Valley Of Fire Pt1 – Cullers War Book Podcast Ch3

Valley of Fire Cullers War Book Chapter 3Welcome to “Battlefield Barrens” Episode #3 of the Cullers War series called Valley Of Fire (original title “Napalm Death”). I’m bringing you audiobooks for free every Saturday. Written and performed by author Raymond Burton, that’s me. Battlefield Barrens is suitable for ages 18 and up and contains graphic violence and offensive language.

In This Chapter #3 Of Cullers War “Napalm Death”…

Later that night, Culler had his first watch in the trench. He watched from the top of the wind swept hill. B-Company was busy down towards the end of the valley pulling their lines back to solidify a better position across the river bed. They were trying to move under the cover of darkness but there were enough moments of light leaks, that they looked like a fire worm slithering through the rocky contours.

He had never seen such a massive amount of wounded moved en masse. They were usually ferried away by chopper. It was a staggering amount of broken bodies to get back across that river, and they were having a tough go of it.

Sporadic tracer fire lit up the hills as the column of wounded worked it’s way back to a safer area across the river. The Mutes could smell the blood and kept nipping at their heels with harassing fire every chance they got. The Mutes knew the casualties were weakly defended and had no real firepower to speak of. It was only a matter of time before they were going to get slaughtered if Second Battalion didn’t do something to help them out and quick… (Download The Audio Below)

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Todays music is a song called Gunpowder Chant from the album The Butcher’s Ballroom by the Diablo Swing Orchestra . You can download the full album free here so enjoy!

Diablo Swing Orchestra is a Swedish experimental metal band formed in 2003. They have released three albums: The Butcher’s Ballroom, Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious, and Pandora’s Piñata.

The band mixes numerous influences from heavy metal, various metal subgenres including progressive and symphonic, classical music, and jazz. It was created as a sextet, but became an octet in 2011, following the addition of a trombonist and a trumpeter.

And just for shits and giggles, since this episode (was previously) titled NAPALM DEATH… I’ll throw in Napalm Deaths most popular song according to lastFM “Smash A Single Digit”

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