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Health is the ability to adapt and manage physical, mental and social challenges throughout life. As defined by the World Health Organization, health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This is what I’ve learned about healthy living.

Face Your Demons And Hug Your Angels

zen circle deep thoughtEveryone wants to feel good and happy. If they say they don’t then it is probably because they do not know how to get happy and have given up on trying.

Almost everything we do in life is to get away from pain and move towards more pleasure. The thing is that sometimes we don’t even know what is driving us and that is a very important thing to know. Because if you don’t know what drives you to do what you are doing… You’ll never know what to do if you want to achieve something different than you already have. Continue reading

What You Learn From 80 Years On The Planet

zen circle deep thoughtSometimes I get the coolest emails from readers… here is one of them he allowed me to share.

Hi Ray

I’m the 80 yr old Aussie swimmer who thinks your programs are more suited to
younger folk. I did quite well at the Aussie Masters Swimming Nationals, 1
gold, 5 silver and a bronze, so my coach got a big thank you. A few thoughts
re fitness for people in my age group. Regarding diet, I think vitamin and
mineral supplements are essential, especially a powerful anti-oxidant. I do
meet people older than me who say they have never taken these supplements
because they believe good food should be enough. I don’t know about Canada
nowadays, but in Australia the earth in most places is very poor quality.
Secondly, The supermarket chains here will take fruit and veg before it is
fully developed so damage doesn’t occur in storage and on long deliveries.
Thirdly the older we get the less our bodies absorb vital nutrients. So our
fruit and veg may look nice, but it may well have less to offer in the way
of nutrients. As a post script to this my anti-oxidant also helps my body’s
biological terrain move from an acidic to alkaline state.
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How To Get What You Want In Life Book From Zig Ziglar

how to get what you wantThe following example provides you with a simple outline of how to get what you want in life. The excepts for the “How To Get What You Want” book by Zig Ziglar are coming. I will update and let you know via the monthly newsletter.

The first example is choosing a job.

How often do we jump from one mental thing to another as soon as our brains hit a wall. After you hit a bunch of walls inside your head and don’t get any answers, you go into distraction mode and flick on the TV for some electronic crack. Continue reading

Trust Yourself Not The Guru

trust yourself not the guruIn order to be self–reliant and self-sufficient you need to trust yourself not the guru. This post crosses every spectrum from internet marketing to Jesus so only stay around only if you like ranting without much of a purpose.

The Internet Guru

I just tested two methods that were guaranteed to pull better conversions on some of my products. So says the talking head of internet marketing gurus. Better still, they were the proof used to try and sell the rest of a system.

So instead of blind faith. I tested them myself. Call me a heathen.

Results? Both performed worse than my originals.

This person is supposed to be an internet god. The end all and be all of internet marketing gurus.

I almost turned around my whole system in a fluster to try and put these ‘full proof methods’ into practice. What a load of bio fertilizer. Continue reading

Goals In Life: How To Overcome Challenges To Goal Achievement

how to achieve your goals in lifeWelcome to the goals in life series. Today we tackle the difference between goal setting, gut checking and how to overcome challenges to goal achievement.

I saw the most amazing thing the other day and it shows the importance of questions. I will get to the story in a minute. First a little more about the idea above.

What’s the difference? Well with goal setting you have to know what you want and then go about a course of actions that take you closer to your goals in life. With gut checking, you just feel if a given circumstance feels right and then adjust from there.

I think it depends on your personality type and goals as to which approach to life works for you. See, personally, my goal in life is to be healthy and happy. My goals in life are also WHO I am. When I am being myself and doing the things that make me happy, guess what? I’m healthy and happy. Continue reading

My Tribal Wolf Tattoo

tribal tatoosThe addiction is growing because my tribal shoulder tattoo has grown since my last trip to Mexico when Branda got her butterfly tribal tattoo. It seems like every year my artwork keeps growing.

This time instead of getting it done in Sayulita Mexico I went to Mazatlan by myself and got the guys there to come up with more of a tribal sleeve tattoo based around a wolf and the four elements.
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The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian Review

The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian 2008Heading out tonight to watch the opening of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I have really high hopes after seeing the first The Chronicles of Narnia. I loved that movie and had to go buy the DVD (I’m a bit of a geek at heart).

