Does The Law of Attraction Work?

law of attraction, shows balanced chakras How does the Law of Attraction work? Actually, does it even work at all? Well, yes it does. Maybe for different reasons then some people think but it all comes down to the fact that you start to become what you think about most of the time.

When we feel bad, that means we do not resonate with something. We are out of tune, playing in the wrong key. In other words, what we want is not matching what we are getting from something. It means we are out of line with what we truly want.

See, if you want to make a million bucks but you feel like gum on the bottom of a shoe when you wake up to go to work, do you really think that your subconscious is going to make you super successful at something that makes you feel like crap on a daily basis? Of course not, why would it want you to have more of what you deep down don’t really enjoy?

Does the law attraction work? Others thoughts on youtube video Pt1

So this brings us to the cliché line of “Do what you love and success will follow“. But at this point it kind of makes sense now. If you are having fun doing something and you want to make a million bucks then its not a far stretch that your subconscious will start bringing to your attention things that will help you achieve success that are in line with what you love doing.

Does the law attraction work? Others thoughts on youtube video Part 2

I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now writing this because there is no other place I would rather be right now. I’m having fun. Will this article make money through advertising? Yes, but even if it didn’t, I wouldn’t care because I’m having fun doing this. Where else would I go? What else would I do? If I get a brainstorm to go rafting, then I will press “save” and be gone.

Most experts say that we attract everything in our lives. Yes, the bad stuff too. Joe Vitale did the “in your face” in the movie “The Secret”. That’s a hard pill to swallow. Many religions and faiths around the world agree though. You may not do it on purpose. But over your life, your experiences have set up a set of circumstances that make you resonate on a certain frequency. The traditional “Bad Vibe”. These vibes make you receptive to the bad things that happen. You can change this though.

The tuff questions come up at this point. How do you justify saying that a child dies because of something they attracted? Honesty, how could I claim to know? But here is my take… the fact of the matter is that we perceive death as a bad thing. However, can you for 100% sure tell me that this is the case? We only understand very little of actual reality. We can consciously perceive so very little of what is actually going on in our reality. Our brains are too damn slow! Its not very often that we get to have a sit down with the dead to see how it actually is. Perhaps everyone that dies is having such a good time that there is no desire to return. I’m just saying. We really don’t know.

Attempts at putting finality on answers and trying to take away the gray between white and black has caused many a cult and war in our world.

At any rate, I just impressed myself with that last statement. It’s probably the most profound thing I have ever written! Back to you and your attractiveness….

I mean we all want to attract more of what we like, so how do we get out of our bad resonance rut? The first step is to be clear on what you want. If you are trying to be successful and following the mold of how to get it done (according to everyone else) but not enjoying doing it, then it just wont work. That bad vibe will impede progress on a deep level.

You don’t need to figure out every step! As a matter of fact, you simply can’t. Most of us can’t even plan out a day. There are too many intangibles. Phone calls, red lights, cats barfing on your carpet. Modeling success is great. It at least gives you a direction. Sometimes, detours are the funniest parts of a trip. If you do model, you have to model someone that is doing things in a manner that click with you. Again, if it isn’t fun, simply run…

You get nudges and intuitive ideas. Which ones should you act on? ALL OF THEM. There are many paths to the same destination. Pick the one that fires you up the most. Go with your calling. Just because someone else doesn’t do it that way doesn’t mean it wont work for you. Most big success are something new. In order to be new, you need to think for yourself.

This site was not meant to make money at all. This was where I was going to do the stuff that I love. Poems that no one else would care about. Life, the universe, physics and other things that make you really hot to the ladies. Writing in a style that would give my high school English teacher a case of the trots. Write, make tunes, share my ideas…it’s turned out to be much more than I ever thought.

Trying to FIGURE OUT how you are going to be successful is very difficult. Joe Vitale in the book Zero Limits says that all great ideas will come from your zero state. Same with Zen, Toltec, the list goes on and on. You have to follow your gut…TO THE AREA WHERE YOU HAVE FUN. I don’t mean only the non-work kind of fun. Nothing will happen without your effort to do what is physically necessary. It’s more like the “I enjoy working out” fun that gets you results. You can be very active trying to hunt down your dreams but that doesn’t mean they are going to happen. You have to trust yourself and follow your hunches. FOLLOW THE SIGNS!

You really will just get pulled from step to step. Everything does happen for a reason. Are you listening? Are you watching for the directions? Or are you caught in the mental chatter about yesterdays run in with that jerk in the line up at Star Bucks?

**So what’s holding you back from attracting your dreams?** Is it a limiting belief of some sort? Maybe fear of failure or fear of success? The emotional freedom technique might help you. I’ve tried the Sedona technique and it’s a great read. They are all pieces of a puzzle that you put together until you start to make sense of the “Big Picture”. The Sedona method is more about asking yourself questions and looking inward to release the emotions that are holding you back.

**Yes you hold onto emotional crap.** The crazy part is your don’t know about it. That sucks because you have to go digging. Every reaction you have to any situation is a result of a past experience that you are recycling to make for efficient handling of everyday life.

.. Listen to that C.D. skip baby…If you let it keep skipping, you never get to appreciate the full song ..

What about EFT? How about a sample? How does that work? EFT is much more direct and proactive on your own part. Does it work? Well studies say yes. I say who cares, give it a shot. If nothing else you get to poke yourself and have a good laugh. You can check that out on Bob Doyles site. You can get Bob’s opinion on “does the law of attraction actually work?” on the movie The Secret.

