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Cullers War Book By Raymond BurtonWelcome To The Fans Only Cullers War Monthly Pulp Fiction Free Read.

The Barrens is a vicious post-apocalyptic wasteland where battles rage between Union Forces and a mutant Hoard army. It’s a dystopian world where you must choose between the safety and rules of living inside the wall, or the danger and chaos of the freedom outside.

Sgt Culler and his wife live inside. They gladly signed the Union loan papers, took the money and now can’t pay it off. The dollars are gone, the business a bust, and it’s time to pay back the debt with blood.

Looking down the barrel of his issued rifle, he wondered if soldiering meant more than a paycheck. Bullet by bullet, he dealt death like cards from an endless deck. His debt dropped in proportion to the bodies that fell.

Crouched down in the rocky hole, freezing his ass off during the miserable winter of the Barrens, he looked up at the calm grey sky for respite from the hellish smoke, frozen ground, and chaos around him. Men were everywhere, locked in the ultimate of competitions, war.

Cullers War is a monthly pulp fiction story of never giving up despite the odds. War is a crucible of fire that smelts men into legends, and the Phoenix is rising.

Adapt and overcome, persevere until victory… and keep an eye out for big brother.

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