Love And Rain

love and rain a couple under an umbrellaLove is a funny thing. You care for someone, but rarely is the respect returned. Maybe our disappointment is not that the respect isn’t returned but that our expectations are not being met. Very seldom is love true. Often what we think is love is really a relationship that is maintained because each person is getting what they want from the other. That can all be pushed aside when stronger self interests or addictions come into play.

The motto of false love is “You are good for what I need you for.”

More often than not, sacrifice is a rare state. “You can stay until its no longer fun for me” is more the norm. The n the person that did indeed have true love, and did sacrifice is left wondering what it was all for and where they went wrong.

Well, you did it because you cared and that’s enough. Eventually though, you realize you should also have cared for yourself and in hindsight you were never really important but only a supporting role in someone else’s production.

So did you learn anything? Did you learn that when people are not in tune with your soul and purpose that it is not your job to change them? Or do you still think you can “fix” people and see lots of “potential” in them? Potential in a mate is waiting to turn someone into what you want and that’s not love. That’s selfish manipulation.

You need to design your life so that you can fulfill the grand design that gives you joy and makes you happy. The life story that only You with your special talents, personality and gifts can produce.

The thing about the love that most of us know is that love is an emotion. The crazy thing about emotions is that they are about as stable as tears in the rain.

The Truth Of Rain

the truth of rainA drop of rain hangs from a power line after a June morning shower. It only stays for a short while but in that time I notice it as beautiful. Lasers of color hit my eyes from every color of the rainbow.

The sun pulses through and the rain drop dances on the line as the morning wind whispers down the street.

The drop has no idea how long it will be there. It just does what it does best. It does “Being Rain”. The sun does “Being Sun” and the wind does “Wind”. Each thing doing only what it is, came together during my breakfast of oatmeal and blueberries to create something so beautiful, it’s now written in history.

How spectacular your life is, isn’t measured in the number of days you have lived or how much you gathered. The quality and beauty of your life will be measure in how much you truly became “You”. By how much you peeled away the layers of dead daily habits and conditioning to get at the core expression of who you are and have to offer.

Be your truest self. Bring your talents to light. Only the drop in the light can sparkle the brightest.

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6 thoughts on “Love And Rain

  1. Susan

    That was really cool Ray and so true. I have finally learned that I am making my life and myself what I want it to be and those who really love and care for me will want to be in it. It’s still a real bummer when you fall for someone and the love isn’t returned. Oh well, I’m still glad that I can still open my heart and love others. You gotta have faith that the real thing is on the way !!!! Have a great day.

  2. natasha

    Hola Ray! I’d like to share a few personal reflections on love…
    The Nature
    The shape of love far exceeds the limitations and labels we give it… This is the nature of true love: unconditional positive regard, experiencing the sublime through a vanquishing of the ego, and ultimately embracing the peace and calm of enlightenment. The nature of true love is a universal thread which connects all of humanity; it has the power to dissolve hate, heal inner turmoil, resolve wars, and unify the masses. Love, to me, is far more than feeling… it is a way of being.
    The Living
    Living love is the ultimate in deep personal fulfillment; we need only to look at such icons as Mahatma Ghandi and Mother Theresa to see this. Their love of and regard for humanity as a whole is second only to their deep, unconditional, judgment free, acceptance of themselves. It is this unconditional, unconditional acceptance of self which creates a way of being and living love. When we truly understand and accept that all of humankind is the same; experiencing the same highs, the same depths of despair, the same basic fundamental needs; we are only then able to see one another as reflections of the self.
    The Mirror
    Thus, only though accepting and deeply cherishing the self may unconditional love flow from us in proverbial waves of warmth, compassion, empathy, and profound approval. In living and being love we are able to see truthfully though the filmy veil of our perceived differences; and what lies behind the veil is simplicity personified: It is a mirror reflecting the inner self.
    I have found that when I come from a place acceptance and of no expectation, of desiring only the connection of two hearts sharing their beautiful vulnerability, I am satisfied and nourished… am able to flow with the moment. When I come from a place of fear and possession, I am always dissapointed, especially in myself at how, instead of seeing someone in their beautiful living singluar light, I see them as a construct of how I want them to be… how I expect them to be in reference to me… it ceases being about connection and starts to be about posturing, competition, and the pull and push of resistance… flow is stifled and I am deeply sad. Ultimately, I find that the law of attraction is of adamantine strength in my life… there is the tingle of magic in the air when healthy love is flowing from me… I can’t help but attract that goodness my way, and I bask, like a langurous seal in the sun, and soak up love’s bright light.
    You are a child of love and are filled with the whilrwind of creation… you are surrounded by love every minute or every day of every hour. Thank you for your open heart and your sweet smile 😉


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