What Is Trust And Why Truth Matters

This mornings video is about What Is Trust And Why Truth Matters. Truth and trust, like the interconnectedness of the two and all that. This is like the Dark Night Video Cast or something. I’ve got to think of a cool name.

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I think it’s like a warm blanket, because when you find somebody whose words ring true, and you know that at the essence of it, what they’re saying is real, that it’s not a consensus of the general population, or it’s not what’s acceptable, so everybody deems that to be the truth, but the actual truth at the bottom, because you know, there’s things that people don’t speak about, and there’s … But you know at a core level that that’s the way things really are. So, truth and honesty, and howone-minute they are as a bedrock to a solid relationship. That’s all I have for you in a one minute version.

Names I Trust

Now, to move on, I got … There’s a couple of names that I would like to talk about, that I thought were really cool. So, I got the book, Tools of Titans, and I recommend that by Tim Ferriss, simply because inside there, you have a bunch of distilled knowledge on a bunch of areas, and the reason any of that advice is in that book is because it’s fundamentally true what you’ll read in there. So, that’s intensely valuable, because if you’re looking up certain topics or experts on the internet, which is what we most do these days, you really don’t know if you’re getting a regurgitator of knowledge or if you’re getting someone that, like their life is that topic, and they’ve been into it, and they’ve proved it, and they’ve done it over and over again, replicated it, and things like that.
And that’s why I think Tools of Titans is such a great book, because as you’re going through there, you’re like, “This person, that’s what they do. They have been in this, and they’re proven,” and then you get someone else that’s high up on the chain of truth, and knowledge, and distillation of facts on how to achieve things, like Tim Ferriss, and he says, “Well, these guys know what they’re talking about.” And all those levels of trust, it gives you something that you can … Let’s say it’s fitness, or nutrition, or wealth, or wisdom, and as you look at these people, you can go, “Okay, I can save myself a lot of time by looking to the area that I want and finding who these levels of trust, who is deemed someone that knows what they’re talking about.”
And someone that I found this morning, by going through Tools of Titans, there’s so many in that book, but it was Naval Ravikant, and he’s in the book Tools of Titans. He did two podcasts, actually, for Tim Ferriss. But, when he speaks, you can feel the truth in it, and it’s almost like someone’s talking without the ego, and you’re just like, “Okay, cool. Yeah, I get it.” Then there’s other people, when they’re talking, you’re like, “Oh my god, you’re so full of shit,” and it’s just you feel it right away.
But anyway, and also in there, there’s Pavel … I can’t even pronounce his last name. I’ll put that in the bottom. There’s Steve Maxwell, Kelly Starrett. Well, and even like in between all these great people talking, you also have Tim’s two cents in there too, which I mean, is intensely valuable. So, yeah anyway, I guess this kind of turned-ed into … turned-ed. Turned into a pro-Tools of Titans book, but I got it for my birthday and I’m really stoked about it, and a lot of books are garbage. I just throw them right out after a few pages, but this one’s good, and … But the essence of what I’m trying to tell you about now is truth and honesty, transparency, especially with the people that are close to you in your life, and that way, you’re somebody that they can count on, and that is something that you cannot buy.
Let me know your thoughts below. What do you think about honesty? Is it a 100% thing all the time, or should you do the white lie thing, and like, “Oh, yeah, that looks great on you,” or that kind of thing? Or, “Oh, yes, you know what you’re talking about, Mr. Bossman. Please let me have my promotion.” What do you think? Okay, tell me below.

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