Exercise Intensity Or Technique First?

exercise intensity or techniqueI was asked earlier today which matters more – technique or intensity? As they were only just learning, they find many of the exercises challenging for both variables. So is it just a case of pushing through until both fitness and technique improve?

I thought that was a great question and like all things fitness, it isn’t as complicated as a lot of people like to make it. It really is just moving.

To answer the question though, I would have to put technique first for the simple reason that proper technique is usually pain free, indicates if there is a structural problem when it can’t be done and lets you compare apples to apples.

What’s all that mean?

Well, lets take the squat. If your squat hurts your knees lets look at the form. Usually the knees will be shooting forward and there will be little glute activation and a whole lot of weight distribution over the toes. While there is a place for that sort of thing with hindu squats and sissy squats and stuff, the actual natural most efficient movement for squatting is a lot different. The weight over the heels, knees torqued out, shins more vertical. So if this person thought they couldn’t squat because they were too old and their knees hurt, maybe it’s just technique.

If the technique cannot be done correctly after proper instruction, then maybe the body isn’t working right. So not being able to squat right could be tight calves, or hamstring or weak jacked up external rotators. These are things that should be looked at before the person tries something explosive like sprinting and blows the ass out of their engines.

Lastly or at least the last reason I feel like talking about right now is comparison of apples to apples. In other words, when the technique stays the same always there is a metric to measure improvement or lack thereof. If your form always changes especially under intensity you never know exactly where you are capacity wise. One week you half squat the next week it’s ass to grass squats. You can’t compare those two exercise numbers on time to completion of reps or weight used because of stroke distance (that’s what she said.)

Having said that, if you go hard with intensity, you will still see results if you don’t explode into a pink mist before you reach your goals.

The Best Leg Workout At Home Without Weights

bodyweight squat supportedIn order to give you the best leg workout at home without weights I’m going to start at the very beginning and work my way up. This will make sure you can do every level.

If your knees hurt it’s great to hold onto something in front of you. This could be a sink, or a bar, or two doorknobs as long as they’re secure. And that keeps you from falling backwards initially just so you can keep that real 90 degree angles at the knee, because as soon as your knees start going way over your toe that’s when the knee pain happens. So you just go down as low as you can, now I’m just going to show you as if I had the box here, just the front view. My feet are gonna be about shoulder width, they can be a little bit wider but really narrow makes it really hard, but not in as a good way right away. So going down until the tops of my thighs are parallel to the ground if I’m capable of doing that, and my back is straight. [Read more…]

How To Gain Weight And Build Muscle For Skinny Guys

How To Gain Weight And Build Muscle For Skinny GuysI wanted to answer some questions today about how to gain weight and build muscle for skinny guys because that’s where I started and I know a thing or two about it. When I started lifting I was 126 pounds and was getting my butt kicked in football. By the end of the season I weighed 176 pounds and was way stronger. Here we go.

Reader Weight Gain Question: How much should I eat and how many calories in a day to gain weight and build muscle?
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Side Hustles To Make Money And Pay Off Debt Faster

side hustles to make moneyI looked over everything and came to the conclusion that I need some side hustles to make money. That is if I want to pay off my debt before I’m 98 years old. I agree with with Mr Money Mustache and other blogs like ERE about being frugal and investing for wealth. But once you’ve cut that spending, you need side hustles and passive income to pay off debt faster.

You also need money to invest in the first place. Your regular job has a set income so you can look forward and know when you’ll be out of debt. For most people, myself included, it seems like a long way off.

I want to speed it up. To pay off debt fast so that I CAN invest.

This series of articles on the blog is about how to get out of debt when you don’t already have a $70,000/year job, $15,000 in RSP’s to cash out and Canada Revenue Agency wants $6000 from you 🙂

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Get Out Of Debt With Lentil Soup

get out of debt with lentil soupI thought I could get out of debt while being comfortable. Maybe that isn’t the right word. I thought I could get out of debt without changing my habits too much.

I eat out once or twice a week and I buy treats at the grocery store. There’s Sushi Saturday at Safeway. How can I resist that?

You get a family size sushi tray for $10. I eat it all in one sitting and throw the plastic container in the garbage. I feel like I just punched myself in the gut with the fist of shame.

That plastic goes somewhere. It doesn’t just evaporate.
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Getting Stronger For The Army

Army paroling requires fitnessEvery now and then when a someone finds out I was in the army and a personal trainer, I get asked how they can prepare themselves physically to get ready for boot camp. So here we go…

Developing strength for the army will mostly come down to the ability to be able to use your body easily on any plain of movement. Occasionally you will need to lift heavy objects like motor base plates, ammo boxes, different calibers of machines guns and of course in the worst case scenario, people. Seldom do exercises like bench presses serve a purpose. Bodyweight movements like chins and dips or better yet muscle ups that will help you lift yourself up over something are more what you need.
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How To Lose Belly Fat In Two Months

sixpack abdominalsAs people gain more weight due to lifestyle choices and man made foods, more than ever a growing amount of people write in to ask how to lose belly fat.

The only way to lose belly fat is lose weight over the entire body. While you may see a large amount of fat accumulate around the belly, it is still added and lost over the entire system and not just in one spot.
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No More Debt – Writing My Way Out Of A 50,000 Dollar Hole

goal is no more debt from the gymDay 1 | $0 paid | $55239.00 Until No More Debt

I was sitting inside my gym you see above, staring at the excel spreadsheet in front of me.

