Getting Fit: Everything You Need To Know

All the advice here is about getting fit with proper training and eating. There are two sub-categories here called Building Muscle and Losing Weight. Those two sections will give you more specific information depending on which way you need to go to get fit.

Building Muscle And Burning Fat At The Same Time

If you try and build muscle at the same time as you are losing fat, you are not going to get anywhere really on both of those goals. So what you need to do is do very short cycles of each going back and forth between the two. Where for example you are doing 5 days of muscle building, where you are eating more, your training is different, your training is geared towards building muscle and strength and then immediately after those 5 days you go straight into a fat loss diet kind of program, your training is very different, your calories are lower – I like to do low-carb eating when I do fat loss stuff just because it is a lot more effective, I find.
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How To Get A Lean Stomach Including Those Bottom Two Abs

how to get a lean stomach manNewsletter subscriber “Big Man Md” asks: “I have currently got a 4 pack and need to work on the bottom two. All that is there is flab. I just need to know how to get a lean stomach including those bottom two abs. Then I’ll have a complete the six pack.

If you have any suggestions and tips on how to tone up the bottom two abs and too lose the weight off the bottom of my stomach please tell me.”
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How To Lose A Big Gut For Men

how to lose a big gut for men Lets start this guide assuming the worst and that you need to know how to lose a big gut. We’re talking about the kind of gut that keeps you from doing situps or squats and all that other good stuff. Then after that, I’ll give more specific advice as you get leaner. You’ll see this info in the next articles linked at the bottom of this post.

First thing is to stop putting in too much fuel. We need to feed the muscle but burn off fat.

Then we need a simple training program starting from scratch. This program is something you can do at home if you want to. The program must make you stronger, more flexible and burn off fat calories.
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How To Lose Belly Fat For Men – The Full At Home Guide

how to lose belly fat for menWelcome To The How To Lose Belly Fat For Men Guide. I’ll show you why you’re having trouble losing losing your belly fat and how to fix it. I’ll also show you how to build lean muscle at home while you’re losing the gut.

There’s a big problem out there for guys trying to drop a few pounds and get a lean muscular body. Actually, there are 7 BIG PROBLEMS. But they are easy to fix and you’re about to discover how.

On a recent vacation I realized how simple losing 10-20 pounds in a month can be. You just need it laid out step-by-step to cut through the confusion out there. So that’s what I’ll do for you. Watch the vid for a quick explanation…

Have you ever wondered, “Does a regular guy that just wants to drop a couple pounds to look good on the beach really need to go through all the extreme discipline and time suck the magazines say?”

The Answer Is… “NOT AT ALL.”
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Calgary Personal Trainer

calgary personal trainersAre you looking through a list of Calgary Personal Trainers for someone to show you how to lose some weight, tone up your muscles and get in the best shape of your life? Are you looking to do it with workouts under an hour and without starving yourself?

My name is Raymond Burton and I don’t know you yet but… Have you ever had this happen to YOU?

  • You decided to lose weight so you started counting calories and made sure you were under a certain amount of calories each day….
    However after a few weeks you realized you weren’t seeing any results or your results stalled pretty quickly…
  • After trying a low carb or no carb diet…the cravings and headaches were just too much to bare…
  • You wasted a bunch of your hard earned money on bogus diet pills and “miracle” supplements – Only to
    realize they were a complete scam and didn’t live up to their promises…
  • After seeing a bunch of Calgary personal trainers or nutritionists, they tried to sell you a bunch of their supplements that you HAD to have?
  • You hit the gym and started using the treadmill or elliptical a few times per week…. But after a few weeks you got discouraged and stopped going because after all that effort, you never saw any results.
  • You went to the pool with your friends or family but you were hesitant to take off your shirt or your cover up because you weren’t very confident about how you looked in a swimsuit.
  • There’s a certain piece of clothing in your closet that you keep around because you’re hoping that one day you’ll be able to fit back into them!
  • You feel like you’re always on a “diet” yet you’re not getting in better shape and you’re frustrated because your waist still looks the same…

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And The Leading Hypothesis For Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Are

And The Leading Hypothesis For Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness AreGoing to answer what the leading hypothesis for delayed onset muscle soreness are in this post and how to get rid of or help relieve muscle soreness.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Ever hit a new cardio class or start on a new exercise program only to wake up feeling like you’ve been beaten all over with a rubber hose?

Its a bummer I know and I feel it too…guess when? When I do something I have not done before or when I change weight, intensity or volume or emphasize the negative portion of a movement OR go into ranges of motion that I am not used to.

