1. Filomena

    Yes the Law of Attraction does work, you need to apply yourself, once your have it. You have it, you have the power to determine your destiny. Just stay focused and you can attract all that you want into your life.

    Keep on sharing


  2. Meg

    I like you. You have it right on point. I couldn’t of said it better myself. I love my life, don’t think I could be any happier, really. And I know it’s all because I don’t want to perceive it any other way. Wanna be depressed, then be depressed. Only hurtin yourself. We’re not supposed to have all the answers. Be a good person and good things will come. Just have faith, my friends.

  3. jules

    i am a very keen follower of your advice.I was wondering about your views on the Law of Attraction and here is why…

    2 years ago i dated a younger man who, to this day i still adore.Our relationship took place in Germany and we broke it off because he could not get over the age gap difference and he got a job offer in London.

    BUT, the idea of going back to london absolutely thrilled me (i studied here at a very famous collge 6 years ago) and i wanted to give it a go.i did not want to be left behind in a city (münich) where i did not have enough work and had hit a cul-de-sac!So here i am, in London again!

    I must add that i was honest enough with myself to know that if i never see this boy again, at least i have got my spark and drive back.I am back in my ‘territory.’I have more job opportunities than i could wish for and i am back with my creative freinds which does something very good to my soul!I am that confident,vibrant person i know myself to be.My life has taken a 180 degree change.

    SO…Here it is…the Law of Attraction introduced me to this gorgeous boy ,who got me questioning where i am going with my life which in turn got me back to London where i am so determined to give it my best.

    BUt..(Mimi, I am sure you would say this is not what you do!?)I got hold of him on my 40th birthday

    In my mind, and in the time we had not seen each other (3 months), i thought he was having a very glamorous life here in London,(he works in the financial area) but he was not,he wanted to go back to Germany because he felt nothing was working for him here.

    Before leaving he stayed with me for a couple of days.While he was staying with me he saw another side of London which he really likes (alternative,creative area) and managed to get a job interview which seems very promising.Now, he is talking about finding a flat around my area if he gets that job.

    My question is…all these things seem like miracles to me..proof of the Law of Attraction(because i so desire,love and want him).BUT…last night it dawned on me that it would be convenient for him to live near me (there is still so much attraction between us) and we are still freinds and he gets to meet my freinds, but he no doubt still cannot get over the age difference!

    I am terrified of falling back into my old insecurities if he moves back to London.He has left his luggage with me while he is back in Germany for another job interview and i am begining to feel like i am being way too nice again.This is not what i wanted to be… i wanted to be strong enough to resist him and let him go.I want to be that tough ,smart woman and let him come and find me.It’s my fault! i initiated the contact! I believed the Law of Attraction was making him come back to me but actually he is just sweet lovely guy who does not want to feel so alone in London. This is ,however no guarantee that he wants to be with me!

  4. Frank Cerutti

    Based on what you wrote I would say that you have reached a crossroad. You need to face the truth in that if he really is hung up with the age issue then you need to ask yourself what is it that you really want? Are you looking for a long term relationship with him? Are you looking for marriage? Because based on your answers if you really want more of a comittment you need to make a decision to let him go and move on because the issue of age will not go away. The one thing that we sometimes forget is that the law of attraction is not to ignore the truth and not be strong. If you truly have clarity of what you are looking for you, you will know how best to react. Doing nothing is not an option in this case. Just my two cents.


  5. marina

    just wondering if the Law truly works, then no matter what, by visualization, should not Jules be able to get whatever she wants from the young guy?
    our thoughts vibrate and resonate in the Universe, so what the difference between the desire of having wealth vs. having a particular person commited to you?
    I am confused.


  6. Hi Marina… the law of attraction can’t hurt BUT BUT BUT, what I’ve found to be true is that you get what you want when you mix CORRECT KNOWLEDGE with EFFECTIVE ACTION. The only problem is that when you apply this to people, it’s called MANIPULATION. Still works though.

  7. marina

    Hi Ray,
    I thank you for your quick response, but when you say “manipulation”, is it really applicable here. Whats wrong with visualizing a person of your dreams with you.
    In terms of ‘correct knowledge’, to what knowledge are you reffering?


  8. Read my comment again. Visualization i.E LOA is not taking knowledge and applying it with action. So there is nothing wrong with it. There is a difference between day dreaming about someone being with you and actively trying to make them want to be with you. Visualization seldom generates a result for people without the action part. Manipulation can be defined as ” to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one’s own advantage” so yes, if you plot out the correct actions it takes to get someone to do something you want them to, despite what they really want to do then it is manipulation. In Jules last sentence she states “This is ,however no guarantee that he wants to be with me!” And in there lies the answer.

  9. marina

    Your point however differs from those I’ve heard before. Basically, if we put things into action, we get the result one way or another. As to my understanding, targeted visualization also is a powereful tool, since our thoughts create that very vibration and etc. Basically, we dont need LOA for things to happen, we take action anyways.

  10. joyce anderson

    WEll I just read the book the secret and found that it needed to be more down to my level.Hard to understand for someone that has only a high school education. I understand it is mainly about positive thinking and we can will are mind to get what we want.It is like playing bingo and just needing B13 and really concentrating on that number and not getting it.I needed advise on my mind if always on how insecure I am and always talking about it to people. But yet I feel good about myself also so mixed up a bit. I have a terrible past things I did as a teenager and mad marriages seem to hang on to all of it at age 51. Maybe I us it for attention. or I feel that my life is in a good place now and don’t deserve it. I can’t fiqure it out. I have very bad anxiety issues. I read this book looking for something but its hard to understand. I got that if i want money to just think about it and it will happen how is that on a 7 dollar and hour job and parttime. Or if you are sick and thing that you are not that good things will happen. What I didn’t get is how to handle my thinking that everyone is better than me. Like my husbans ex wife she is really smart and a banker and I nothing. But yet I do committee things with her Like on a cancer committee with her and yet she intimidates me where in the book helps with all my issues Please help.

