Our Sayulita Mexico Tattoo Shop Travel Adventure

sayulita mexico birds eye viewSince most people get a lot of joy out of travelling, I thought a section on Sayulita Mexico might be of interest to some people. First, if you make most of your income on line like I do then you will want to know a good internet cafe. Garcia Realty on calle Revolucion 41 is a great place and you can even check out some real estate while you are at it.

There are about 12 computers in here and a wireless connection if you have your laptop. Let me tell you, if you do any work on the internet its a heck of a lot better to be sitting in this little surfing town then in crowded puerta vallarta. Its cheaper and better in all regards except maybe accommodation.

There is great service and you are well taken care of but anything that would be regarded as a upper grade room is hard to find because they get booked up fast if they do actually exist. Its hard to tell right now about the room rental situation because I just got into Sayulita last night. I ended up getting a nice room with a barking gecko. He was a cute little fellow though, just a little talkative.

Well the sun is shining and its time to get to the beach. I just wanted to start putting up some info before I forgot and will write more about room rentals, real estate and business opportunity as I come across it over the next few days.

Onto my new tattoo…

Sayulita Mexico Tattoo Shop

Every once and a while you run across a person who by simply being themselves, can teach you a lesson. Teiki is the man who owns and runs Teikis Tattoo Shop in Sayulita Mexico. I had the pleasure of getting a tribal shoulder tattoo done by him and Branda got a tribal butterfly tattoo on her shoulder blade.

Here is Teiki with a big smile.
Teiki the tattoo shop owner

How about another one from the man himself!
Teiki tattooist

Teiki does all original tribal polynesian tattoos. First he will free hand an outline for you to look at and then if you like it he will free hand the insides of the tattoo with tribal themed designs. I have a couple of tattoos but Teiki blew me away.

Teiki is just setting up his shop and is in the process of adding the beauty touches that most store fronts have. Let me tell you one thing though, his work is absolutely awesome. He has already taken 1st and 3rd place at Guadalajara tattoo competition last year. Both for tribal designs. Teiki is from Tahiti and Polynesian themed tattoos are his deal. He loves all black work but will do color.

Here is the initial sketch of Brandas tribal butterfly on her shoulder.
Buttery Fly Tribal Tattoo

Here is the done tattoo, sorry for the bad picture taking!
Finished Butterfly Tattoo In Sayulita Mexico

Here are a couple shots of the work getting done by Teiki in Sayulita, Mexico just north of puerto vallarta. I will talk more about Sayulita Mexico in another post because this is a wonderful town with wonderful people. We are so glad we went and got to know some people and they welcomed us with open arms.

Here is Teiki working on Brandas tattoo. Freehand baby.
Teiki working on brandas butterfly tattoo

Here are my action shots for my shoulder tribal piece. Dont I look happy? Seriously, this was a pretty painless tattoo. Teiki has the touch:
Raymond getting his tribal tattoo in sayulita

I guess the whole deal from sketch to completion took about 4 hours in total. Once the design is drawn on, Teiki works fast for how awesome his work is.
Shoulder tattoo almost finished

Here is the finished shoulder piece! The cool thing about this tattoo is that there is so much that can be added to it. I think that next year I will go back and get Teiki to add on a chest piece or a necklace of sorts. I am so happy with the tattoo. UPDATE: Here is the new tattoo work I got done in mexico

Completed tribal tattoo

So how do you find Teiki’s tattoo shop in sayulita mexico? Teiki’s Tattoo shop is a little hard to find if you are new to town, but if you just trust the map or ask anyone in town you will find it. The outside of the shop looks like a normal small white mexican house snugged into the corner of an intersection but that is changing fast as Teiki is fixing up his shop. Right now there is no outside sign up but that is probably next on the list.

Here are two maps I did that should help you find it and here is Teiki’s email if you want to try and book an approximate appointment. To set a solid appointment time you will have to put a deposit of 100 pesos and talk to Teiki in person.
sayulita mexico map to tattoo shop

And the email you need to contact Teiki was fteiki@cara.com (it has been bouncing and not working as of last try though). On a personal note…thankyou for everything Teiki. Peace and love. There are no ordinary moments!

Branda’s Take On Sayulita Mexico (And How To Get There)

Here is Brandas take on a few days of our mexcio backpacking trip.

