Self-Discipline – The Number One Key To Success

self-disciplineToday I want to share with you some points on the power of Self-Discipline I learned from Brian Tracy. Yes, that picture is a backward mirror image. This is a post that will cause some reflection…. bad joke.

You know, when you finally decide to go for the future of your dreams, the person you are now will no longer be sufficient to the tasks ahead. You have to become more to have more.

You’re one of those people or your wouldn’t have made it this far down.

Brian Tracy explains it best when it comes to success:

Once you have a goal and a plan, get going! And once you start moving toward your goal, don’t stop. Do something every day to move you closer toward your goal. Don’t let the size of the goal or the amount of time required to accomplish it faze you or hold you back. During your planning process, break down the goal into small tasks and activities that you can engage in every day.

You don’t have to do a lot, but every day, every week, every month you should be making progress, by completing your predetermined tasks and activities, in the direction of your clearly defined objectives.
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Your Not Alone Or Judged And People Do Care

Too Heavy For The GymYou’re Not Alone Or Judged And People Do Care… wow, what’s up with that Ray? A little heavy isn’t it?

Ya… a bit but it’s what people are telling me….

I asked my readers what they hated about thier gyms in an email a while ago and this one turned into a pretty neat conversation. [Read more…]

Twitter Account Suspended? What To Do About It

twitter account suspended?My twitter account was suspended today. I logged in a couple minute ago and there was the red box. I just reconfirmed a feeling I’ve always had about business. Never build a business around a resource you don’t control.

When I was personal training out of a gym, I was worried that once I established my business I would get the rug pulled out from underneath me. Law of Attraction? It did. [Read more…]

BT – These Hopeful Machines

BT - These Hopeful Machines BT released These Hopeful Machines yesterday and I got my copy thanks to my buddy Kevin sending me an iTunes gift certificate via email. I didn’t even know you could do that but it sure is cool to open up your email to a pleasant surprise like that.

I’m listening to BT – These Hopeful Machines right now as I’m typing this and loving the glitchy ear candy. Compared to This Binary Universe, so far there are more vocals that make this album a little more ambient trancy than the usual awesome mind muck left to right glitch pan.

I’m not digging it but it fits the mass market better than his older stuff.
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Visiting New York – Things To Do And Places To Visit

NewYork WorkoutWell this one has been a long time coming but it’s time to write about the New York trip. If you followed the launch of the Body Of A Soldier program you’ll know that my main purpose of going to New York was to do a session with the Bartendaz in the park and film it to include the workout in the program. But since I was there… might as well do as many fun things as possible while there right?

Day 1

Get off the plane and there is a train that will take you right into New York. How cool is that. From there, you’re probably not going to pay more than $10 to get to any manhattan hotel.

Now before I go further, check this. I told a few people I was heading to New York and the comments all pretty much could be grouped into “Why?” and “Be careful and watch out for the crazies”. WTF? Seriously. First, “Why Not” and second, be careful what you look for because you’ll probably find it. People have to stop watching the news and discover what they think of the world for themselves and not what the fear mongers tell them.
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Tell People What You Want Or You Won’t Get It

telling what you wantI had an “AHA moment” today that showed me, why indication, telling people what you want, is so important to your eventual success in whatever you do. I love those peak moments, because they don’t happen that often and they are vivid when they do. Kind of like chomping down on the piece of lemon wedge that comes in your water. It makes you stop and you KNOW you just did or HAD something unique happen.

The person on the other side of the table gets an AHA moment as well when the lemon juice hits them in the eye…. true story.
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Be Honest And Do What You Want

the how gives the whatWhat are you willing to do to get the things you want out of life? Your answer should be that you will do whatever it takes to get the things you want in life. Before I go much further, in today’s society the correct thing to put here is that you would be willing to do whatever it takes as long as no one gets hurt. Here is the thing with that. Someone could always get hurt by your actions to varying degrees and you have to stick to your guns. [Read more…]

Adjusting Your Actions To Face Death

the how gives the whatNobody likes to face death. Actually, nobody even wants to talk about it including me. There have been many a night where I was drifting off into sleep when I suddenly realized with a gut wrenching realization that no matter what I could possibly try, my existence on this planet will eventually be over.

Fertilizer. [Read more…]

Dealing with your fears and expectations of success

How To Overcome Fear Of SuccessI was doing some reading about how to overcome fear of success and if it even applied to me. I read the most interesting thing. That fear is a nightmare and most of us are not succeeding the ways we want in life or achieving the things we want because of this fear. Now a mare of course is a horse. A female horse to be specific but that has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with this cool analogy… Ride Your Nightmare To Success.
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Face Your Demons And Hug Your Angels

zen circle deep thoughtEveryone wants to feel good and happy. If they say they don’t then it is probably because they do not know how to get happy and have given up on trying.

Almost everything we do in life is to get away from pain and move towards more pleasure. The thing is that sometimes we don’t even know what is driving us and that is a very important thing to know. Because if you don’t know what drives you to do what you are doing… You’ll never know what to do if you want to achieve something different than you already have. [Read more…]

What You Learn From 80 Years On The Planet

zen circle deep thoughtSometimes I get the coolest emails from readers… here is one of them he allowed me to share.

