Pistol Squat Progression Benefits For Broken Stiff People

Ray demonstrating his pistol squat progressionI searched everywhere on the internet looking for a good pistol squat progression to relearn how to do pistol squats after injuring myself. I looked up all the masters. The problem was that the pistol squat progressions given were for normal people whose bodies worked fine… they were just out of shape or a little stiff.

I was broken and I tried them all without complete success.

Here are a few of them. In some way, shape of form, they all contributed a piece of knowledge that at some point glued onto another piece to bring me to the final objective of doing a one leg squat.

In the end I have the routine and approach that showed me how to do pistol squats that worked for my body. My body’s kinks, injuries and limitations. If you’ve weight lifted using the squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press your whole life, then our bodies are probably similar.

The Sources Of Pistol Information

Pavel Tsatsouline (The box down method works if it’s only strength you need but if you are broken, then other methods are needed.)
Steve Maxwell (Just solid stuff that works)
Steve Cotter (Inspired me with the table jumping pistol squat)
Gold Medal Bodies (I find that GMB is better than gymnastics bodies for stiff, banged up adults.
Gymnastics Bodies – Getting rid of lower back curve and improving overall spinal mobility for the handstand spilled over to improving the pistol squat. However their video demonstrations are not consistent in form instruction and I spent a lot of time digging on the forum. I also bought their pistol squat course. Half way through they divided the course into two. Charging more for the piece they cut out. Those that came into the course already able to do deck squats like myself are SOL as that is the end of the first course’s pistol squat progression.
Kit Laughlin (Single Leg Squat Progressions)

Kit Laughlin is well known to those that are into flexibility and a fully functioning body but I wish he were even more known to the mainstream fitness crowd. He is a humble man who always speaks kindly and offers great courses for the most reasonable price if not free.

UPDATE: A new addition to the resource list. Here is an article on hip extension (very important) by Chris Ruffolo (instagram) (youtube) Check out those two links because if something isn’t working right, you’ll probably find out why after watching her informative corrective exercises.
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How To Do 100 Pushups A Day And The Training To Get There

wall pushupsAre you still struggling trying to get a single full pushup? Would you like to know how to to do 100 pushups a day and the training it takes to get there? Cool.

I know in my boot camps that a lot of people often come in with less upper body strength then they want and have difficulty getting their pushups up to speed… so here is how we go at it from ZERO.

Why Zero? Because I want to help you no matter what level you are at because I’ve been there. I tore by biceps a few years back and it crushed my ego for a bit. I went from pushups being a pump finisher after sets of bench and 90 pound dips, to not being able to get off the floor without rolling on my side.
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How To Deadlift Properly And How To Deadlift With Dumbbells

how to deadlift properlyThe deadlift gets a bad rap these days from overly conservative doctors, chiropractors and, well people that issue insurance policies! The deadlift is not something to be avoided. In fact, if you know how to deadlift properly, you will pick up things from the ground in the safest way possible. You will also have an invaluable tool for your workout programs.

The deadlift is an incredible tool because it is a compound exercise that works a lot of muscle groups at the same time making it perfect for both fat loss and muscle building programs.
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Cool Fat Loss Cardio Conditioning Exercises

intensity is the short cut to results
Here’s a bunch of cool fat loss conditioning exercises I do when I want to burn off some fat. I prefer to do these because they improve mobility and strength while burning extra calories.

How To Do The Walkouts Bodyweight Exercise:

From the standing position, bend over so both hands are on the floor. From here, “walk” you hands out until you are in the pushup position. At this point you have two options; do a pushup or simply pause briefly. Whatever version you choose, immediately reverse the movement and go back to standing. Interlock your fingers and press them out overhead in a totally “arms locked” position.

Here is the video of me doing some walkouts:

Sometimes I will do a circular motion with my upper body at the top with the hands still over head. Kind of like when you used to do those pelvic circles in gym class. You can also make it harder by not stopping in the pushup (or plank) position at the bottom. Keep walking your hands out past your shoulders and then head until you look like superman with your hands straight out front and your nose is touching the dirt. It’s killer on the abs and will feel like a straight arm pullover as well.
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How To Use Proper Form On The Squat For Great Legs

culler the caledonianNo exercise can change the look of your legs like the squat. Before we get into a squat routine that will change your lower body in no time flat, lets talk about how to use proper form on the squat for great legs.

If you can’t squat with a barbell right now due to pain, look at How To Do A Pistol Squat Or One Leg Squat. That article takes you from supported squats all the way through to one leg.
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Glute Exercises For A Nice Perfect Butt

My Top Three Butt Exercises For Better Glutes

perfect glutesGorgeous Glutes. The perfect butt. Pretty much everyone wants to have a better butt and here’s how! Over the the past couple of years of training, I have narrowed down my list to these few best butt exercises.

1.Back step lunge glute exercise
2. Sumo squat glute exercise
3. Single leg, bench step-up exercise

Here are how the glute exercises are done for a more shapely butt:
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The Bear Crawl Exercise A Killer Upper Body Workout

Bear Crawl ExerciseThe bear crawl exercise is the tasty treat of the day…today. ummmm yeah, anyway. This bad boy usually starts of in a pushup like the video but doesnt have to. The point of this is functionality. This kind of training is supposed to turn you into an animal. Doesnt matter if you’re vertical, horizontal or whatever, these exercises make you able to GO and kick butt.

Since taking capoeira, falling in love with yoga and getting more involved with core performance training, my workouts are changing drastically. Thats cool, they always do or you get bored. But with this training are some exercises that are not the usual out of Flex magazine or muscle and fitness. Because of this I am going to put up one of my Commando Cardio exercises every once in a while in the form of a short video. [Read more…]