The Beasts Of Hill 677 – A Cullers War Adventure #6

The Beasts Of Hill 677 - Cullers War Cullers War Adventure #6-“The Beasts Of Hill 677From the Cullers War Series (Audiobook Version Download At End Of Text Article)

In the near future, our world is attacked and will never be the same. It is a war like no other. A war of chemicals, radiation and mutants.

A ragged team of ordinary soldiers is assembled and forged from the flames of battle to fight an evil they are not trained for.

This is Culler’s War

In This Months Issue: It’s a battle like no other before it in the barren nuclear wasteland. Hill 677 is being attacked by the largest force of mutants Culler and his fellow soldiers have ever seen.

If Hill 677 falls, then the city of Newrome, where the soldier’s families and what’s left of society all live in tense safety, will fall to the horror next.

Culler and his men have to beat the five to one odds, but they’re running out of ammo and the darkness holds a menacing force unlike any they’ve faced in before. It’s bigger. It’s badder, and it’s coming for blood.

“The Beasts Of Hill 677” is a fast-paced, action-packed, pulp fiction style, war thriller that is guaranteed to jack you up and give you a double tap dose of 5.56 adrenalin, right into your veins.

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Todays music as always is a song called Nightmares from the album End Of Days by the the band Greggzeye out of croatia. Formed in June 2004 in Kutina / Croatia. Bands first lineup was Adi on guitar, Mile on vocals, Dac on bass and Veka on drums. “We named the band after our friend Greg who came to one of our rehearsals after apparently hurting his eye on a beach umbrella. What better way to name your band than after your friends red eye?”

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