Since I have been making my own tunes lately, I’ve really been noticing the soundtracks of movies and even on the opening of the DVD menu the music makes me go “WOW”. Continue reading

Love And Rain

love and rain a couple under an umbrellaLove is a funny thing. You care for someone, but rarely is the respect returned. Maybe our disappointment is not that the respect isn’t returned but that our expectations are not being met. Very seldom is love true. Often what we think is love is really a relationship that is maintained because each person is getting what they want from the other. That can all be pushed aside when stronger self interests or addictions come into play.

The motto of false love is “You are good for what I need you for.”
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Our Mazatlan Mexico Travel Adventure

Mazatlan Mexico BeachI’m in Mazatlan Mexico for another short vacation. Every year I try to add a week to my time down there and this year it’s up to five weeks. I’ve got three weeks done in Mazatlan so far this year and now I am heading down for another week on Friday. Why do I keep going there? Well, first I get to practice my spanish and second, Mazatlan is affordable and beautiful.

Some people say they like the Cancun type deal but if I wanted American stuff then I would vacation in the U.S. I really like the local food and laid back atmosphere.

Here are the major stats and vacation guide tidbits on Mazatlan Mexico (as of 2008):

Mazatlan Mexico, better known as “The pacific Pearl”, is one of the prettiest and most important ports on the pacific coast. It’s located in the southern part of the state of Sinaloa, 132 miles southeast from its capital, Culiacan. Mazatlan has great warm weather, with an average temperature of 77 F year round. Continue reading

Good Life Hacks

good life hacksI got a gift certificate from Lululemon today from a friend. I was stoked and opened it up to the following message. I was so impressed, I thought I would type it out for you all to enjoy. There are pearls of wisdom in there.

The greatest gift of all is choice. That which matters the least should never give way to that which matters the most. Drink fresh water and as much water as you can. Water flushes unwanted toxins fro your body and keeps your brain sharp. Practice yoga so you can remain active in physical sports as you age. Listen, listen, listen, and then ask strategic questions. Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself. Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined by how you handle setbacks. Write down your short and long term goals four times a year. Two personal, two business and two health goals for the next 2,5, and ten years. Goal setting triggers your subconscious computer. Continue reading

The Bridge Across Forever By Richard Bach Book Review

the bridge across forever by richard bach bookI started reading The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach and I’m blown away. It’s been awhile since I have read something that didn’t directly involve the law of attraction, marketing or self-awareness type stuff. (That was great grammar).

The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach is titled as a love story. WHOAH! Wait a minute guys, it’s different than you think. First the main character is Richard himself who is an author. Actually he starts off as a pilot who fly’s around the country giving rides in his plane for money. See? It’s getting interesting already isn’t it?

Then one day like the rest of us, he gets thinking. He wants someone else in his life. We all reach that point where even though we are happy, we would like to have someone to share our experiences with. So he starts his new mission. Continue reading

Meditation And Trance Music

This will be the start of my master list of artists and music that puts me in the mood to do differant things like write, meditate or workout. Feel free to add some names of DJ’s or tunes that I should check out below in the comments. Thanks

Side Note: There will be everything on here including psy, hardcore, and trance music as long as it is electronic in nature Continue reading

Does The Law of Attraction Work?

law of attraction, shows balanced chakras How does the Law of Attraction work? Actually, does it even work at all? Well, yes it does. Maybe for different reasons then some people think but it all comes down to the fact that you start to become what you think about most of the time.

“The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.”
― Earl Nightingale

When we feel bad, that means we do not resonate with something. We are out of tune, playing in the wrong key. In other words, what we want is not matching what we are getting from something. It means we are out of line with what we truly want.

See, if you want to make a million bucks but you feel like gum on the bottom of a shoe when you wake up to go to work, do you really think that your subconscious is going to make you super successful at something that makes you feel like crap on a daily basis? Of course not, why would it want you to have more of what you deep down don’t really enjoy? Continue reading

Woca Radio Interview With Ray Burton

Woca radio with Larry Robin And Ray BurtonLarry: If you want to lose weight join the army. Today we have with us two-time winner of the most physically fit soldier award, Ray Burton. Forget about the latest fad, Ray has a plan for you. Hey Ray is there global warming up there too?

Hey Larry, ya no, I just woke up this morning and stuck my head out of the igloo this morning and came back from tracking some polar bears but other than that its a normal day in Canada.

