Free Muscle Building Workout Routine

rays results from his muscle building workout routineI just finished this simple yet effective free muscle building workout routine for a client of mine that wasn’t making any progress. Things were just too complicated with not enough focus on getting stronger on a few basic exercises. Here is what he will be doing from now on.

8 Week Free Muscle Building Workout Routine

3 Way Split Mass Workout Routine
Monday – Wednesday – Friday

• Add 3-5 Pounds of muscle to 165 pounds by January 23, 2006
• Maintain Cardio Schedule (personal health reasons)
• Reduce body fat starting December 23, 2005 from 13.5%

My opinion of what’s wrong with current workout:
• Not enough quality calories
• Too much cardio
• Not strong enough to lift the amount of weight needed to attain size gains.

I won’t show you his routine because we don’t need to see what’s wrong. Just change it and do what’s right.

Exercise Sets And Reps Rest
Front Squats – sets pins low and go to failure 4×6-8 3 minutes
Lunges 4 x 10-12 1 Minute
Lying Hamstring Curls 6 x 6-8 1:30
Seated Calf Raise 4 minutes for 75 Reps Only one set, you can take mini breaks
Standing Calf Raises 4 x 12-15 1 Minute

Cardio Workout Routine : Run intervals on the treadmill. If your heart rate exceeds 150 beats per minute, then back off until you reach 125-130 BPM and then sprint again. Do one minute high, one minute low if you are feeling comfortable. Do this for 20 minutes and then taper off for another 10 minutes

Exercise Sets And Reps Rest
Incline DB Fly 4 x 8-10 1 Minute
Flat DB Bench Press on Fitter Ball 4 x 6-8 2 Minutes
Chins or Pulldowns on Failure 4 x 6-8 2 Minutes
Double DB Rows 4 x 6-8 2 Minutes
BB Shrugs Or Low Pin Deadlifts 1×10-12 warmup medium
5×5 heavy and same weight on all sets. Weight increases when all sets of 5 completed.
2 Minutes
Cardio Workout Routine : Intervals on Stairmaster: Same style as Monday.
Exercise Sets And Reps Rest
Standing DB Shoulder Presses 4 x 6-8 2 Minutes
Incline Bench (face down) laterals 4 x 8-10 1 Minute
Incline Hammer Curls 4 x 8-10 1 Minute
Standing BB Curls 4 x 6-8 1 Minute
Over head tricep pulley extensions 4 x 8-10 1 Minute
Bench Dips 4 x 8-10 1 Minute

Cardio Workout Routine : Run intervals on the treadmill. If your heart rate exceeds 150 beats per minute, then back off until you reach 125-130 BPM and then sprint again. Do one minute high, one minute low if you are feeling comfortable. Do this for 20 minutes and then taper off for another 10 minutes.

Feel free to try this muscle building workout and then post your results for others to see. If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll post answers in the comments below.

Some Quick Muscle Building Tips

The world of bodybuilding can be a complicated one, especially for a beginner. What to eat? What type of exercise? Which routine? How many reps? How many sets? Etc. There is also conflicting information and various methods. First and foremost let’s not kid ourselves. Re-sculpturing your body is going to take a lot of determination and hard work. Nothing in life is easy. The rest is common sense.

A few things to remember when you start lifting to put on muscle:

Know exact the rep and set ranges for maximum muscle growth (6-12 reps IMO).
Longer training sessions actually diminish results.
Use the MOST EFFECTIVE exercises for each muscle group.
Common “shaping movements” are generally a waste of energy and time for natural guys.
Performing exercises in a specific order is crucial to success. Prioritize.
Improve NATURALLY (through heavy training and good diet) to boost hormone levels naturally. That way you keep what you kill.
High reps do NOTHING to promote definition.
Keep your progress coming when you plateau by adding weight, changing volume, rep range and grips.

Cardio training is an effective fat burner and helps make you an athlete (When done properly short and intense).

Large numbers of exercises for each muscle group will keep you from gaining muscle.
The proper amount of calories per day to maximize muscle growth AND fat loss is crucial (this depends on your goals. There are many methods).
Drink your water. Half your bodyweight in ounces daily (min)

Diet and nutrition is important, take in only foods that cavemen could have found. I occasionally use supplements but it is only when pressured for time or I am in an airport or something similar.

Remember every exercise you do affects more than one body part, so structure your routine accordingly. Each muscle group needs time to recover and grow.

Bodybuilding has taken the world by storm. Since back in the 1970’s when Arnold Schwarzenegger + body building took themselves to the public, no one could have ever guessed what was going to come of this sport. It’s awesome.

Part of the fun of this whole lifestyle is trying to get everything right. There are exercise, nutritional factors as well as trying to find that perfect workout. Once you figure out all the basics, you can start to refine your approach and come up with a system that is as individual as yourself (within reason). Bodybuilding nutrition seems to give people the most grief. Learning about carbs, protein and fat may be confusing at first but understanding and utilizing these nutrition basics of bodybuilding are fundamental to achieving success. (Warrior Diet vs Traditional Bodybuilding Vs Paleo Vs Zone vs Vegetarian)

I have a preferred eating style for each of the different goals I have, at different times. Bottom line, again, eat only caveman food and eat until satisfied. With that basic advice, you will get in shape if you are lifting with intensity. Do that first before asking questions.

Before I cap it off: There is also some confusion about whether male and female bodybuilders should have different muscle building workout routines. My answer is no.

Bodybuilding builds muscle by putting a stress on a muscle and then letting it grow and recover. The human body builds muscle on females and males the same way. The only exception is that female bodybuilders produce less natural testosterone and so put on muscle slower than male bodybuilders.

In the same fashion, teenage male bodybuilders have it the easiest because they put out larger than normal levels of testosterone and so their initial muscle gains are substantial.

Again, if you have any questions, fire them in the comments below.

I want to leave you with…

The essence of simplicity of training for muscle and strength

I thought this 2 day workout was great. It’s real. It’s honest and it’s practical. Awesome stuff.

Just press play and enjoy, I don’t need to say anything.

– Ray Burton



  1. says

    Another Client Larry, emailed this in and said I could share:

    “Ouchhh …ouchhh….ouch,,,,arrrgh …oh no …..ouchhh ..ok I give in ….ok I said it ……………..”MOTHER !”
    Hahah…..just had to send a quick note since doing the two hour routine last night ; it certainly did do me in and am glad that it will only happen twice a month , but I guess I could have felt “more” sore . I cannot brag that I am not sore today …good thing Yoga is tonight – to stretch some of it out again .

    I figured that I would let you “bask” in the glory of knowing that you have finally got my muscles ( this time shoulder, upper back and chest ) worked out enough that they are sore today , but guess I cannot whine too much ….I will survive !!!…..maybe this is what it takes to make me sore ( DON”T even think about more regular 2 hour sessions !!!!)

    Anyways …just thought I would pass on that bit of news ..

    Have a good day off

    Larry Stuart

  2. Tim says

    This is probably easier to read…

    I mentioned to Ray the I would post an update on how things were going…
    Today we did a body fat measurement:

    Dec 23
    BF % 22.8
    lbs BodyFat 38.3
    Muscle mass 129.7
    Weight 168
    Shoulder 45
    chest 40.5
    waist 34.5
    Arm 14 14.
    Thigh 20.5
    Calf 15

    BF % 18.34
    lbs BodyFat 30.26
    Muscle mass 134.4
    Weight 165
    Shoulder 47
    chest 40.25
    waist 33
    Arm 14.25
    Thigh 20.75
    Calf 15.25

    I am happy with the results so far. Was hoping for a bit more muscle growth…Still a ways to go.

    Thats the update!