First… DOMS stands for delayed onset muscle soreness when you see it below.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) starts to be thing of the past when you have done just about everything the exercise world can throw at you because nothing can surprise your body anymore. Until you one day add in one of the factors I mentioned above.
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Bodyweight Exercises For Back

chin ups are the king of bodyweight exercises for backBodyweight exercises for back break down into two over-all types. These are chinup type and row type movements. Pulling down from overhead towards your shoulders is the chinups. Pulling an object from in front of you to your chest is a row type. There are also multiplanar exercises which you see a lot in gymnastics training.

Let’s get started… this post is around 1000 words and will take you about 5 minutes to read. I’ve also put a demo video at the end of the article if you would prefer to watch instead of read.
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Travel Wods: Full Body Bodyweight Workout Routines

full body bodyweight workout travel wodsNo messing around with this one. Giving you some full body bodyweight workout travel wods (Workout Of The Day) from soup to nuts. Everything you need to workout anywhere and any time.

This will be a complete guide to getting started – followed by a fresh and changing daily workout posted at the bottom. These are bodyweight workouts and travel workouts so that busy people/soldiers etc can do them anywhere at any time.

Here we go…(FYI: this article will take about 35 minutes to read with instructions for beginners and revolving workouts at the bottom of the article.)

Read this series of articles if you are looking for a beginners workout using weight training.

From March to June of 2009 I took a handful of people at different times and personally ran them through 4 weeks of this full body bodyweight workout routine, twice a week. We didn’t use any equipment so they work great as a travel wods that you can do anywhere.

The results were outstanding.

You are about to embark on the same program modified for those wanting to get in shape quickly while traveling.
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How To Work Out For Older Adults

How To Work Out For Older AdultsI was asked by someone if they were “Too old to start working out.” I almost flew out of my seat. Here’s the question.

Hello Ray,

I am 49 soon to be 50. I’m 6′ tall and weigh 186-188 pounds. I have not been working out at all for about 2 or 3 years and somehow I noticed that I have really lost a lot of muscle mass, and have started to look like an older man.
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How To Lose The Lower Belly Bulge


Let’s talk about how to lose the lower belly bulge (IE. Fix the “I cant see my lower abs). “The spare tire” “Muffin Top” ect. By that, I mean the stuff that’s cover up that sexy abdominal area. Crunches are not the answer.

Training your stomach (abs) with crunches, trying to burn away tummy fat is about as effective as eating soup with chopsticks. It’s the wrong tool for the job most of the time.

Now, here’s why.

You cannot spot reduce or, to say it in another way, burn off fat on a specific area to the exclusion of everywhere else. Your body burns fat as a whole, and typically the closer to the core you get, the harder it is to mobilize and burn off. So, everything that follows will be the same advice regardless if we’re talking about arms, tummies or tush. You want to emphasize the full body movement again for the quickest spot reduction, which we know you can’t really do, but in order to burn it off on that one area, you still need to emphasize the full body movement. [Read more…]

Starting A Paleo Diet Plan

paleo solution bookYesterday I went out and bought the Paleo Diet Solution by Robb Wolf. I want to journal a bit of the journey. How I got started. My results. Tips and tricks that I have found helpful.

I’ll fill you in on a bit of my history with eating and bodybuilding first so you know where I’ve come from and what I’ve done. I don’t do this because I think you’ll care about my history… but that perhaps you and I may share some same history and so the stuff I am writing about will ring truer to you.
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Quick Healthy Food Recipes And Simple Meals With Nicole Nordli

Healthy Food Recipes With Nicole NordliIn today’s Fat To Fit Podcast we talk about quick healthy food recipes and simple meals with Nicole Nordli. She also shares with us her fitness lifestyle and eating “time” hacks. She uses these on a daily basis to fit everything in as a busy mom with a lot on her plate (pun intended). This is useful stuff for everyone out there that never seem to have the time to get that fitness plan started (last weeks podcast).

Nicole is a mother of four, with a PASSION for food, fitness & everything in between. She love’s to share her knowledge. She hopes to INSPIRE & MOTIVATE others to live a HEALTHY, FIT life as well. You can often find Nicole in the kitchen “playing” as she likes to call it, creating yummy SIMPLE meals & treats.
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How To Speed Up Metabolism For Fat Loss with Nick Nilsson

How to speed up metabolism with Nick NilssonToday on the Show, we talk with Nick Nilsson author of Metabolic Surge on how to speed up metabolism for a lean physique. Nick is known as the “Mad Scientist Of Muscle” and has a degree in physical education and psychology. He used to do one on one personal training before making the switch to helping people build muscle and burn fat online through his fitness training books and membership site.
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Old School Bodybuilding with Dennis B Weis

old school bodybuilding Larry ScottDennis Weiss at the 1973 Mr Alaska talks about old school bodybuildingOn todays episode of Rise From The Ashes, we talk about old school bodybuilding with Dennis B Weis, also known as the Yukon Hercules. Dennis has written for IronMan Magazine, Muscle and Fitness, as well as coauthored 4 books with Robert Kennedy for MuscleMag International. He’s an accomplished personal trainer, bodybuilder, power lifter and arm wrestler and also has some pretty impressive feats of strength. On top of all that, he’s 69 as of writing this.
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How To Workout At Home With Bodyweight Training To Get In Shape

How To Workout At Home With Bodyweight TrainingLife is better when your body works right. Today I want to give you the quick and dirty on how to workout at home with bodyweight training to get in shape so you can do what you want, when you want, without being limited by your body.

