Killer Leg Workout – 2 Shmucks And A Barbell

wold and kid squattingEvery once in a while your past comes back to haunt you. Back in the day, Jay and I used to do some killer leg workouts. Since our competition days though we havnt trained together much. Thats too bad because we used to have some pretty savage sessions…

Jay called the other day and asked if I was up for a leg workout. This gave me the heebie geebies because all this time I’ve been doing fitness stuff and Iron Monkey Jay is still just that..strong, ripped AND fit. But I couldnt resist. Here is an account of our killer leg session and yes, nice people were actually harmed in the making of this article.

I dont know what you call it but our killer leg routine started off with smith machine squats done on an evil little iron box (see the pic). I didnt ask what this leg workout was going to be about, just that Jay said it was “endurance related”. That should have been my cue to bring a barf bucket. “Endurance related” meant that we would do deep dish smith machine squats like the routine you see below.

warmup 135×12
Killer Leg Workout Phase 1
Exercises Sets And Reps Ray Sets And Reps Jay
Smith machine squats warmup 135×12 warmup 135×12
warmup 135×12
225×12 225×12
275×14 strip 225×6 405×14
225×20 405×10 strip 315×4
185×20 315×18 (should have got two more!)

Things were going pretty good! Besides having my ego handed to me on a platter, this leg workout wasnt going so bad once I gave up the notion that I was going to beat Jay on sets and reps. The thing that was so impressive about Jay’s squatting is that the bugger just doesnt slow down. When I squat, I take the reps in 5’s. He just keeps charging through each set of legs like a freight train. Doesnt slow down and doesnt back off untill he is totally knackered.

The cool thing about this killer leg workout is that not only does it make you ripped, strong and get some size, but you get a heck of a cardio workout from it too. 20 rep squats are no joke, more so when you are trying to ge 20 with 405 pounds like Jay was.

The next phase of the leg workout had us doing a circuit. The last thing on your mind after doing a couple sets of squats for 20 reps is to do a circuit, but thats what was on the menu. We did leg press, lunges with russian kettle bells, leg extensions and finish with hack squats. Talk about fire in the legs and lungs! The first time I saw a leg routine like this was in Mike Mentzers “Heavy Duty”. It sucked just as much when I tried it then too.

Let me tell you, we had a blast with this one. It was nice to hook up with “The frieght train” again and hit legs heavy, hard and fast. Here is the circuit part of the leg workout in all its killer glory. Forgot to mention that once you are proud of getting through the first round…you get to do it all over again. The whole leg workout should take you about 45 minutes. Yup, hard, heavy and fast.

Killer leg workout – circuit phase


Exercises Sets And Reps Ray Sets And Reps Jay
Leg press 2×20 with 4 plates 2×20 with 6 plates
Kettle bell Lunge 2x room 32lbs 2x room 70lbs
Leg extensions 2×20 with 90lbs 2×20 with 110lbs
Hack Squat 2×10 with 1 plate 2×10 with 1 plate

Give it a try, until next time…
Ray Burton
Training because we can.



  1. John says

    Hey I just had a question for you. My right arm is badly injured which prevents me from doing squads. Is there anything else i can do that’s comparable but I won’t have to use both arms?

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