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calgary personal trainersAre you looking through a list of Calgary Personal Trainers for someone to show you how to lose some weight, tone up your muscles and get in the best shape of your life? Are you looking to do it with workouts under an hour and without starving yourself?

My name is Raymond Burton and I don’t know you yet but… Have you ever had this happen to YOU?

  • You decided to lose weight so you started counting calories and made sure you were under a certain amount of calories each day….
    However after a few weeks you realized you weren’t seeing any results or your results stalled pretty quickly…
  • After trying a low carb or no carb diet…the cravings and headaches were just too much to bare…
  • You wasted a bunch of your hard earned money on bogus diet pills and “miracle” supplements – Only to
    realize they were a complete scam and didn’t live up to their promises…
  • After seeing a bunch of Calgary personal trainers or nutritionists, they tried to sell you a bunch of their supplements that you HAD to have?
  • You hit the gym and started using the treadmill or elliptical a few times per week…. But after a few weeks you got discouraged and stopped going because after all that effort, you never saw any results.
  • You went to the pool with your friends or family but you were hesitant to take off your shirt or your cover up because you weren’t very confident about how you looked in a swimsuit.
  • There’s a certain piece of clothing in your closet that you keep around because you’re hoping that one day you’ll be able to fit back into them!
  • You feel like you’re always on a “diet” yet you’re not getting in better shape and you’re frustrated because your waist still looks the same…

The Big Secret

Here’s the big secret most people don’t know about getting in shape…

There is no secret…

All you have to do is apply yourself to some solid training principles and proper nutrition for a couple weeks and you’ll see enough results that you’ll want to keep healthy eating and exercise as part of your lifestyle. Then at that point, you’ll never worry about motivation and discipline again.

Why Focus On Fitness Training?

Because your physical form follows your daily function…

My name is Ray Burton and I’m the owner of Buildingbodies Personal Training And Commando Cardio Boot Camps in Calgary. I can help you get in fantastic looking shape by not only pulling from my daily experience over the last 15 years but also the personal training certifications through the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association, the International Sports Science Association and Crossfit.

I’ve been called on by the Department of National Defence, General Electric, CBC, CTV and Global Television among others when they needed expert advice about losing weight and getting in shape. The same expert advice I’ll be giving you.

I’ve written several books on the subject of weight loss and increasing fitness including “The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution” which can be found on

Ready To Start Personal Training Now?

Email me at and I’ll arrange for us to have a phone conversation.

Ray Burton
Calgary Personal Trainer
Calgary, AB

P.S. – There is no need for you to have a gym membership. I will come to your home and train you with bodyweight only exercises. If you prefer to use weights, I will bring them. If you have your own home gym set up that’s perfect too.

“Nothing Prepared Me For the Results I Achieved!”

“I have attended Ray’s Commando Cardio Boot Camp Class numerous times but nothing prepared me for the results I achieved by following his plans. I have worked out on my own for years and am very comfortable in a gym but investing in a personal trainers advice pushed me outside of my comfort zone and that is the only place to be if you want to see significant positive change. Ray provided me with an exercise and nutrition plan to look fabulous for my wedding day and a 2 week honeymoon in the sun. All it took was my own personal commitment and lots of sweat (no tears).”
Starting Stats: 5’8′, 170 lbs, Neck: 13.5′, Waist 30′, Hips 39.5′
Ending Stats: 5,8′, 160 lbs, Neck 13.5′, Waist 28.5′, Hips 35.5′

Thanks Ray!
Stacey Boivin
Newlywed and Problem Change Manager
Calgary Alberta, Canada

Why Hire A Trainer?

Lets pick one of the many points, efficiency. Personal trainers will
get you where you want to be in the shortest possible time. How do they do
that? Lets look at a few of the most obvious ways:

1. Exercise technique  Sometimes the pictures in the magazines
are a little abstract and can leave some question to the finer points of an
exercise. I can tell you from my experience in Calgary gyms that unless you’re
doing the exercise right and are feeling it in the right areas, your results
will be dismal. Calgary personal trainers can show you the right way!

2.Time off due to injury This is close to number one. When you move
a weight in unaccustomed plains of movement, you have to do it right. It almost
painful as a trainer to watch some of the exercises people think they are
doing right in the weight room. Inside as a trainer I know it’s only a matter
of time before they have to push aside their goals and stay out of the gym
to heal an injury. The only problem is that usually the people that need the
most help with their training think they already know everything and would
be insulted if one of us Calgary personal trainers offered to help.

