Choosing A Career Advice And Your Purpose

career adviceToday we have a question from Joel about Choosing A Career Advice And Your Purpose that I’ll throw my 2 cents at. Here we go,

Hi Ray,

This is Joel In San Antonio. The workout is going great and I’m already seeing some good results after only a week. I got more accustomed to the diet and am eating a bit more so I’m not hungry all the time. I’ll send you some pictures after a month or so when I see some really discernible differences from my before pictures. (Joel is doing the “Begin At The Gym: From Fat To Fit” program.)

My question today is I have a good friend that is just starting college and he has always been interested in bodybuilding and nutrition. He was thinking about being a personal trainer and I think he would be great for it. He is always motivating people to think positively and is very self driven. Now though he sees all the different degree plans at school and is starting to think maybe this isn’t the path for him. He is kind of confused right now about finding his path in the world and I was wondering, as a motivational speaker and trainer, what inspired you to start your business? What advice would you give to someone in my friend’s place?

Thanks again for all your help Ray. I actually look forward to waking up and going to the gym now! Take care of yourself and stay in touch.


My answer: I’ll start off with the wide approach and say that I have always taken the step right in front of me that was lighted up. From there I let the rest of the path unveil itself.

I’ve never known what I was ‘supposed to do’ but I’ve always tried to do what I wanted. You should never pick what is easy over what you want. Almost everything I have ever done, I had no idea how to accomplish when I started. The learning process never bugged me because I was doing something I wanted to do at the time and so it wasn’t really work.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching over the years trying to be an enlightened person that contributes some overwhelming change to the world. Despite many hours in meditation and sitting with pen and paper, I could never define my life’s mission in a paragraph. I just wake up and do the best I can for everyone on any given day and have fun doing it.

Some days I wake up and I get an email that a piece of advice I have written really helped someone out. Other days, maybe my happy attitude or a moment I take to talk with someone is my contribution. Other days it may be a buck or two I give to save the environment. Whatever gets put in front of me, I take as a gentle shove from my gut.

The one thing I have known all my life was that I like to help people out and I love to move my body. These days, people call that exercise. It used to be called dancing, or fun, or messing around. Now for some reason, people figure that its rocket science and its not. Just like anything, you can make it complicated but the fact of the matter is that as long as you are putting stimulus on your body and not eating an excess of calories you will be healthy and maintain a reasonable weight.

I joined the army because I wanted to help. I wanted to help keep the peace. I wanted to defend my country. I wanted to rebuild war torn areas. I did that stuff and then I got bored, so I moved on. It wasn’t fun anymore.

Since I liked to move and I liked to help, personal training seemed like an option. So I had to figure out how that was done and if I liked it. The best risk free way to learn anything is to work for someone that is already doing it. So I worked for golds gym. Then I worked for World Health Club and then I stepped away a little and worked as an independent trainer for small personal training company. The next step was to set out on my own.

Its important to note that I never had any idea how this was going to work itself out. I just had the intention of being free, helping people and being able to play all day. That’s what I got too. I heard someone say once that you should never desire what you don’t expect and never expect what you don’t desire. Desire what you expect, work towards it, and it will work itself out.

Your friend has to decide what he would like his life to look like and let everything work itself out. If he picks his career based on something else like money, in 10 years when he is fed up wit life, he’ll be right back here trying to figure out how to feel fulfilled.

I would advise a couple books for reading:

How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven
You Can Have an Amazing Life . . . in Just 60 Days!
Quiet by Susan Cain

The first two books are by Dr John DeMartini and along with Bob Proctor, he is one of my favorite people to listen to for guidance when I need a shove in the right direction. I attended one of his guest speakings at the University of Calgary when he was touring with the movie The Secret (Extended Edition). Both Dr Demartini and the movie “The Secret” blew my socks off and really gets you thinking outside the box. You know you are on the right track to an extraordinary life when you say something that makes perfect sense to you and the person you want to help just stares at you. What you are saying is so far evolved from the persons daily life and the normal grind that it sounds bizarre to them. This is when you are starting to set yourself apart.

This being looked at as weird or bizarre is best sign that you are on the right track. If your friend wants to live a normal uninspired life then nothing else is required of him. Tell him to take the easy route, don’t dream, and never aspire to anything great. That’s what most people do, think about, and therefore, have.

But if your friend is at a crossroads. Tell him to dream. Tell him to expect what he desires and desire what he expects. People become what they think about most of the time. Your friend doesn’t need to figure out the ‘how’ he just needs to know the ‘what’ of where he wants to go. You can figure it out as you go. Make sure your life is fun, this is the fastest way to doing what you were designed to do. Worst case scenario, even if you never accomplish anything, you had a hell of a time!

If anyone has any questions you’d care for me to throw my opinion at, just ask below.

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