Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners: No Experience Required

How To Get Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners Using UpworkThe day I was laid off from my job as an apprentice electrician I decided to really crack the code on how to get freelance writing jobs for beginners. I had time on my hands so I started with how to get work on upwork.

Why Upwork? If there is low hanging fruit, I’ll eat it. I’m only going to tell you what works for getting writing jobs. Right now, the only thing that works for me is repeat clients on Upwork and a resume on Indeed.

I’ve been copywriting for my own fitness products since 2002 but this loss of the day job has put a dent into my income. I don’t like it, but it allows me to do more writing than I was able before.
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Surviving Debt – Preppers Forget Economic Self-sufficiency

Economic Self-sufficiency And Surving Debt For PreppersI’ve always been into prepping. From setting traps and tying knots as a kid, to my days in the Canadian Infantry. I’ve always invested in skills rather than stockpiles. But one day I realize the biggest threat facing me was surviving debt and increasing my economic self-sufficiency. … and I needed to fix it fast.

No more debt became my battle cry.

Surviving Debt and Economic Self-sufficiency to protect familyThe thing about surviving debt is that its a slinky and sneaky enemy. It’s a covert ops kind of threat to you.

See, it’s sexy to load up on .45ACP and argue about if it will be a flood or nuclear winter that will take everyone out. It’s not so sexy to suggest simple budgeting or developing self-sufficiency skills to get your ass out of debt.
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Fiction VS Non Fiction Writing And How It Affects Your Lifestyle

cat reading paperI was talking to the wife today, and for the first time ever, she said the words, “You should write a blog post about that.” It took me by surprise because “posting to the blog” is something that happens with the door closed, at the end of the hallway. It’s a mysterious beast.

Seeing as how she’s usually right, I figured I better go ahead with getting the words to paper.

I’ve been nonfiction writing on fitness for the majority of my work since I’ve been personal training for 18 years now, but have begun to write fiction over the last couple of years.

Looking at other authors twitter account bios, websites and facebook pages was what prompted the chat.

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Becoming A Personal Trainer

steps to becoming a personal trainerI get lots of questions and requests for shadowing or mentoring in regards to my Calgary personal training and online business. Maybe some of what is below will help you out as well if becoming a personal trainer is something that interests you. Here is a dialogue between me and a young fella just starting out on the journey of becoming a personal trainer.
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My Journey With Google Adsense – A 7 Year Tale

google adsenseI went through some of the journals I keep of my online progress and thought I would share with you my 7 year journey using google adsense. Most of the information below came not from experimenting with this site but other sites on different topics and niches. The reason you still see google adsense on is because I do not have a worthy alternative to monetize this particular blog at this time. Once my new book is ready to go, I will give that product the premium advertising space.

On we go with the journal and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thanks.

My Journey With Google Adsense – A 7 Year Tale
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Get Paid To Learn What You Love

get paid to learnGet paid to learn? Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Yes, you can make all the money you want while learning about everything you’ve ever wanted and I’m going to show you how.

First, what’s the secret to getting rich and not die trying? It’s passive income but I’ve covered that topic before so you can go check it out before you continue if those are new words to your ears.
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