OK everyone, here’s the update. After spending 3 insanely crazy days in Guadalajara (pop. 8 million) Ray and I boarded a bus to Puerto Vallarta for the last leg of our trip………to get to Sayulita! Tonya had told me about this small town when we were living together and I’ve always wanted to visit. We got to PV almost without any hitches, except the 4.5 hour bus ride it was supposed to be turned into almost 6 hrs!! On the Sayulita website it says to get to the Gigante accross from the Sheraton to catch the bus. WELL, there is no Gigante accross from the Sheraton, sooooooo we ended up hoofing it down main street PV with our back packs in the hopes of finding someone that knew where we were supposed to go. Some drunk guy stopped us at one point and said “are you going to Sayulita?” How wierd. How the hell did he know?? Maybe because we had back packs? Who knows. God must have been watching and feeling our frustration.

The one good thing is that we finally found where Mexico has been keeping the sunshine. IN PV!!!! Freakin’ hot and beautiful.

OK, so we finally find the bus and are on our way. We can not wait to get there and see where we’ll be spending the night as we decided to wing it and not book anything ( I know, soooooo not like me) We met a nice guy on the bus that pointed us in the right direction once we arrived as to where to find most of the hotels. Well, apparently no-one sits in their office waiting for people to check in cause we kept finding hotels with vacancy signs and no-one there to talk to!!!!! We went to one condo complex and ran into a man that was renting there (he’s from Kimberly, BC) who said, “just throw your bags in my truck and I’ll drive you around to find something”. HOW NICE!! By this point it was about 6pm and we had been going since 7am. I was so done. We found a great place for 390 pesos/night. Which is $39 usd. Not too bad for being a stones throw from the beach.

Now, let me tell you about Sayulita Mexico. I fell in love with it as soon as I got off the bus. It’s sooooo small. It takes about 15 minutes to walk the whole town! Full of surfers boys (hot, hot, hot!!!) unfortunately along with that comes the surfer chicks. I’ve never felt soooooo self consious in a bikini in my life. I’m about the only girl here without a six pack!!!

I thought life in Maz was laid back, well, you should see it here. I totally understand why Tonya stayed here for so long. If I could think of a business they need here, I would move here in a heart beat. Last night after having dinner we went to the center plaza and some guys were playing the bongo drums and dancing. It was so cool! There are dogs EVERYWHERE, so Ray is in heaven. He gave his sausages to one this morning and she became his best friend. Slept at his feet all through breakfast:)Just to give you an idea of how small it is here, Ray and I have to catch a bus today to go to a town about 20 min away for the bank machine!!! YES, there is no bank machine. I’ve never heard of such a thing!!

Well, so here we are. Our first entire day here, the sun is shining, I have food in my belly, a place to stay tonight, and a gecko in my bedroom!?!? Yes, last night we were just falling asleep and our little room gecko decide to start barking. It’s a good thing we knew the souns though, cause if we hadn’t it REALLY would have hreaked me out.

Sorry about all the snow you guys got. I wish you all were here. I think we’ll be staying here for a while. At least until tuesday, but possibly longer. Ray’s going to take some surfing lessons today so hopefully that goes well. I’ll be watching from the beach in panic mode. Maybe I’ll have a cerveza to calm my nerves:) I’ll keep you updated on our travels. Love you guys!!


PS I just remembered 1 thing I had to tell you about the bus trip from Guadalajara to PV. WE just get settled in and the girl beside Ray starts singing with her i-pod on!! If you’ve ever heard someone sing when they can’t hear themselves, you know it doesn’t sound good. I was laughing soooooo hard, tears were rolling down my face and somehow Ray didn’t lose it. To make it worse, she was trying to sing in english but truly had no idea what the words actually were. Gad, it was funny. Then she whips out her nail polish and starts giving herself a manicure. I thought Ray was going to chuck her out the window cause he HATES the smell of nail polish. KInda funny:)

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9 thoughts on “Our Sayulita Mexico Tattoo Shop Travel Adventure

  1. forrest tindall

    im unable to see any photos, saw one that i assume is the butterfly in a google search though.
    very interested in getting one done, do you know if he is still there? tried to email him. it was undeliverable

    1. RaymondBurton

      I’ll try to find those pics again. I had to change hosts and lost them. I tried to reach him probably last year just to say hi and got the same issue, I’ll take his email down as I guess it’s out of commission. From what I hear, he is still there, just hard to reach 🙂

  2. Kevin

    Do you have current contact info for this guy? I’m in Sayulita right now, and although I told myself I wouldn’t get ink while here I feel desperate to do so now. The map is difficult to read so I can’t make out where to look.

    1. Ray Burton

      I don’t sorry. Last time I checked, he had gone somewhere on vacation and I don’t even know if he came back. I originally found him just by asking around town. You should do the same.

  3. Jay

    In Sayulita now. Going in town tomorrow to see if I can find out any info on his where abouts. Hoping to find him would love to get a new piece while I’m here.


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