This isn’t hocus pocus, its been tested over and over for many, many years. Thank you to Bob for giving us all resources like this. How do I find EFT? Just started…I got black eyes and a sore collar bone (just kidding)

What if you don’t know that you have a limiting belief? How do you know if there is something there when, well, you don’t know its there?

Lets take wealth and the law of attraction. Everyone wants wealth. Is there something there keeping you from getting it? How do you talk to yourself? “I know I deserve massive wealth, (little voice: no you don’t) but I am not getting it (little voice: cause you come from a poor family)”…wrong. You have to shut that little keebler elf down. “You’re going down clown!”

If you are wondering how to work yourself through the law of attraction you can start with what you don’t want and flip it around. Once you know that, really make sure that you really get fired up before you go for it. You can’t attract something that you don’t strongly want. You have to REALLY want it. If you cant think of something that you desire THAT much, then relax and enjoy life. Congratulations, you have everything you will ever want.

You want to attract the end result, not something that you think will get you there. Like money. Maybe what you really want is freedom or love, and you think money will be your route to getting those things. That may be so, but it’s not the money you should be trying to attract but the freedom or love itself, because that’s what’s your real motivator.

You must be honest with what it is you TRULY want. Can you make money from it, has killed more great ideas than any other deal. If you have cleared you inner resistance, then an idea that truly comes from inspiration will never fail. Its what you are supposed to be doing and you will be rewarded for it. It may be peace of mind, happiness or money. Or all the above more often than not.

How often have you seen someone make money with an idea you had ten years ago? Stings, I know. I finally decided to go with my intuition and fuel one the fires of my desires.

My F2F Diet Planner is a great example. I had a dream of providing an easy to use diet planner that people could use. It would cost me an arm and leg to develop and that scared me. What if no one wants it? Can I make money with it? Wrong question. The fact was, I had a desire to provide a service to my clients that I thought would help them out. I also thought it would be cool to help me out in my daily eating plan. Whether it made money or not was not the question.

I got the first trial run version back yesterday. Its total crap. Now I’m starting all over again. That costs more money and time. Doesn’t matter.

Whether I found it cool and would enjoy the process of getting is developed is. Combine that with the ability to help others and the increased income is a reward for following my passions. I had to tell myself that following my intuition was the right course. That’s what I did. Let the cards fall where they may.

If you’re frustrated and angry with where you are now, that’s o.k. This is your inner guidance telling you what you don’t want. Thank it and use it. Use it to change your vibration to think about the things that you now know you do want. You hate not having money to pay for bills? That is o.k. Now you want to change it over to thinking about having a surplus of money so your bills are a joy to pay. The difference is slight. The effects on your attitude are not.

So where do you go when you’re an iron pumping ex-infantry soldier and you hear all this foofy stuff like, soul, universe and law of attraction. It sounds pretty bizarre doesn’t it? This whole law of attraction thing almost seems like a cult doesn’t it? Well, yes, just like everything else out there, there are people that mean well and there are people that will use anything new to make massive amounts of money. There are also people that will always pay money to jump on a bandwagon. The fact of the matter here is that nothing is being sold here if you don’t want to buy it. The worst-case scenario is you start looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. I’ve been through worse for sure.

What is being said in the readers digest version is; get rid of your limiting beliefs and tune into the circumstance that are coming to your awareness because your brain is concentrating on them. Ever want to buy a certain model or color of car? Then you notice it everywhere. Same thing. When you keep something at the forefront of your mind, you will notice more things that have to do with it.

When anything, lets use happiness, is set as an intention, you will notice more ways of making yourself happy. The only thing you physically have to do is take advantage of the circumstance and take action.

“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I really want an ice cream cone.” “Hey son, want a lick?” “No thanks Dad”.

Don’t die with a dream still in you because of inaction (that’s fear’s younger passive brother). How could we have all these dreams and not have an answer to completing them?

When I personal train people I tell them to do things. If they listen and do it, the result is that they lose weight. I could explain everything but it’s not necessary. They can go get certified if that’s what they want. If they act on what I am giving them, results happen. If they doubt me and the information I’m giving and then didn’t act on it..guess what? NADA. Hmmmm.

“Its dark in here. I wish it was brighter.” “Flick the switch” “I don’t want to bother. I don’t understand volts, resistance and currant”. Flick the frick’n switch man!

Let it go and learn about releasing. If you have your path, your vision, and its not happening. Then you have a resistance that is not resonating with your desire inside. You have to vibrate with the same level as the desire. Is that a little too hokey?

Did those words, “resonate” and “vibration”, strike a chord in you? You may be an auditory type person.

Check this out (this actually happened):

You desperately want to lose weight. You have tried every program, pill and exercise gadget out there. Nothing works. When nothing works, that’s usually a sign. Especially if it has worked for others.

What you are not bringing up is the painful memory of being raped as a child. Deep in your subconscious you know that when you lose weight and get that sexy body you have always wanted; you are going to attract attention from the opposite sex.

I see an internal conflict brewing. I see two vibrational thoughts that are in opposition. This is where tension, anger and frustration all come in. The signs your body gives you that it is in DIS-ease. Go inside to fix the outside.

My eyes are bugging out now so its time to stop. Lets sum it up. To put the law of attraction to work for you;

  • Find out what you really want by starting with what you don’t.
  • Release, forgive, dig around inside to see what might be at emotional odds with your goal.
  • Let the way present itself.
  • Be open and awake so you can see the signs.
  • Act on them.

Ray Burton

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