Mazatlan Bus Routes

If you’re going to mexico you’ve got to get the hang of using the buses. They are cheap, run very frequently and will stop anywhere to pick you up.

There are two different types of buses in Mazatlan. One is larger painted green and has airconditioning. They are most often used by the tourists because they cost a little more. They cost 8 pesos from the golden zone to downtown which is great considering a pulmania would probably cost you anywhere from 30-50 pesos. Which is still dirt cheap.

The other type of bus in Mazatlan is a smaller usually white and green bus with no airconditioning and costs 5.5 pesos from the hotel zone to downtown (as of 2008). You may have to pay an extra .5 on there if you are out of town like I was at the Costa Bonita Resort.

Mazatlan buses begin running at 5:30 am and stop around 10:30 pm except the Cerritos Juarez that goes out of town which stopped at 6 when I was there. That was a bit of a walk that one.

Buses come by every 10-15 minutes and here are the routes:

Small Mazatlan Bus: The Cerritos Juarez route stops at the Gan Plaza and Soriana shopping malls and near the baseball stadium. The Sabalo Cocos route stops at Walmart, Gigante Supermarket, Plaza Ley del Mar, across from Soriana and the bus station.

The big Mazatlan Bus: The big bus runs three routes. Sabalo Centro, Sabalo Cocos Centro and the Cocos Juarez. The first two of these can be caught anywhere in the Golden zone. Just wave your arm and he’ll stop if you can find a bus station. The Sabalo Centro goes all the way down the Malecon right by a favorite gym of mine down there which I will be writing an article on shortly.

The Sabalo Cocos Cenro stops at Walmart, Soriana and both Ley supermarkets before reaching downtown.

Every bus has a different location for the buzzer. So when you get on take a look around so you know where it is when you want to stop and get off. Oh, and yelling questions of where this bus goes to the bus driver in louder English does not help him understand you any better and it makes us other gringos in the bus really embarrassed.

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