How To Get A Lean Stomach Including Those Bottom Two Abs

how to get a lean stomach manNewsletter subscriber “Big Man Md” asks: “I have currently got a 4 pack and need to work on the bottom two. All that is there is flab. I just need to know how to get a lean stomach including those bottom two abs. Then I’ll have a complete the six pack.

If you have any suggestions and tips on how to tone up the bottom two abs and too lose the weight off the bottom of my stomach please tell me.”

Rays Answer: The two things you need to accomplish when working on how to get a lean stomach are:

1) Drop your body fat even lower
2) Make sure the grooves between you abdominal muscles are deep enough so that they can be easily seen.

Getting your body fat down means eating very, very clean, doing some cardio, and continually doing that until you see the results you are after. The best abs in the world won’t show if they are under an inch of fat no matter how developed you make them with resistance training.

Keep in mind that you can never lose fat in one specific area. It must be burned off the entire body unless you are very adept at affecting reality with mental power.

So for eating clean, make sure you eat more fiber in smaller meals and try to drink a couple of liters water minimum every day.

Eating breakfast will kick the day off with energy and get your metabolism burning hot. Alternately if you are doing early morning cardio you may choose to do that before breakfast to take advantage of the lower glycogen levels thus using more fat conversion as fuel.

Keeping your metabolism going is very important and it is often recommended to have a small meal every 3 hours or so but sometimes going on mini “fasts” can give you a good fat loss boost as long as you zig zag it in.

Deep Grooves: The Specific Ab Exercises For Hypertrophy

Reverse crunches in a smith machine using a swiss ball. You can feel them working down around your pelvis right away. Remember to exhale when you bring your legs up.

Hanging Leg Raises: use a pull up bar to hang from and pull your legs to your chest. You can also pull up to each side.

Do static contraction exercises like bridges and side bridges along with core stability during movement exercises. This occurs with the overhead squat.

Things to avoid are over training or training endurance fibers like when doing a hundred sit-ups 6 days a week. That is not the answer to getting a lean stomach. Use resistance and keep upping the weight until you can feel the grooves between your abs. Once you reach that point, seeing more definition becomes a matter of body fat. Once you have grooves, you do not want to make the waist bigger for any reason as that will ruin your symmetry.

The Answer To How To Get A Lean Stomach Is More Strict Basics

The answer really is to get in a little more cardio, make sure your eating is super clean and if your abs are extremely flat with no grooves then do some resistance training for them.

I frequently get questions about getting a six pack and leaning out from older men. Usually the lower belly bulge really starts to kick in during the late thirtys and up. So let’s see if we can help my typical middle aged client (we’ll call him Louis) get on the right track.

Louis says he’s a 50-year old man who is otherwise slim. He’s 5’9, 155 pounds with a 32-inch waist. There’s still has some undesirable fat that he would love to get rid of. Especially in the mid-section. In his letter to me, he states that he does do some weight training. Despite this he is not having any luck with that abdominal fat. What can he possibly do?

Well the simple fact that he is doing any resistance training is a great first step. Having said that, the first step to getting awesome answers for yourself, is asking awesome questions. To know whether the weight training he is doing is on track I would need to know the exact weight training routine that he is doing and I don’t know that.

When you go see a trainer for specific help, they should always ask you what you are doing now so that they know where to start your journey to guarantee your progress towards your goal.

Along the same lines, I also don’t know if he is doing any cardio, because it’s not stated here. So let’s make sure Louis has the basics covered.

First of all, he should be doing at least three days a week of weight training or some sort of resistance training even if it’s body weight or whatnot, something that causes a resistance to be put on your muscles. He should also be doing some cardio, two, three, four days, whatever, it’s always in proportion and how quickly you want to drop off some weight and what you can handle in your schedule and lifestyle.

Besides the training, I don’t know what he is eating. Is there room to tighten up his diet at this point? To cut out any junk or to start putting in proper spacing between his meals so that he is eating every three or four hours. As a base starting point, those are excellent and very monumental changes when it comes to getting a great six pack. That would be the first step.

