Inspired (Poem)

zen thought circleCrashing waves, dramatic scenes.
Synchronicities are my dreams.
Everything that gels and flows with ease,
What I search for smelling the breeze?
Twilight sparkles and thoughts that flow,
Words not spoken but somehow known.

Searching for passion, needing a cause,
Something that will inspire makes energy flow.
Breaks in rhythm building suspense,
out from the ordinary awakes my sense.
Needing fulfillment, seeking the way,
try not to struggle and ruin the wave.


To not be anything, holds the ability to be everything.

What is seen on the outside is not what you are, but what others perceive you to be.

When labeled with a title, you try to live up to that expectation, but the thoughts and actions of one thing, keep you from being another.

Be nothing and in this have the ability to become everything.

When unprogrammed and free the mind is clear and startling realizations come – opportunity knocks.

Don’t waste time trying to find yourself, your already there.


To not be insulted is a fine state indeed
And attacks on your character show another’s need.
For an emotion to rise, a comment struck home.
Offense was taken by this persons ego alone.

No one else noticed, their security was intact,
But the chink in ones armour, felt the pressured attack.
If one feels angered, and another does not,
It’s the development of ego, the difference a lot.

Past experience and future dreams,
Values held dear and moral extremes.
These are the things that sense the assault,
The real person inside is not at fault.
For when you were born, you were still who you are.
The passing of time has pushed the real you far.
Some things have happened, and only to you,
These are the sees, that taint what is true.
Lose your self, and the labels you’ve claimed,
And enjoy a free world, unburdened by chains.

Missing The Point If There Is One (Poem)

questioning reality crazy catLate at night it gets so quiet.
I hear the fan hum, but nothing else.
The whole world is sleeping,
Or that’s how it feels,
As I try to figure it all out.

My guitar sits in the corner.
I was going to be a rock star.
Somehow that fell out of view.
Chasing success or survival at best,
Consumed the last few years.
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Meditation Mantram

walden quoteI read an interesting piece in one of my books today. The book is called “Meditation: An Eight Point Guide” by Eknath Easwaran.

There was similarity drawn between the human mind and the trunk of an elephant. The point was that just like the ceaseless movement of an elephant trunk when it walks, so too does the mind always try to wander during meditation and daily life.
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Running With The Wolf (Poem)

Where the wolf runs I follow. We run fast and free.

We dance in the desert. I’m dancing with me.

A chorus of howling, rising up to the sky.

A circle of colors, where the wolf and me fly.

A bite from the wolf, and the ground becomes torn.

I’m sent to the dark, I start to perform.

I dance for the darks. I dance from the heart.

On my soul journey, this is the start.
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