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Ray Burton Calgary Freelance Writer“The simplest path to happiness lies in learning to control the body and its senses.” – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Hello, my name is Raymond Burton and this website what I learned in my personal 15-year rise from the ashes. It’s about sharing with you what I learned in the process about health, wealth, wisdom and happiness.

I like to read and learn from books. They’ve taught me everything I know except for what I’ve learned from observing nature and my fellow human beings. After some time, the notes, chicken scratches and great ideas were everywhere and I needed to organize and practice what I already learned… but was forgetting in the pursuit of the next shiny knowledge nugget.

We read non-fiction books to learn something about ourselves and the world. We want to become better and change something about our lives. But it’s not just about finding answers. It’s about implementation and not just consumption.

Thinking deeper, I chunked it into the three categories that we all want, health, wealth, and wisdom. When you want to change your life it will usually fall into one of those categories.

And we want those things because we are all on a conquest of happiness.

The health part I had enough knowledge about from years of being a personal trainer. So I started sharing what I knew here online.

The wealth part of the trinity still escapes me. So I started accumulating knowledge on becoming wealthy and started journaling how I wrote myself out of debt here.

The last one is Wisdom. The ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight. Wisdom is associated with attributes such as compassion, experiential self-knowledge, non-attachment and virtues such as ethics and benevolence. Wisdom sounds grand but it really means our ability to use the information we learn to help ourselves live better.

The search for wisdom never ceases and I enjoy sharing what I find while living the virtues that make for a successful and happy life here. (Or testing the things that are supposed to, but don’t.)

This all came to a head when I realized what I was really trying to get at: Researching and hacking happiness by using physical movement. Because I read this quote and it hit home…

“The simplest path to happiness lies in learning to control the body and its senses.”

So thats what I do here with the podcast and blog called RISE FROM THE ASHES. I answer fitness and philosophy questions based on personal experiance and experiments, in hopes it will lead to your increased happiness.

About Raymond Burton – How I Got To… And Where I Am

I’ve always put thoughts to paper, but I started writing seriously in 2001. That was the year I systemized my fitness training into a written program. After finishing my tour of duty with the Canadian infantry in Bosnia, I started work at Golds Gym as a personal trainer. Shortly thereafter, I realized I was teaching all my personal training clients the same basic information when they were getting started. Realizing this, I put it into a book format and gave each one a copy when I first met with them for a consultation.

Once I wrote the book on getting in shape, I realized I could sell the book to those that couldn’t afford one-on-one personal training. It was only a short jump from there to create a digital e-book and sell it online. You can now get that book on amazon and it’s called Begin At The Gym.

Shortly after that, life threw a monkey wrench at me and I needed something to sink 100% of myself into. I decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition. I competed and won my weight class. I then wrote the book Bodybuilding Competition Preparation: How I Won My Second Bodybuilding Contest.

I continued writing more books on fitness and bodybuilding and you can see the full list of books on Amazon here.

Lastly, I began coaching people online and do that here.

After I covered what I felt was useful to people in fitness, I started to dig deep into the character traits of what made a person healthy, wealthy and wise. I wanted to know what made a person feel “HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL.”

Because I was NOT.

What I find on being happy, healthy, wealthy and wise, I record here on this blog.

Occasionally, I will write a book when I dig deep enough on a certain topic and discover enough useful information for my readers… if they tell me a single book on the topic would be of use in response to my weekly emails I send out.

You can reach me by email at Ray@RaymondBurton.com and get advanced free copies of my books by joining the mailing list below:

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Ray Burton
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