3% of gross sales, we remain on call to make minor tweaks and updates, and provide new test versions, at no additional fee. Copywriting of major new tests and version is quoted separately.

Home page, simple (“ad style”) – $500 – $700
Simple home page with a headline and up to 300 words of text describing the company or site.

Home page complex (“tabloid style”) – $700- $1,000
Complex home page with multiple headlines and copy sections. Often used in membership and subscription Web sites. Also used in sites highlighting news or content in multiple product lines or subject areas.

Banner ad – $150-$500
Banner ad designed to generate click-throughs to a microsite or landing page.

Brochure copy, small (two- or three-panel): $250-$500

Copy Critique – $150.00 – $300.00
My critique covers copy, design, strategy, and offer. It also includes specific directions for copy revisions and rewriting, although I do not write or rewrite copy for you under this arrangement.

White Papers 5-10 Pages – $750 – $950
Depending on the actual length we go with, the number of interviews required and the amount of research necessary. Once I know little more about your project, I would send you a quote with a fixed project fee. My fee includes all background reading and research, any interviews with subject matter experts, content and copy strategy development, title development, creating a detailed outline for your approval, the actual writing of the paper, any meetings or calls related to the project, and up to two rounds of requested revisions within 30 days of receiving copy.

Photos to accompany writing – $60 per photo

* Web pages, brochures, business reports, sales copyrighting, case studies and white papers will be quoted on a case by case basis based on length and amount of research required.

Please email me to discuss your professional writing needs.

I would love to write for your business no matter how big or small the requirement. Though I am based in Alberta, Canada, I perform writing jobs for clients all over the world. Please view my professional profile on LinkedIn and let’s touch base:

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