How To Lose A Big Gut For Men

how to lose a big gut for men Lets start this guide assuming the worst and that you need to know how to lose a big gut. We’re talking about the kind of gut that keeps you from doing situps or squats and all that other good stuff. Then after that, I’ll give more specific advice as you get leaner. You’ll see this info in the next articles linked at the bottom of this post.

First thing is to stop putting in too much fuel. We need to feed the muscle but burn off fat.

Then we need a simple training program starting from scratch. This program is something you can do at home if you want to. The program must make you stronger, more flexible and burn off fat calories.

How To Lose A Big Gut For Men – The Eating

We keep it simple so that it’s easy to comply with. There’s more detail on each step below. Here’s the 5 steps.

1. You download fitness pal to your phone.
2. Then go to to find recipes you like here. I will list suggested recipies at the end of this article.
3. Set it up to shoot for 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.
4. Eat whatever vegetables, fruits, nuts you want up to the calorie total listed in the app*
5. If you eat a treat, scan the barcode with the app.

Now if you find yourself hungry you need to change your food choices. Go for more bulk. A salad has more bulk than a pop. It also has less calories (depending). Rice will gobble up your calorie quota quicker than veggie stirfry.

Step One: Download the fitness pal app to your phone.
Easy enough. Go here to download. It’s free to do everthing you need. There are other things you can do on it that you pay for but in the 10 years I’ve been using fitness pal I have not NEEDED them.

Step Two: Getting Recipes

Take a look here and get some recipes. Why this site? Because it gives you serving sizes.

You can do a mix and match of a protein to a carb weighed out on a scale. That works. That’s what I did to win my weight class at the bodybuilding show. But it gets boring long term and you’ll want some complete meals like Chicken Morocan Stew.
Most sites will say there is so and so calories and protein etc per serving and that there are eight servings per recipie. This only works if you divide all the food by 8 into separate containers right after you cook it.

That’s not what I like to do. If I make a pot of stew then it stays in the pot until I want some. Maybe I free a container of it. Who knows? But with this site you know a serving size is 1 Cup or whatever. This way you can scoop out 1 or 2 cups and know you are eating the right amount.

Step Three: Set Up Fitness Pal

For this how to lose a huge gut guide I suggest 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. You most certainly can do much less and still build muscle and burn fat. I choose a high protein diet because I’ve found it works best for my male clients including myself.

You’ll stay more full for longer off protein and fat than you will carbohydrates. My women clients tend to like a few more carbs.

Here’s how to set the app at 1 gram per pound of protein. Go into the settings and adjust the percentage of the macronutrients until it gives you 1 gram/LB. This will probably be somewhere around 40%. Then it’s up to you where you want the fat and carb percentages to be.

If you get hungry easy then you should increase the fat, decrease the carbhydrates from starches, and fill up on veggies. Veggies are low calorie but lots of bulk in your stomach. They have all the vitamins and minerals you need too.

Step Four: Fill up the rest with veggies And Nuts.

I pretty much covered this in the previous part but here’s a little more.

Eat three to four meals a day. In order for the day to end up predictably right, you know you need to divide your total daily intake of macronutrients by three to four. You can also wing it and boatload what you need towards the end if you missed out on some grams during the day.

Some people feel more satisfied on three larger meals than 4-6 smaller ones which is a more traditional bodybuilding approach. I suggest 3-4 because it’s a good meal size and you don’t have to stop your day as frequently to eat.

Step Five: Scan Your Treats

The app has a bar code reader in it, which is awesome. If you have something outside your regular eating you simply scan it in. I haven’t run into anything yet that I couldn’t get data on. If you eat some chips, scan the barcode. Count your chips and enter the number and you’re done. If you ate a lot of chips, you’ll see you get much less regular healthy food.

Next Up: Go For A Walk And Do Some Planks To Pull That Big Gut Back In

Bob’s Question About How To Lose A Big Gut Answered

First I have to apologize to Big Gut Bob for taking so long to get back to him. For some reason, every time I was on the beach over vacation I just got lost looking at the waves and playing around. I kept forgeting to take out the camera and record how to do bridges for the abs. But here it is and hope it helps. Here is the actual build up question that took me so long to answer!

From Big Gut Bob:
I do lots of cruchies and sit ups and I cannot loose my big gut. I had a tainer whom said to me that for the amount of abs I do my belly should be completely flat.

From Ray:
Its funny what trainers say about how to lose a big gut. Your gut sticking out can come from a lot of things. One is too much fat around the mid section. Crunches will not fix that. Only cardio and fast paced weight training will. Another thing it could be is tight hip flexors. This will pull your hips up in the rear causing your abs to stick out in the front. Another thing is that if you are using your hip flexors instead of your abs when doing crunches then nothing will happen to the abs. One hundred crunches will not change the shape of your abs the way a set of 15 hanging leg raises will.

You may want to throw some bridges or planks into your routine to get the deep muscle layers of the abdominal region as well.

There are a few things for you to check in on and see if you can get those abs to show and the tummy bulge to go away.

Here is the video for the marching planks version (bridges):

And the beach version by my lady Branda 🙂

There you go. Now you know how to lose a big gut using 1 big tip with five action steps for you to take. Let me know your results below. For further reading check out the full free guide on losing belly fat.


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