How To Speed Up Metabolism With Nick Nilsson

How to speed up metabolism with Nick NilssonToday on the Show, we talk with Nick Nilsson author of Metabolic Surge on how to speed up metabolism for a lean physique. Nick is known as the “Mad Scientist Of Muscle” and has a degree in physical education and psychology. He used to do one on one personal training before making the switch to helping people build muscle and burn fat online through his fitness training books and membership site.

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Questions Nick Answers From Listeners Today:
• Why he wrote his best selling book Metabolic Surge on how to speed up metabolism for burning fat and actually building muscle.
• Carbs. No carbs, carb cycling, carb type for keeping muscle but burning fat… what’s the deal?
• Heavy weight and separate cardio or high rep weight training for fat loss?
• Which is better, separate cardio or supersetting for fat loss?
• Bodyweight vs weight training for the ultimate physique?
• Favourite Split or workout Method
• How to eat for optimum fat free muscle? Frequency, ratios, paleo ect
• What his general method of training is
• The biggest revelation in his training evolution and a ton more in tips, tricks and pro advice.

In this show we mention a free report that Nick has prepped for you folks. It includes:
1. The BEST way to do weight training and cardio to maximize the fat-loss results you get from each.
2. TWO powerful fat-loss workouts, including suggested exercises, sets, reps, rest periods…that will have you out of the gym in 25 minutes or less!
3. How to use this program no matter what training level you are…from total beginner or very advanced.
4. Why this workout will have you sweating even HOURS after you’re done (the metabolic boost you get from this training is unbelievable – you’ll be burning fat long after the workout is over).

… and much, much, more.

How to Speed Up Metabolism With Nick Nilsson

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