How To Gain Weight And Build Muscle For Skinny Guys

How To Gain Weight And Build Muscle For Skinny GuysI wanted to answer some questions today about how to gain weight and build muscle for skinny guys because that’s where I started and I know a thing or two about it. When I started lifting I was 126 pounds and was getting my butt kicked in football. By the end of the season I weighed 176 pounds and was way stronger. Here we go.

Reader Weight Gain Question: How much should I eat and how many calories in a day to gain weight and build muscle?
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X-FRAME Natural Bodybuilding Program Special

Natural Bodybuilding ProgramYes, it’s the 25th of May and sleeveless shirt weather is here. It’s made me think about more than just ‘skinny fat’ arms. There’s also cottage cheese thighs, asses that end up somewhere down by the back of your knee, muffin tops and having shoulders like a trout. So here I sit with my coffee putting together my best natural bodybuilding X-Frame-body-shaping, ‘opposite-sex-eye-popping’ tips and then I’m going to go nutty.

Last month a snow storm started something big (we’ll get to that in a bit). I’ve been waiting all month for today.

You’ll see at the end of this article….
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How To Build The Upper Chest

How To Build The Upper Chest With Specific Workouts And Exercises: An Open Discussion

Upper Chest Clavicular HeadNow that’s a great upper chest you see on the left there. You hear a lot of discussion about building parts of a muscle. Some of the most frequent are, how to build upper chest, lower biceps and the like. But can you actually change the look of PART of a muscle? Well I guess that depends on the muscle and it’s attachments. Well the groups that make up the muscle more than the attachment, but we’ll get into that.
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Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Presses

Culler The CaledonianA staple in almost any shoulder workout routine is the shoulder press. In this article we are going to go over the seated dumbbell press in particular. There are lots of arguments as to the merits of seated versus standing movements and it really depends on the goal of the exercise as to how you perform it. The seated dumbbell press is more for muscular development then sports performance or athletic conditioning.

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A Pre Contest Bodybuilding Back Day

Culler The CaledonianJune 14, 2002 Its competition time! Get ready for a killer back routine day in the life of a pre-contest bodybuilder.

“As you know better, you do better”. Here is a story from the old hardcore days…

A tale of stacks and carbs – Two weeks out from competition:

4:30AM-Kick-in-the-chest! I rip the covers off and swing my arm over to turn off the fan that has been sucking the moisture out of my brain all night. There’s got to be an alarm tone that won’t induce a mild heart attack every morning. It takes a minute of clutching my chest to make sure my heart doesn’t make a run for it. I can never figure out if I am going to sleep in a pool of sweat or have cold chills all night, I usually know half way through the night if I have to flip my soaked pillow. It has become an adventure to make it to the bathroom with my eyes glued shut from dehydration.

In truth I cant wait to wake up because between the crazy dreams from the stack and my growling stomach. Wake up time is an end to the 360 flips I do all night. I get to have breakfast. The thought of three shredded wheat biscuits and 4.6 oz of chicken is a touch of heaven in this cruel land of depletion. I just need to make it through morning cardio first. That means a stack to get rid of the jitters and a liter of water to unstick my tongue from the roof of my mouth. I enjoy feeling full for about ten minutes after breakfast, and waiting another two and half-hours to calm the gremlins again. [Read more…]

Eating To Gain Muscle Weight

eating to gain muscle weightHi Ray,

This is Joel the newbie. Thanks for always writing me back so fast, its really appreciated. It’s like my computer turned into a personal trainer. I know this isn’t any of my business but how can you keep up with running this internet business so cheaply? How do you find the time?

Anyway I just wanted to give you a quick update with my diet plan.

I eat 5 or 6 times a day but still I am hungry a lot. I will eat and then 2 to 3 hours later I am hungry again. I guess this is normal considering the food I am eating now is pretty light. In the first half of the day I will have a protein shake with those supplements you listed, 2 pieces of fruit, 1 bowl of bran cereal with soy milk, 5 egg whites and a can of tuna or a turkey sandwich. Spread out over 3 meals.
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Killer Leg Workout – 2 Shmucks And A Barbell

wold and kid squattingEvery once in a while your past comes back to haunt you. Back in the day, Jay and I used to do some killer leg workouts. Since our competition days though we havnt trained together much. Thats too bad because we used to have some pretty savage sessions…

Jay called the other day and asked if I was up for a leg workout. This gave me the heebie geebies because all this time I’ve been doing fitness stuff and Iron Monkey Jay is still just that..strong, ripped AND fit. But I couldnt resist. Here is an account of our killer leg session and yes, nice people were actually harmed in the making of this article. [Read more…]

35 Minute Home Dumbbell Workout That Will Kick Your Ass

home dumbbell workout gear needed
Here is a beauty of a home dumbbell workout that I use to hit my whole body. Dont let the home bit fool you though, this workout is seriously productive if you go hard and heavy enough. In the grand scheme of things I would have to qualify this as a workout for hardgainers that would like to put on some muscle mass. It also works great as a full body, three day a week program for fat loss if you restrict calories and also hit the sprints on the off days.

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Free Muscle Building Workout Routine

rays results from his muscle building workout routineI just finished this simple yet effective free muscle building workout routine for a client of mine that wasn’t making any progress. Things were just too complicated with not enough focus on getting stronger on a few basic exercises. Here is what he will be doing from now on.
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