1. Sylvain

    Hi ! I’ve just seen on your blog that you have this fantastic mix : “Ambient vibes volume 5 mixed by espe”. I can’t find the mp3 on the internet, so i’m wondering if you could upload it somewhere for me ? This will be so great ! Thanks in advance.


  2. Hi Sylvain, I wish I could get ahold of those mixes too. Where I heard it was on http://www.shoutcast.com and I pick ambient from the genre list. Then I scroll around the differant stations. Most often if this mix is playing it will be under a station that lists thier mix as an ambient/psy. Sometimes you can find it under goa also.

    Hope that helps and if anyone has a download link for us, you get extra scooby snacks in your wheaties. :-)

  3. clint

    i would also like “Ambient vibes volume 5 mixed by espe”. to complete my espe collection ; ) where can I find??


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