Ray,Just wanted to say I enjoy your Calgary personal training news letters.
I downloaded your “Begin at the gym” book several months ago and started
to use it as the basis for my workouts and eating.I’ve done body for life several times and had good success
but wanted something more to try.
It’s been 5 weeks now and
I am slowly building the body that I was hoping for. Thanks
for the great book.Tim
Calgary Alberta

3.Proper training program:  So you’ve got the proper technique,
great. You feel it where you’re supposed to, awesome. Now you must know if
you’re on the right overall program to reach your individual goals. Are you
in the right set and rep range? Are you using enough weight? How frequently
are you training? Part of a proper training program is your diet. This is
where I find that most people need a lot of help. I’m always on top of the latest research, and that knowledge is there for
you to benefit from without the task of looking it up yourself. As a Calgary
personal trainer, its my job to get you there fast without you having to do
the foot work.

Hi Ray,Here are the results from my weigh-in today. I am down to 155.1 lbs.
When I started personal training with you, I weighed 185.5 lbs.My Body Fat is now 31.5% and was originally 43.9% when I started!Thanks for all your support and encouragement as a trainer.Cheers, Tracey
Calgary Alberta

4. Commitment
and Motivation
Your personal trainer is going to be there and
your paying him whether you show up or not! Just knowing that your trainer
is there waiting for you and that the time is scheduled in, is a great help
to keep you on track. The other thing personal trainers do is help you dig a little deeper when you might not be in the mood to train.

Hi Ray,I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all that you
have done for me as a Calgary personal trainer.Last night I went home after training and fell asleep, par of the
course being in Cancer treatments. Without a doubt I am so thankful
that you still motivate me to work out, even during the hardest parts
of treatment.Quitting was never an option, even though some days feel as though
it would be easier to just give in to the fatigue. I am truly thankful
for you persistence in training me, finding ways to work around the
obstacles and simply being a huge motivational factor in my exercise
program. Without this, I would have never made it on to the experimental
drug test group for patients with Non-Hodgkin’s. With more options open
to me and the desire to keep healthy, I know I will beat this.Leanne M. Christie
Fekete Associates Inc.
Calgary Alberta

Ray Burton
Personal Trainer Calgary Alberta
ISSA / Crossfit Personal Trainer
Calgary Alberta

Online Fitness Coaching With Calgary Personal Trainer Ray Burton

online trainer ray burton

Platinum Coaching $495/month

• Lose fat, build muscle or get in top condition for Military, Fire or police with my one-on-one support.
• Nutritional plan and consultation based on where you are and the next step you need to take.
• After the initial phone consultation, I send you everything laid out step-by-step so you can get going right away.
• Questions are answered either by video or email. It’s easier to answer your questions if they are in point form with each point being single question. By keeping each point no longer than three sentences, I can answer your stumbling block precisely. You can send as many points as you want. I will personally respond with the solutions to your obstacles and tell you exactly what to do next.
• All exercises or food prep with be visually demonstrated if needed so instructions are easy to understand.
Contact Ray at to get started and check on availability.

Frequent Comments From Others Why They Chose Online Coaching With Ray

• It’s way more cost effective for me than paying a trainer at my gym.
• Scheduling problems with my trainer are no longer a factor.
• You get access to top notch training advice, not just whats available in my local gym.
• I knew I could trust you to want the best results and that my health and goals would be a priority.
• It was worth paying Ray for answers just so I could save the time hunting them down myself.
• Ray has the background, experience and knowledge to provide the best information.
• I knew (after a few questions) that I wouldn’t have to follow a strict, set diet. That’s why I asked if I could have fruit; I’ve had a nutritionist before who had me follow a plan that restricted fruit to only apples and berries and other crazy stuff.
• I could do what worked for me and what I enjoyed – like, I already have weights and enjoy working out from home and I like to run for cardio. I didn’t want to have to join a gym or go to classes that wouldn’t work for my schedule and that I would hate. Ray also switched me to the block food plan because that worked better for me.
• Ray is with me for 30 days at a time (and more if I want) and that I can ask questions and get responses in a timely fashion. I want to do this right and I like that if I ask about how to change a workout or have a food question, you respond quickly because I don’t want to go ahead and assume anything; I like being prepared.

What Others Are Saying About Training With Ray

I’ve lost 50 lbs. in the last 6 1/2 months.

