My Tribal Wolf Tattoo

tribal tatoosThe addiction is growing because my tribal shoulder tattoo has grown since my last trip to Mexico when Branda got her butterfly tribal tattoo. It seems like every year my artwork keeps growing.

This time instead of getting it done in Sayulita Mexico I went to Mazatlan by myself and got the guys there to come up with more of a tribal sleeve tattoo based around a wolf and the four elements.

I have a close connection to canines and the wolf is my animal totem. We hook up and hang out whenever the drum starts beating. Speaking of beats I cant wait for Shambhala in a couple of days!

Here is Tecato outlining the initial design for the wolf part of the tattoo.
tribal world tattoo design

I walked through the door with a sketch of a wolf head and some background ideas and they took take of the rest. The actual wolf head part of the tattoo was done via a presketched stencil and the rest of the pattern design was done free hand.

How long did the wolf tattoo take? 7 hours. My butt went numb! They did an awesome job though and it was a fun 7 hours in their tattoo shop. I didn’t ask for anything but they were nice enough to stop and share some of their fried chicken with me and it was golden.

wolf shoulder tattoo You can find them on av Camaron Sabalo #204 23 2Do piso Centro Comercial Lomas Tel: 916-01-00 Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. They are called Tattoo Dark Ink and the Tattooist or Tatuador is Tecato Herrera. I hope I got all that right. We could talk back and forth a bit with my crappy Spanish and their better than my Spanish English!

What I liked most about them is that they took my wolf tattoo to the next level because they wanted to. Tecato would finish one part and I’d think I was done and then he would talk to his buddy and then the next thing I knew, there was more tribal design pattern going further down my arm.

tribal wolf tattoo on shoulder After a while I had all this tribal design pattern around my arm in a sleeve type design and I thought that was it. Then the kicker was when he started doing the lines inside the first outline. It was then I realized I was going to be sitting there for a long time yet!

I’m happy the way the wolf tattoo melts into the shoulder tattoo done by Teiki. It looks like the wolf is howling at a moon to me which is perfect.

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