There are a lot of things that he can be doing, but I don’t know if he is. Let’s just say for the sake of this article that he is doing everything perfectly. He knows what he is eating and the amounts of protein, fats, carbs and so forth in his diet. His cardio is getting done and he’s varying between steady state cardio and interval training. Weight training is full bore as well and he’s progressively increasing his poundages. Everything seems great.

Your Basics Are Covered – Here’s Where You Tweak It

Are you in the same boat as Louis? What could you possibly do now to really get those abs popping? I would start playing with fat and nutrient profiles, which is to say, the percentages of fats and carbs and proteins to each other.

If you’ve been at 40:40:20 trying to figure out how to get a lean stomach try dropping the carbs. Start playing around with that and seeing it’s effects for you. Percentage suggestions are always a great place to start. Everybody is always a little bit different and so are their lifestyles. If you’re fairly lean and it’s just that last little bit about the mid-section to lose, try some fasted state cardio.

My research and personal experience shows that early morning cardio doesn’t seem to be such a big deal for anybody that’s above around 15% body fat. As you start to get really lean however it starts to have more of an impact and it’s worth a shot for you. I do it and when I do it pays off big.

So there you go. There a 3 or 4 really solid tips on how to get a lean stomach as well as a couple more to lose those last few inches once you start to get really lean. I hope that helps you out a bit.

You hear a lot about core training these days but it’s not how to get a lean stomach. You need to train your core but its getting a little far out.  I see trainers doing some crazy complicated movements with clients. It’s good to a point but then it becomes a circus act.

The fact of the matter is that without a strong core, you have no power and are susceptible to injuries. The methods to getting a strong core however are a lot less complex then some people are making it.

Core training in of itself is a simple concept. You are working the diaphram, multifidus transverse abdominis, and pelvic floor deep inside. On the exterior you have the prime movers. These are the more visible ones that everyone wants to see.

Big Weightlifting Movements Burn Calories And Work The Core

Work movements like the overhead lifts that directly involve the spine. These put you on the fast track to productive core training. Yes, the stability ball has its uses but there are limits. Like when the complexity of the movement exceeds the effective results you can stimulate with it. When that happens, you are heading down the “fad/gimmick route”.

Looking out at the gym floor and watching the infomercials you can see that it’s getting crazy. Granted, most of the movements are a hoot to try and fun to play with on an off day, but that in itself does not make them the most effective methods. It makes them fun to do with a beneficial side effect.

Is training your core the fastest way to getting a six pack of attention grabbing rippling abs? Absolutely not. Core training makes your core stronger, more conditioned and more muscular. This is a great thing and everyone that wants pain free optimum performance needs a strong core. However, getting your abs to show in the mirror is a result of getting the fat off them. Take off the fat blanket and voila, there are your abs.

Do you think a 359 pound Olympic lifter that can pull 551 pounds from the floor and then stand up with it overhead has a strong core? The answer is yes without a single doubt. Does that lifter have a set of strong and well developed abs? Again the answer is yes. Now for the kicker. Can you see them? Nope. Not a hint of a six-pack to be seen anywhere.

His abdominals are covered by a layer of fat.

In Conclusion: The answer to how to get a lean stomach including the last two abs is to further increase fat loss. And how do we do that?

You burn off fat by creating a small calorie deficit through several factors. This includes:

  1. A proper eating plan
  2. Exercising your WHOLE body with multi joint, muti dimensional movements like the clean and press or overhead squat
  3. Including some high intensity cardio.

If this is really the case, then why is everyone and their dog selling core training? Because everyone and their dog is willing to buy a promised shortcut instead of learning how to get a lean stomach and  DOING THE WORK.

School Of Athletes Photo Credit: The Casas-Rodríguez Postcard Collection



  1. Josh says

    I am a wrestler. Sixteen years old. I lift and do cadivascular and wrestle off season. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the body fat off my abs. Particularly my lower abs. Ironically, I do not have much body fat on the rest of my body. I’m 5ft. 9inches and weigh 135 lbs. I eat healthy. I would estimate my body fat between 7 and 8 percent. Any suggestions specific to my body structure.

  2. Rob A. says

    Same problem as Josh, I’m pretty lean everywhere else, but seem to have a small amount of lower abdominal fat, and love handles I just can’t seem to shake off. I lift 4-5 days a week at a high intensity, sweat dripping pace each and every time. Any advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated

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