The Power Of Intention With Action

Intention VS actionThere is a lot of talk about the power of intention these days and as well there should be. Intention is the start of all great things. Dr. Wayne Dyer made it famous with his book, and the movie “The secret” is latest proponent of this mental mind set. What needs to be said though, is that the power of intention without action will never grow into anything bigger than the brain cell it came from.

Here is what you can do now, to make tomorrow better. Its intention mixed with action.

1) Get out of your comfort zone. You are there because it’s easy to tread water there. When you do new things each day, life is filled with a sense of accomplishment. You are creating a space for things to happen in your life. Think about this; if you changed absolutely nothing in your life, would anything different happen? Probably not and if it did, it is not something you consciously invited. If you didn’t create it by doing something different, you have no way of making more of it happen if you liked it. Worse, if you didn’t like the change that came, do you know what to stop doing so that it doesn’t happen again? This makes you passive victim.

2) Do what you can and let the results look after themselves. You can never totally dictate how any set of circumstances will turn out. You can however have control over the actions you take in trying to have a favorable outcome.

You will come across this idea in the book “The Four Agreements“. All you can ever do is your very best. Once you do that, the results are out of your hands, so let it go.

3) If something makes you feel “blah”, then change it. This is my biggest thing and I think I’ll write another whole article on it. Long story short however is that you get one kick at the cat. If something makes you unhappy, try to change it or you have no right to bring other people down complaining about it.

You can change your circumstances or you can continue on the same path. The choice is yours. If you don’t want the most from your life that you can possibly have, that is your personal choice. You CAN have whatever you want however when you intend more and then take action on it.

4) Do what you like over and over. If something makes you happy, do it as much as you can. Make a list of things that really crank you up and do as many of them as you can as often as you can.

If you spent every day doing things that made you happy, would you be happy? It is a simple question with a simple answer. Sometimes too simple for most to realize and make happen. But you can.

5) Don’t lie to your self. This one is a little harder to explain. Don’t settle for second best if you want more. Don’t make yourself comfortable in situations that are not your ideal. Don’t spend 20 years in a job you don’t like.

Do you really love your job or is that something you tell folks because you cant handle the truth? Are you happy with your partner or are you just scared to lose the little happiness you DO have? Don’t lie to yourself and when the truth surfaces, take action on the answers your soul tells you.

6) Workout. Your body carries around your brain and your soul. A dysfunctional body makes life that much harder to enjoy.

7) Have a high moral code. This code is your code so stick to it. Until your actions are in sink with your beliefs, you will never feel content or at peace with yourself. Other people have their own codes, so don’t be upset when people don’t agree with you in every situation.

An example of this is a smoker who wants to be fit. At their core, fitness is their true desire and every time they have a smoke, that little voice inside starts chirping. That little voice can get really annoying after a while! Until your actions match your true desires, you will feel conflicted inside.

8) Nip it in the bud. Is there is a situation, person, feeling or anything else that is getting to you? Drop everything and deal with it now. Things like this are festering wounds to the mind and get worse with time.

Why would you not deal with this here and now? Probably because you are scared. You feel fear of some sort. Get over it. The worst thing that most people can think of that can happen is death. Ever hear a dead person complain? You have to go sometime, might as well do your best to have things the way you like them while you are here.

I have never regretted taking a chance. Mistakes are a part of a well lived life. The only regrets I ever have are missed opportunities to make my life better because I was scared.

You are the main actor in the movie of your life. You write the script. Only you can make the plot something that you are willing to watch each and every day. Intend it and take action.

If you have an example where you have done this even to the smallest degree, please share below and help inspire others to do the same.


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6 thoughts on “The Power Of Intention With Action

  1. Linda Burke

    Hello Ray!

    I really enjoyed this article. I am a certified personal fitness trainer (independently contracted) in Indiana. (Once ACE & AFAA but stupidly let those lapse.) It has been my fulltime job off and on since 1994…on now for over a year straight. I am also an avid LOA believer and devour as much reading on that whole subject and on spirituality/self help/personal growth type stuff that I can. I love Wayne Dyer, Steve Pavlina, Don Miguel Ruiz, Esther & Jerry Hicks, Mike Dooley and well…the list goes on and on. That stuff jazzes me to the Nth degree! I had a feeling you had your finger on that pulse too. You seem highly in touch with your spirituality. Just wanted to say hello and keep up the positive vibe spreading that you do so well. Your article cuts right to the chase in a nice way and tells people if they don’t like something about their life, they have the power to change it…just do it. If you are creating something in your life that you don’t like, then create something different and stop whining. Seems like such a simple concept on paper, yet everso tricky to put into practice. I know I have trouble getting it across to some of my morbidly obese and negative clients. In fact, any words of advice from you on that would be wonderful. Not only on dealing with their psyche but their actual workouts. Due to their size, some of them are so limited with what they can actually physicallly do. I have researched online for ideas and really have had no luck with it, so any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again for what you do.

    Linda 🙂

    P.S. Have you read “Ask And It Is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks? Delicious read. Check it out, but keep an open mind.

  2. Janice

    Hi Ray

    I went to the library the other day and picked up the exact same book, The Power of Intentention Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way and its an execellent read. I’ve been taking notes and I think that I may just purchase this book. I have been putting his advise into practice and I find that things have been changing for me. I am almost in awe by the things that have happened. I’ve meet some wonderful positive people a job oppurtunity has opened up for me that is a little out of my confort zone but I am going to go ahead with it. I would advise anyone to actually purchase this book and put it into practice everyday.



  3. Raffe

    Awesome, awesome article Ray. I have known these things myself for many years now but have never been able to articulate it as well. I will share this with those friends who have expressed interest in changing their lives.


  4. Raymond Burton

    Hey Linda, its funny you mention “Ask And It Is Given” its one of those books I see on the shelf everytime I go into the book store and I think..I know what that one’s about. So I never pick it up….then the next time I go to the bookstore…there it is again….Perhaps I should be listening a little more to my OWN intuition and TAKE ACTION! LOL 🙂

    As for the clients that cause trouble, support them when they need it, help them when they want it, and let go and let god when no one wants to listen. You can only help those that WANT to be helped.

    You can drive yourself crazy trying to convert the world to a healthy lifestyle! Just be there for those that ask for your help…

  5. Susan

    Hi Ray,

    I visit your website now and then so thanks for the e-mail letting me know about this aritcle. I can’t believe how the secret is working for me. Coincidentally, I bought the book a few weeks ago to help me to continue on my journey of personal growth and awareness. Actually, I don’t think there are coincidences just opportunities being presented to us. Today I just checked my e-mail after a 2 week vacation and there you were telling me about your article!!!! I also just finished a book book called “The Alchemist” which is extemely cool and very insightful. It is so great to share all of this great information and it works!!!!! Have a great day everyone!


  6. Raymond Burton

    Thats too funny Susan, “The Alchemist” is one of my favourite books ever! “where your tears fall, your treasure lies”….love that guides me to follow my passions.

    The secret has been working wonders for me also. I watch the DVD almost daily. I wear rose colored glasses and always look at the good…and more of it always keeps coming.

    The secret is out….the glass is always half full…untill it overflows…:-)


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