Meditation And Trance Music

This will be the start of my master list of artists and music that puts me in the mood to do differant things like write, meditate or workout. Feel free to add some names of DJ’s or tunes that I should check out below in the comments. Thanks

Side Note: There will be everything on here including psy, hardcore, and trance music as long as it is electronic in nature

Johnny Monsoon
Benny Benassi (Seen At Tequila Night Club in Calgary Alberta on Sunday April 27 2008)
Flairic claim vs climatic
Easily embarrassed – I dont want to sleep
Ambient vibes volume 5 mixed by espe
Dymons – eagle forest
The peaking Goddess – You are one.
The Dune Mix – Mike G
DJ MARK V – stereo electric

After hearing thier tunes I now have to add:
DJ Eskimo – Anything you want because its all awesome. But try “Hello Moto” below. Just click play.

Santogold ft. DJ Freq Nasty – Check this track out…seriously…

Goa & Psychedelic & Trance
Impact by Talamasca
Ibojima – Apollo Project
Mixtress Bloodwing – Spellbound
DeCibelle – How to Become A Psychic (SWEET!)
Artist:Younger Brother
Song title:Elephant Machine
Album:The Last Days Of Gravity
All their music is really cool but I like elephant machine in particular.

Meditation Music

Wanting Something Differant

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3 thoughts on “Meditation And Trance Music

  1. Sylvain

    Hi ! I’ve just seen on your blog that you have this fantastic mix : “Ambient vibes volume 5 mixed by espe”. I can’t find the mp3 on the internet, so i’m wondering if you could upload it somewhere for me ? This will be so great ! Thanks in advance.

  2. Raymond Burton

    Hi Sylvain, I wish I could get ahold of those mixes too. Where I heard it was on and I pick ambient from the genre list. Then I scroll around the differant stations. Most often if this mix is playing it will be under a station that lists thier mix as an ambient/psy. Sometimes you can find it under goa also.

    Hope that helps and if anyone has a download link for us, you get extra scooby snacks in your wheaties. 🙂

  3. clint

    i would also like “Ambient vibes volume 5 mixed by espe”. to complete my espe collection ; ) where can I find??


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