Robin: Laughs. Polar bears! I love that! Laughs.

Your book is not..not a very big book. And I’m guessing the information we read in it is all you really need.

Ray: There ya go!

Larry: You know when something just rings true?

Robin: Um hum

Larry: Then you kind of have a good feeling about it. And I guess that’s the feeling I got from this book. It just rings true, ya know? So many people come on and they will write books that are like 800 pages and, actually that one guy had a good book..

Robin: Laughs..yea Continue reading

The Power Of Intention With Action

Intention VS actionThere is a lot of talk about the power of intention these days and as well there should be. Intention is the start of all great things. Dr. Wayne Dyer made it famous with his book, and the movie “The secret” is latest proponent of this mental mind set. What needs to be said though, is that the power of intention without action will never grow into anything bigger than the brain cell it came from.

Here is what you can do now, to make tomorrow better. Its intention mixed with action.
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A Straight Jacket For My Mind

money is a straight jacket for my mindThat general malaise.
When all the work is finished at the end of the day.
Board but listless on a Sunday night.
Knowing and preparing for my upcoming plight.
The struggle to profit and make the months rent.
Each moment not productive costs another cent.
Second to hour and hour to day,
Time expires past 30 and then its time to pay.
I could brush it off and enjoy my time,
But I can’t relax when I count every dime.
The truck is squeaking, the gas is low,
So where are the clients, that’s what I’d like to know.
If I were a squirrel, I’d be scrambling for nuts,
But I can’t find enough to get out of this rut.
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The Path That Leads Inward

Culler The CaledonianWhen I was younger, Church was as close to being on the spiritual path as I could get. I didn’t know what spirituality was all about and in fact, I don’t even remember it being brought up. There was God, us, and there was the devil, whom at that time, seemed larger than life or even God. It even seemed ad though God was having difficulty competing with the devil. Few people attended church and God was so angry with us, because we all chose the devil over him. God threatened us with being cast into hell unless we acquiesced to his side, and ironically under the care of the very entity who he was in competition with-the “devil.”

For most of us it was the devil who made us do it, and it was for most of the things we liked to do. The devil seemed to be a big part of everyone’s lives and all of these things were supported by the devil. There was good and bad, and it was the order of the day. It was my belief that “better” people went to church. Therefore, if I wanted to be one of these people I would have to give up most of the things I liked to do and attend church on Sunday. Continue reading

The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast

Culler The CaledonianLets start off by making sure that when you say “I want to lose weight fast” or “I need a good weight loss program.” That what you really mean is “How do you burn off fat, keep my healthy muscle and safely keep those results for life?” If that is what you mean, then lets cut through some common misconceptions and show you the best way to get in shape without the fluff and confusion of media hype.

There is no single best way to get in shape and experiance weight loss; it is always a combined effort using a couple different systems of the body. This means that in order to burn fat fast but to do it safely, we have to eat right, do some aerobic exercise as well as resistance training. From years of personal training I can tell you with certainty that if one of these three components is missing, your weight loss efforts will be slow to non-existent. Continue reading

16 Secrets Of Success From A Soldier

Here is something I got in the email from Bob Parsons and thought it was worth sharing so I added my two bits and a handful of shrapnel. Sometimes, a lot of guru’s “secrets to success” come down to a lot of sitting on your thumbs and doing some wishful thinking. Although that is part of it, you hardly ever get any meat and potatoes to work on, I hope this is different. To me this post is just like a readers digest version of The Secret and Tony Robbins all mixed into one! I’ve read stuff from a lot of self improvement super stars but have settled on Jim Edwards because of that fact that he is one of the few that always stresses that action is the key to success (and he didn’t become successful by selling people “how to be successful”). You can have the best battle plan in the world, but if you never drop your ***** and pull on your socks, you wont accomplish squat.

Here are the 16 secrets to become more successful
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Choosing A Career Advice And Your Purpose

career adviceToday we have a question from Joel about Choosing A Career Advice And Your Purpose that I’ll throw my 2 cents at. Here we go,

Hi Ray,

This is Joel In San Antonio. The workout is going great and I’m already seeing some good results after only a week. I got more accustomed to the diet and am eating a bit more so I’m not hungry all the time. I’ll send you some pictures after a month or so when I see some really discernible differences from my before pictures. (Joel is doing the “Begin At The Gym: From Fat To Fit” program.)
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