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Need A Program To Get In Shape Fast?

Ray Burton Fitness Book“I’ll show you how to get in shape fast by using simple to follow step by step instructions… that provide radical results.”

This is my book, written to help you build muscle, burn off fat and get in the kind of shape that would allow you to pass basic training and battle school for the army like I did. I cover everything from diet to training to motivation. It’s all laid out, point blank and step by step. This will take you start to finish from where you are to where you want to be physically and it can be done with no equipment, using your own bodyweight, wherever you want.

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Bodybuilding Contest Preparation Guide

“Bodybuilding Competition Preparation: How I Won My Second Bodybuilding Contest” After losing his first bodybuilding competition and not even coming back for the evening show…This the written record, step-by-step of everything Ray Burton learned and used to win his second bodybuilding contest. The ABBA Southern Alberta Light Heavyweight title bodybuilding competition. This contest was not done clean, but I have not included drug information in this book.

Here is what you will learn:

Part I: Getting Ready To Compete, The Timing & Prep Work
Time Frames Needed
Routines, Cardio Guidelines & Weights
Motivation And Sticking to Your Plan
Part II: At The Show
Posing, Lighting and Attitude
Tips and Tricks to Make Things Smoother
Contest Packing Check List
Part III: Post-Contest
What to Do After the Contest
Take Advantage Now To Gain Size

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Culler: Burning It Down (Cullers War) (FICTION)

Cullers War
Sgt Craig Culler fights in an army forged from the ashes of an apocalyptic war. He longs for freedom but his pile of debt needs to be paid off in the next 60 days or his wife will be taken away to the worker camps, from which no one ever returns.

Now he must figure out a way to pay off the monstrous debt while still serving his contract fighting rebels in the wastelands. There must be a way to save her from being torn away from him, but is he willing to do whatever it takes? Or will the best part of his life be forced to suffer for his mistakes?

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