I think this will be a great post because showing you how to workout at home with bodyweight training solves two of the biggest obstacles people face when trying to get in shape:
1) Lack Of Funds – You don’t need to spend a dime.
2) Lack Of Time – You can do it when it fits your schedule and you save time by not traveling to the gym.

If you are just a beginner, don’t stress it. This is for you. The fit people already know how to get in shape. I know in the beginning it can all seem a little overwhelming. That’s o.k. I’m going to share with you some really great stuff on how to get a quick, efficient and above all effective beginner workout routine in the comfort of your own home!
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Puking After Working Out

puking and sickness from working outDo you sometimes puke or get sick after working out? Well its not a heavily studied topic as you can imagine but there are some answers.

Getting sick after a workout can be caused by several different things;

1. Dehydration
2. Heat exhaustion
3. Vagal reaction
4. Hyponatremia
5. The most Likely Causes of Exercise induced sickness.
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How to Get Motivated to Exercise And Lose Weight

Through this series of posts we’ll cover how to get motivated to exercise and lose weight. I’ll give you tips and tricks to getting the ball rolling so the scale numbers start dropping. Here is a quick video to explain the program.

View on Youtube

The fact of the matter is that you either enjoy aspects of working out or you don’t. The more on one side of the fence of pleasure and pain you are the more you know if you’re a natural born exerciser or not.
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Exercise Intensity Or Technique First?

exercise intensity or techniqueI was asked earlier today which matters more – technique or intensity? As they were only just learning, they find many of the exercises challenging for both variables. So is it just a case of pushing through until both fitness and technique improve?

I thought that was a great question and like all things fitness, it isn’t as complicated as a lot of people like to make it. It really is just moving.

To answer the question though, I would have to put technique first for the simple reason that proper technique is usually pain free, indicates if there is a structural problem when it can’t be done and lets you compare apples to apples.

What’s all that mean?

Well, lets take the squat. If your squat hurts your knees lets look at the form. Usually the knees will be shooting forward and there will be little glute activation and a whole lot of weight distribution over the toes. While there is a place for that sort of thing with hindu squats and sissy squats and stuff, the actual natural most efficient movement for squatting is a lot different. The weight over the heels, knees torqued out, shins more vertical. So if this person thought they couldn’t squat because they were too old and their knees hurt, maybe it’s just technique.

If the technique cannot be done correctly after proper instruction, then maybe the body isn’t working right. So not being able to squat right could be tight calves, or hamstring or weak jacked up external rotators. These are things that should be looked at before the person tries something explosive like sprinting and blows the ass out of their engines.

Lastly or at least the last reason I feel like talking about right now is comparison of apples to apples. In other words, when the technique stays the same always there is a metric to measure improvement or lack thereof. If your form always changes especially under intensity you never know exactly where you are capacity wise. One week you half squat the next week it’s ass to grass squats. You can’t compare those two exercise numbers on time to completion of reps or weight used because of stroke distance (that’s what she said.)

Having said that, if you go hard with intensity, you will still see results if you don’t explode into a pink mist before you reach your goals.

The Best Leg Workout At Home Without Weights

bodyweight squat supportedIn order to give you the best leg workout at home without weights I’m going to start at the very beginning and work my way up. This will make sure you can do every level.

If your knees hurt it’s great to hold onto something in front of you. This could be a sink, or a bar, or two doorknobs as long as they’re secure. And that keeps you from falling backwards initially just so you can keep that real 90 degree angles at the knee, because as soon as your knees start going way over your toe that’s when the knee pain happens. So you just go down as low as you can, now I’m just going to show you as if I had the box here, just the front view. My feet are gonna be about shoulder width, they can be a little bit wider but really narrow makes it really hard, but not in as a good way right away. So going down until the tops of my thighs are parallel to the ground if I’m capable of doing that, and my back is straight. [Read more…]

How To Gain Weight And Build Muscle For Skinny Guys

How To Gain Weight And Build Muscle For Skinny GuysI wanted to answer some questions today about how to gain weight and build muscle for skinny guys because that’s where I started and I know a thing or two about it. When I started lifting I was 126 pounds and was getting my butt kicked in football. By the end of the season I weighed 176 pounds and was way stronger. Here we go.

Reader Weight Gain Question: How much should I eat and how many calories in a day to gain weight and build muscle?
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