The Face Of Evil – Battlefield Barren Ch5

The Face Of Evil - Cullers War Chapter 5 Of Battlefield Barrens Book 1 – “The Face Of EvilFrom the Cullers War Series (Audiobook Version Download At End Of Text Article)

Culler stood starring at a map scratched into the ground with the other platoon leaders, listening to the intelligence update from the lieutenant. The enemy was pushing in two areas, not just at their valley. Intel said an additional force of Mutes was also holing up in a small town just north of the valley.

Again, different tactics for the Mutes who preferred to skirmish and disappear. Now the Mutes were committing everything they had in the Barrens, and solidifying their forces in a town that the Grand Union wanted for future expansion.

The Union decided doing a pinch to nip this offensive in the bud was the best move. With the Union main force dug in deep at the valley, another chunk of their force would swing out, moving in on Newton from the east, just north of the valley.

The good news for the men on the move was that they’d do it mounted in Badgers; the newest, comfiest armoured fighting vehicle added to the Union forces arsenal.

Shots rattled off the sides of the AFV. The driver jerked the yoke to get out of the incoming fire and into some low ground. It was game on time, once again.

“Move! Coming down!” Culler shouted and guys below tried to make some room for him to squeeze in. The speakers crackled to life as the crew commander shouted into the comms, “Hatches down gents!”

Culler slammed into the rear hatch before he could get fully down into the hole. The massive dual twelve cylinder engines folded him over the hatch at the waist. The crew commander looked back as Culler peeled himself off the top deck. The crew commander shouted at Culler to close the rear hatch again, while motioning for him to unpin the Union flag as well so it could swing up to full height. The bullets kept pinging off the vehicle like bugs off a windshield. Any hope for a peaceful surrender, sarcastically stated or not, went further down the shitter with each shot fired. The Union boys were in for a scrap…

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