Date: December 12 2011
Total Debt When I Started Counting: -$55239.00
Assets: $0

I saw no way to dig myself out of it and scrambled around like a squirrel looking for a nut for months.

Facing facts I went upstairs to the landlord.

Sitting in front of him I swallowed my pride, “I’m not going to make next months rent. I’ve already used all my line of credit to make last months rent.”
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What Supplements Should I Take To Lose Weight And Build Muscle?

What Supplements Should I Take?Once the basic eating info is covered and you’re training regularly, the next question I get depends on your goal. It’s going to be either “What supplements should I take to lose weight?” OR “What supplements should I take to build muscle?” Specifically I’m asked which brands of protein, glutamine and creatine are best for the muscle people. The weight loss people want to know about fat burners.

Lets get you some answers and hopefully save you some money too.

I will only be covering the question “What supplements should I take to lose weight and build muscle.” To go further into nutritional deficiencies and stuff, you need to speak to a nutritionist or dietician. They are allowed to talk about nutritional deficiencies and such. I’m just a personal trainer so we’ll go from there.
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How To Set Up A Home Gym For Cheap And Easy

how to set up a home gym easilyIf you’re crunched for time, knowing how to set up a home gym can help you get in all your scheduled workouts. It’ll save you a bundle on gym membership fees as well. My home gym gear collection got started with a doorway chin-up bar and a couple bricks for handstand pushups (HSPUS). From there I thought I should get a hard medicine ball to roll out some muscle knots and trigger points in my chest, back and calves.

This little bit of of equipment I kept at home let me get in some pretty great workouts and it’s all about 15 feet from the computer I’m writing this on now. I did all the bodyweight exercises, flexibility work at home and kept the heavy stuff for the gym. THEN THINGS WENT FUNNY… [Read more…]

Beginners Workout – Picking A Gym And Trainer

pistol squat for beginners workoutHi there! I’m glad you made it to the second part of the beginners workout routine series. Be sure to check out the Beginners Workout Part 1 before moving onto this part 2.

I will also cover setting up a home gym in the next article in this series.

Now let’s finish up answering some of the biggest questions a beginner usually asks and then we can get to the actual workout routine itself by the end of this article.
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A Beginner Workout Routine With Everything Explained Step-By-Step

Just starting to get into shape? This 21-day Rapid Fat Loss Program Is A Beginner Workout Routine And Eating Plan With Everything Explained Step-By-Step
beginner workout routine showing home gym setup

You can do this workout at home without any loss of effectiveness and I give those instructions below as well. First topic addressed is weight loss, then building lean muscle.

If you are like me the first time you tried a beginner workout routine, you’re biting at the bit to see if this stuff is actually going to work. It will. Guaranteed. I have trained many beginners using the exact same stuff I am showing you. They have all done very well.

There are a couple of things as a beginner you need to do before you even begin to step foot into the gym. These will pay dividends for you later.
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Outer Tricep Workout Exercises

tricep workout exercisesToday we have a bunch of outer tricep workout exercises for you and this is an awesome muscle. It sticks out like a slab of muscle on your outer arm and makes your arm look thick from the front. When your standing side on the outer triceps looks like a half moon sitting there on your arm and screams POWER!
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Self-Discipline – The Number One Key To Success

self-disciplineToday I want to share with you some points on the power of Self-Discipline I learned from Brian Tracy. Yes, that picture is a backward mirror image. This is a post that will cause some reflection…. bad joke.

You know, when you finally decide to go for the future of your dreams, the person you are now will no longer be sufficient to the tasks ahead. You have to become more to have more.

You’re one of those people or your wouldn’t have made it this far down.

Brian Tracy explains it best when it comes to success:

Once you have a goal and a plan, get going! And once you start moving toward your goal, don’t stop. Do something every day to move you closer toward your goal. Don’t let the size of the goal or the amount of time required to accomplish it faze you or hold you back. During your planning process, break down the goal into small tasks and activities that you can engage in every day.

You don’t have to do a lot, but every day, every week, every month you should be making progress, by completing your predetermined tasks and activities, in the direction of your clearly defined objectives.
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Why Cant I Lose Weight?

middle finger post*This is a “middle finger” post. Meaning you may want to toss me the bird after reading it. But that’s cool ’cause I wear bullet proof underwear and everyone needs to vent once in a while.

I’m not sorry if I step on toes with this one. In this politically correct world where the truth is hard to come by its easy to get opinions that make you feel good about yourself but do you a disservice in the results produced. While I do want you to like who you are, I will not say what people want to hear if it’s not the truth. I’ll say what you don’t want to hear. So if you have been working out for a few months and don’t like what you see, there is a problem with what you are doing. Here are some of the things it could be.

Why Cant I Lose Weight?

1. You have no idea if you are in a caloric surplus or deficit. I hear it all the time, “I cant eat that much or I will get fat”. Well, you’re already not happy with how you look, so why don’t you try to lose weight by trying it my way. Download a free app like FitnessPal and see just what and how much you are eating for a couple of days. You’re not going to make it through result producing workouts on two Twinkies and some fruit roll ups.
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