Get Paid To Learn What You Love

get paid to learnGet paid to learn? Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Yes, you can make all the money you want while learning about everything you’ve ever wanted and I’m going to show you how.

First, what’s the secret to getting rich and not die trying? It’s passive income but I’ve covered that topic before so you can go check it out before you continue if those are new words to your ears.

If you are like most people, you get bored. Being bored sucks and it’s a terrible way to trudge through life. You need to be stimulated. Everyone needs to be stimulated in order to feel alive!

One way to stimulate yourself (no jokes) is mentally. The brain is in fact, in charge of the whole body and your mental state usually dictates how you feel. So what’s one way of perking up the old nogg’n? Learn something new.

What’s better than learning something new? Getting paid to lean something new! “Nice to hear”, you say but “How’s that done?” Glad you asked.

It just so happens that one of the best ways to learn is to teach someone else the very same thing that you are learning. Let that sink in a bit.

We value teachers in our society. They show us things that we don’t know and because of that we pay them. We pay them money!

There is the 1 + 1 of the whole deal. If you want to get paid to learn, then teach someone what you are learning. That’s the theory but what’s the logistics of that? Well, if we want to get rich and not kill ourselves doing it then we have to use passive income and if you want results as fast as possible you should use leverage.

What would you answer if I asked you what the best source for passive income and massive leverage was these days? YOUR RIGHT! It’s the Internet. A one-time effort set up in a machine that never gets tired and works 24/7 for the rest of your life.

Go back to basics now:
1. Find out what you love.
2. Learn more about it.
3. Teach it in a format that can be reproduced and recorded.
4. Leverage it and sell it.

Those steps above may seem pretty straight forward, simple and yet at the same time, really overwhelming. Why? Because there are so many things that happen inside each major basic step.

Now each of those steps above has three mini steps that go like this:
1. Know what you are trying to achieve
2. Know how to achieve or get it.
3. Get on with getting it done.

Take step one from the basics for example. Which is find out what you love. The first thing you need to do according to the three mini steps is know what you are trying to achieve. So you say to yourself, “I’m trying to figure out what the loves are in my life”. There, step one done.

Step two says, “Know how to achieve or get it”. So you go out and buy a book on finding your passions that says to have someone ask you in rapid fire mode over and over again what you love until you get a list of 20 items. There now you have something to work with and step two is done.

Step three says to get on with getting it done so you call a friend on the phone and they keep asking you “What do you love?” and you have your list 10 minutes later. You took action on the information on how to achieve the goal or desired income that you previously set.

With this kind of process you work yourself down through the steps and up the ladder of financial success and mental well being.

Now the nature of the beast is that the steps are easy to read but there will be something in this sequence that binds you up. For most it is taking action. Maybe for you it is taking time to do some reorganization like this. At any rate, what do you do if something in this list like “Get on with getting it done” is holding you back from your dreams?

Go back to start:

1. Know what you are trying to achieve
2. Know how to achieve or get it.
3. Get on with getting it done.

Kind of ironic isn’t it? LOL

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