Jim lost 50 pounds of belly fat “With Rays help and guidance, I’m at my lowest weight in over 10 years (and still losing). I’ve lost 50 lbs. in the last 6 1/2 months. When I reached a plateau, Ray’s workout helped me smash through and reach a whole new level fast! Oh, and I did it all WITHOUT a gym membership or expensive equipment. Do what Ray tells you and you’ll get into the best shape of your life!”

Jim Edwards
Port Haywood, VA

“I Lost 60 Pounds And Am Still Going Strong!”

Weight loss client My metabolism “flipped” and I could feel it happen.

I immediately started losing weight fast, for me it was steady at 2lbs per week and now I have lost over 60 pounds and am still going strong. I started at 254 pounds and now am down to 194 pounds and can lift more in my workouts, go longer and feel great!

You just have to try it.”

Mack Kay

Alberta Canada

I went from 18% body fat to 11%

david fafardI approached Ray and like many times before he pushed and challenged me to keep MOTIVATED and spent additional time with me in order to adapt my training to compensate for my injury. The concern and support that Ray showed allowed me to re-charge and I NEVER GAVE UP and made the suggested changes and adaptations to my program. The results are that I went from 18% body fat to 11%. As well I increased my lean muscle mass and improved my cardio conditioning. Thanks for all of your support Ray and I am now ready for a new challenge.
Dave Fafard

Simon KellyA serious car accident left me unable to work for nine months. After being unable to do much for several months my body was starting to slip and I wasn’t healthy. Since training with Ray I have made dramatic improvements in several areas of my health. After my latest checkup I am no longer border line type 2 diabetic. My blood sugar levels are down from 6.3 to 5.7. Total cholesterol is down from 4.16 to 3.24 and my resting heart rate is now 61 from 73. My pants fit better after losing 21 pounds and now have the energy to do the things I enjoy. So thanks for everything Ray.
Simon Kelly

warren coles I have been training with personal trainer Ray Burton for several months now. Using Ray’s advice and training principles, I have been capable of losing 29 pounds of body fat while adding 12 pounds of lean body mass.

Thank-you for everything Ray
Warren Coles

In no other program have I achieved even half the amount of success I have in yours. This has also motivated me in the other various aspects of my life. To date since I’ve started I have lost 20lbs of fat, I put on 13 lbs of muscle, and I’m down to a 36/38 regular fit jeans from a 42 relaxed fit and my body fat percentage has dropped from 23% to 18%.

A. South

Davs resultsFirst of all let me say I had my doubts that Ray would be able to live up to all the hype that was surrounding his training. After all I was starting his program at 323 lbs. But after doing it for the first month, I couldn’t believe the butt kicking I got. In that one month alone I dropped 30 lbs of 100% fat and gained some mean lean solid muscle mass and weighed in at 295 lbs!!! I could actually see some definition in my body over all. Because of his training and giving me the butting kicking I so desperately needed, I am weighing in at 230 lbs this year!

What I don’t understand is how after buying a gym membership and getting a personal trainer for 3 months at 4 times a week (costing 65$ a session) the only weight I lost seemed to be in my wallet. Yet with Ray, I lost 30 pounds!

Now I know why none of my clothes really fit anymore.

So if your not sure if this program is right for you….well it will be if you follow Ray’s advice and bring the motivation and desire, it will work.


I just wanted to let you know that before I started your program my cholesterol level was 265 which of course was high and one of the reason I started your program. I went to the doctors on Monday for a follow up on my cholesterol levels and it came in at 142 needless to say my doctor was pleased with that number and so was I. So with the help of your system my numbers improved greatly.


Well I weighed myself today and I am down to 224 so thus far I have lost about 22 pounds…
I have been staying consistent still and am feeling and doing really well! Another 20 pounds and I will have reached my goal for weight loss….

I can not thank you enough for your tremendous support and encouragement!

Just wanted to let you know that the farther I go into the program the more I love/hate it. Not only are the workouts great, but the the nutrition info you included are top notch. When anyone asks me
why I workout like I do, I tell them about your no BS training so hopefully you’ll get a little business from my end. Keep it up man!

Tony Zimlich

You were right, I don’t need any fat burners,I did it on my own!

I just wanted to share that with you and thank you. This is the best shape I have been in ever. I couldn’t have done it without you, your book, and your patience with the multitude of questions I asked you!

I got down to 10% body fat! You were always willing to help me out with a question and in some cases wrote a full page article about my concern. Keep up the great work! You made me feel like a friend more than a client.

Joel Smith San Antonio, TX

Where Is Personal Trainer Ray Burton Located In Calgary?

My personal training is a mobile operation. I will come to you.