  11. Lavania

    I really liked your article. It was light and a good read. I’ve been reading about the law of attraction since 3 years. But still i am not being able to form my life in the i want to. Why is this happening to me? I try my best, I do whatever i should do, but still I am stuck somewhere..

  12. Rich

    Hi. Few weeks ago i saw the film “the secret”. Now i am trying methods told in that film. I write my wishes on the paper, paint them, think about themm all the time. I wanna live in a house, but i dont we dont get a good offer, i wanna communicate to my dad easily, but i have psychological barrier , i am kinda afraid of him because of experiences in the past. I really want to have a girlfried, theres a nice girl in my scool, i like her a lot, but i dont even know her. Are there any ways to accelerate law of atraction and get what i want?

  13. JESS

    Lavania. how often do you think that what you want is not happening fast enough. or that its not going to happen at all. thats a big problem. just like in the movie.. when you let a thought like that come out, your pushing your desire back down into the ground when its on the verg of bloom. keep thinking positively, and keep dreaming, things happen for a reason live your life and enjoy it is all you can do. watch for signs. they are everywhere.

    and rich.

    all the things you named. you followed with your issue. you want a house.. but… you want to talk to your dad . but… you want a girlfriend. but… stop.

    A. find an image or draw what your ideal house will look like. and look at the photo in the morning when you wake up, and at night when you go to bed. imagine that you own it. its your house, fate will do the rest. again. watch for signs.
    B. take a deep breath, pick up the phone and call your dad. you want to talk to him., imagine yourself already having millions of convos with him, all you have to do, is believe you two are bestfriends. at first he will seem shocked and casual.. but as you go along talking acting like you talk daily. he will ease into talking back as if you talk daily. if it is still stressful after you try., go relax under a tree and zen out. let your mind control your body. relax and think of things that comfort you. then take the next step.into an office of a person that can help you find ways to bond with your dad.
    C. get out of your comfort zone. you sit there wishing. but are not taking an action. if this girl is nice. chances are. you walk up. show your confidence. and hit it off. dont let your fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. – great quote from a cinderella story.
    truth is. i am sure the law of attraction works because i want it to work. i dream i own a maserati lol. i hold on to that. and wont let it go. years apon years from now. maybe my wish will come true. until then. i will keep wishing. but i will also wish for other things. when you want something. hold onto the thought of already owning it. never stop enjoying and appreciating your life. and stop causing your self pain and aggony by telling yourself things wont and arent going to happen. your adding that to your life. good luck !
    ~love jessie


  14. Really i like the Article,Does the law of Attraction actually work?.
    I am a youthful man .I have been looking for my real soulmate for Eternally for many years.
    Though the ones i found Attracted to me,I proved to them that they are Attracted to me by writing letter’s and presenting some present’s ,Like flowers ,Rings and also showing my love personally but it never work out for me .
    Then my question is ,in my own case what is the cause?.


  15. The Book the secret(s) and Islam deals precisely with this topic and answers all your questions. It also gives great insight on how to take greater control of your life and explains a lot of the psychological factors involved in allowing parts of the law of attraction to work or seem to work. It will change the way you see the world. Much of this is cross examined with Islamic teachings from over 1400 years ago! Check it out at thesecretsandislam.com or order it from amazon.com just search for the author Abdulaziz Imad Alateeqi. Enjoy!

  16. TellMeASecret

    This article is precise, and by far the most concise piece of web writing I have read in ages. Although I believe in The Law of Attraction, I’ve never really had a firm grasp of the concept. Until now. Thanks so much Ray. A very good read indeed.


  17. Hi TellMeASecret…. I am about to post something up shortly that has been a long time coming… I’m very excited about it and it will REALLY give you a solid grasp of how this all works.

    No fluff, no filler, just step by step on how to get results.


  18. AH

    To Jules. By now you probably have figured out what to do about your guy, but here is my take. You should focus on the end result that you want as Raymond stated. You want a man that you can adore and that can adore you also, despite any age differences. That may or may not be this guy are talking about. The universe works in mysterious ways. This guy came back into your life. This could mean that the time is right for you two, or it could mean that you need to close this chapter of your life. You have to figure it out, but really focus on the end result you want from a relationship instead of trying to force something to work.

    I must say that I am a follower of LOA. I was most influenced by this concept through The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. Lately I have become quite critical of the principles in The Science of Getting Rich and have become doubtful. I came across your blog while searching the internet for “does the law of attraction really work”. You have put a new spin on the concept that I really like. The book focuses on the universe “realigning” so you can get your wishes and thoughts, good or bad. You talk about the RAS system and how the opportunities have been right in front of us but we aren’t in tune to them (which is an easier concept to grasp). Also, the book doesn’t talk much of being in a good mood. This is a big topic for me and I would think most people. I can focus on what i want all day, but if I am in a bad mood constantly and not having fun, then it’s counterproductive. Thanks for your spin on this concept and for helping me get back to the law of attraction.

    Question: LOA states that the world realigns itself according to your thoughts and desires. You are saying that opportunities are always in front of us but we aren’t tuned in. That is a different take. Why do you believe the latter and is the original concept incorrect?

    Look forward to hearing your response.

  19. AH

    I will check it out once I’m done with some other books I have on my list.


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