Hi Ray

I’m the 80 yr old Aussie swimmer who thinks your programs are more suited to
younger folk. I did quite well at the Aussie Masters Swimming Nationals, 1
gold, 5 silver and a bronze, so my coach got a big thank you. A few thoughts
re fitness for people in my age group. Regarding diet, I think vitamin and
mineral supplements are essential, especially a powerful anti-oxidant. I do
meet people older than me who say they have never taken these supplements
because they believe good food should be enough. I don’t know about Canada
nowadays, but in Australia the earth in most places is very poor quality.
Secondly, The supermarket chains here will take fruit and veg before it is
fully developed so damage doesn’t occur in storage and on long deliveries.
Thirdly the older we get the less our bodies absorb vital nutrients. So our
fruit and veg may look nice, but it may well have less to offer in the way
of nutrients. As a post script to this my anti-oxidant also helps my body’s
biological terrain move from an acidic to alkaline state.
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Becoming A Personal Trainer

steps to becoming a personal trainerI get lots of questions and requests for shadowing or mentoring in regards to my Calgary personal training and online business. Maybe some of what is below will help you out as well if becoming a personal trainer is something that interests you. Here is a dialogue between me and a young fella just starting out on the journey of becoming a personal trainer.
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How To Get What You Want In Life Book From Zig Ziglar

how to get what you wantThe following example provides you with a simple outline of how to get what you want in life. The excepts for the “How To Get What You Want” book by Zig Ziglar are coming. I will update and let you know via the monthly newsletter.

The first example is choosing a job.

How often do we jump from one mental thing to another as soon as our brains hit a wall. After you hit a bunch of walls inside your head and don’t get any answers, you go into distraction mode and flick on the TV for some electronic crack. [Read more…]

Trust Yourself Not The Guru

trust yourself not the guruIn order to be self–reliant and self-sufficient you need to trust yourself not the guru. This post crosses every spectrum from internet marketing to Jesus so only stay around only if you like ranting without much of a purpose.

The Internet Guru

I just tested two methods that were guaranteed to pull better conversions on some of my products. So says the talking head of internet marketing gurus. Better still, they were the proof used to try and sell the rest of a system.

So instead of blind faith. I tested them myself. Call me a heathen.

Results? Both performed worse than my originals.

This person is supposed to be an internet god. The end all and be all of internet marketing gurus.

I almost turned around my whole system in a fluster to try and put these ‘full proof methods’ into practice. What a load of bio fertilizer. [Read more…]

Goals In Life: How To Overcome Challenges To Goal Achievement

how to achieve your goals in lifeWelcome to the goals in life series. Today we tackle the difference between goal setting, gut checking and how to overcome challenges to goal achievement.

I saw the most amazing thing the other day and it shows the importance of questions. I will get to the story in a minute. First a little more about the idea above.

What’s the difference? Well with goal setting you have to know what you want and then go about a course of actions that take you closer to your goals in life. With gut checking, you just feel if a given circumstance feels right and then adjust from there.

I think it depends on your personality type and goals as to which approach to life works for you. See, personally, my goal in life is to be healthy and happy. My goals in life are also WHO I am. When I am being myself and doing the things that make me happy, guess what? I’m healthy and happy. [Read more…]

The Four Letter Word That Determines Success

Ray Bradbury was a success because he loved what he did and got paid for itHow nice would it be to view your work as a blessing instead of a curse, instead of a necessary evil that you trudge through to enjoy your nights and weekends?

How awesome would it be to LOVE your work?

  • How nice would it be if your work was an extension of yourself and your talents?
  • How nice would it be to know and feel that you’re doing the work you were meant to do?

You may have heard this before and so we know it’s not enough to say – “Do what you love.” But the thing is, you must LOVE not in particular the label of what you do but the overall quality that the label needs in order to be successful. [Read more…]

My Journey With Google Adsense – A 7 Year Tale

google adsenseI went through some of the journals I keep of my online progress and thought I would share with you my 7 year journey using google adsense. Most of the information below came not from experimenting with this site but other sites on different topics and niches. The reason you still see google adsense on is because I do not have a worthy alternative to monetize this particular blog at this time. Once my new book is ready to go, I will give that product the premium advertising space.

On we go with the journal and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thanks.

My Journey With Google Adsense – A 7 Year Tale
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Get Paid To Learn What You Love

get paid to learnGet paid to learn? Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Yes, you can make all the money you want while learning about everything you’ve ever wanted and I’m going to show you how.

First, what’s the secret to getting rich and not die trying? It’s passive income but I’ve covered that topic before so you can go check it out before you continue if those are new words to your ears.
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My Tribal Wolf Tattoo

tribal tatoosThe addiction is growing because my tribal shoulder tattoo has grown since my last trip to Mexico when Branda got her butterfly tribal tattoo. It seems like every year my artwork keeps growing.

This time instead of getting it done in Sayulita Mexico I went to Mazatlan by myself and got the guys there to come up with more of a tribal sleeve tattoo based around a wolf and the four elements.
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The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian Review

The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian 2008Heading out tonight to watch the opening of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I have really high hopes after seeing the first The Chronicles of Narnia. I loved that movie and had to go buy the DVD (I’m a bit of a geek at heart).

Since I have been making my own tunes lately, I’ve really been noticing the soundtracks of movies and even on the opening of the DVD menu the music makes me go “WOW”. [Read more…]