Dealing with your fears and expectations of success

How To Overcome Fear Of SuccessI was doing some reading about how to overcome fear of success and if it even applied to me. I read the most interesting thing. That fear is a nightmare and most of us are not succeeding the ways we want in life or achieving the things we want because of this fear. Now a mare of course is a horse. A female horse to be specific but that has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with this cool analogy… Ride Your Nightmare To Success.

You can catch, tame and then ride a mare and this is what you need to do with your nightmare called fear. One you have that fear broken in you can use it to take you places that you have never been before. Places where usually your greatest successes will live.

The more I look into my own experiences the more I realize that the whole fear of success and fear of failure ideas you always hear are that way because they are so true. Half the time you don’t want to start something because you will look dumb to everyone when you fail miserably. The other half of the time, you are scared you might succeed and then get caught working your butt off every day in this new run away success you have.

So it is back to the basics again. What is fear regardless if it has to do with success or failure? Fear is the way you tell yourself you may experience something uncomfortable or or the extreme end, possible death. How do you deal with fear? You either make friends with it, or overwhelm it with another emotion that is stronger.

What I mean is that you either reframe fear so that instead of going through dread feelings with it, you recognize it as a sign of going somewhere new and associate it with growth. Make it more of a fun game type of deal. That of course is not the point on answer but it is an option to use. The other way is to have such an overwhelming positive desire for something that fear takes a weaker second place. Kind of like when you get up the nerve to ask someone to dance with you at a party. You are scared but the benefits of getting a yes overwhelm you on an emotional level and get you to move past your fear.

These are just methods that I find useful from time to time and not overall answers to life. You have to watch that stuff. Ideas will work in one spot and then need to be revised in another application. Life is a pretty dynamic game and I think anyone that professes to have all the answers, probably has none at all.

If you look at the things you want out of life and look really hard at the things you have not accomplished, you’ll see fear.

You should take this journey daily. A combination of facing your fears and being brutally honest with yourself about what you are feeling and the programs you are running through your mind.

You have to realize that if you want something and yet still don’t have it, there is a reason. The most common thing is fear. This fear will take many forms but when you boil it down it comes to the avoidance of pain or at the highest level, an emotional or physical death.

If you need to be out of a relationship and yet are still in it, you are afraid. You could be afraid of the emotional death that will occur when no one is around to give you attention no matter how bad that attention may be. It could be that you are afraid you will not be able to provide for yourself and that could mean physical discomfort, pain or even death in the deep places of your mind.

If you need more money but still don’t have it, then you are afraid. Afraid to go through the discomfort of not having everything you want, the moment you want it. The numbing of pain by medicating with purchases. This is why you buy stuff all the time and go beyond your budget. Maybe you are scared to go outside your personal boundaries to take the actions that will allow you to pick the dollars off the money tree.

Look at all of those goals of yours. Look deep down and be honest with yourself. Do you have what it takes to go forward with the actions you need to take in order to acquire the prize? If you don’t why? What are you scared of?

Now for a word about realistic expectations. Often when people are instructed to set goals they may be asked if their expectations are realistic. I think you should have unrealistic expectations and celebrate every step of success on the way. After all, how many things have you chased in your life only to accomplish them and ask yourself, “Now what?”

The goal is secondary anyway. If you want $10,000, make your goal $1,000,000. It makes no difference. You are going to celebrate and enjoy every step along the way. You are going to concentrate on what the process towards the goal does for you. Who it makes you become. The character traits that are created and that will cross over into every area of your life. More importantly, the personal fears and boundaries you conquer and cross at every step.

By recognizing your fears and shooting for the stars you will become a more incredible person every day and in every way. All the while marching towards that destination that is your goal. Remember that the goal is the location but there is always plenty of great conversations and things to learn along the trip.

Earl Nightingale On Success

  • The only man that succeeds is the man that knows where he is going.
  • The successful people are those that are doing what they WANT to do.
  • Only 1 out of 20 are brave enough to be this way.
  • What is the key to success?

    That key is:
    We become what we think about. All wise men have agreed on this. Human beings can alter their by altering their attitudes and minds.

    You must control your thinking. The law of attraction is brought forth in this way. Not a hocus pocus fluffy notion but the real world fact that when you think about something you mind actually works to bring things to your attention from out of the every day environment that will help bring that thought to manifestation.

    It is called your ‘RAS’ reticular activating system. It’s only job is to sort the ‘what is important to my master’ information from the other millions of bits of external information that flood our senses. If you are thinking about lack, your RAS will bring bits of data to your consciousness that will help that direction manifest into your life. If you are not thinking about what you want on a steady basis, then you may be missing very important key bits of information that are right in front of your eyes!

    Things that will help you become what you want.

    You can go here to learn more about the reticular activation system

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