Twitter For Authors – Authors In Chains Podcast #1

Authors In Chains - Twitter For AuthorsListen as Ray Bayly, Rob Davies, Ray Burton and J.R. Rioux discuss Twitter for authors. We talk about followers, analytics and motivations for authors to use twitter as well as tips for success and statistics on hash tagging and more.

Writer accounts seem to end up being writers following writers but does it actually reach readers and increase the bottom line? Does it put money in your pocket or is it a waste of time besides being fun?

What follows are my notes, what I’ll be taking action on and of course – the podcast. You can also always get a copy of the podcast on the main site for us four monkeys at

Here are each of our twitter handles:
J.R.Rioux @JRRioux_Author
Raymond Bayly @raymondbayly
Robert Davies @rcdaviesbooks
Me – Ray Burton @RayBurton

This is the only book I’ve ever bought of twitter based on marketing: The book collapse – Collapse (New America-Book One) by Richard A Stephenson @StephensonRATX

Evan – The Last Librarian on Twitter (@FromTheWastes)- Reads a lot of post-apocalyptic books. Gives great advice if you are looking for something to read.

We also go over tips and tricks on reaching readers outside the writing community and the magic of twitter analytics.

Now if Twitter doesn’t increase the bottom line for you, is there any reason to bother with Twitter other than fun?

Some would say because publishers want to see that you have a platform before they consider taking your books. Which begs the question, “Do publishers have anything to offer you that you can’t get by self-publishing?”

We tackle that.

Do you know what the prime time for tweeting is? Apparently it’s 12-6 PM. Is there a way to automate that? Yup.

The Hashtag websites mentioned: RiteTag and Hashtagify

I’ll add more notes as on what I am personally putting into practice and the results I get from them. Update: You can see how I feel about twitter marketing for authors in my response to Evan below.

This has been a big step forward for me in my story of becoming a writer. Getting to know others in the self-publishing industry is a cool thing and can help you learn things faster.

Any questions about this podcast or suggestions for what to cover next?

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2 thoughts on “Twitter For Authors – Authors In Chains Podcast #1

  1. Evan

    Great episode! And thanks for the shout out, Ray!

    As a reader, I’ve often wondered just how effective using social media as a marketing platform for writers. I can tell you from a reader’s standpoint, that I rarely purchase a book from a writer that uses it as strictly a marketing platform. They generally get muted fairly quickly when my feed is full of ads for their book. I’ve seen writers with tens of thousands of followers and couldn’t even begin to tell you if there is a return. My gut tells me if there is, it ain’t much.

    I do think that signings and conventions are an awesome way to get out there, but that takes a lot of money and even moreso, time.

    I usually read a book first and then look for the writer on Twitter to tell them that I enjoyed their work. Every so often I’ll have a writer get a hold of me to see if I’d like to read their work. I’ll check it out on amazon and if it looks like something I’d like, I’ll try it out. That does come with the caveat that it is really influenced by the attitude and personality of the writer. If they try to strong-arm me or beg and plead, or otherwise makes me feel gross, I back off immediately, thank them, and move on.

    I’ve noticed that it really is a world of writers following writers. I expected to find multitudes of readers like me who would spread the word about books they like… that doesn’t seem to be the case. Or maybe I just can’t find them. I dunno.

    I don’t envy you folks when it comes to trying to use social media for selling your work. It’s a tough gig.

    1. Raymond Burton Post author

      So 100% on everything Evan. Like I said above, I almost never buy books because of marketing on twitter. So I’m not bothering with the marketing there. I tell people when it’s on a free promo but even then it’s pretty much a waste of time if I was looking for a return on the time.

      When I found you and you had read so many of the genre of book I like – it was a goldmine. I asked what was good and you told me. It’s not even about suggesting good books, but finding books that have been read by a likeminded person (both of us being ex-military and postapoc fans) – then you know you’ll probably like the book too.

      As far as it being writers on writers – it is. Unfortunately I feel that writers should be writing stories and not playing so much #followfriday for the sake of numbers. I want to say more but *bleh*

      In the end of it, I think being on twitter is about being there for your readers when they look for you after having read your book. Like you said. When I looked up David Morrell (author of First Blood) and he responded, I was pretty awestruck to be honest. That’s the cool thing about twitter.

      And the 3 other like minded weirdo’s on this podcast. I never thought I would find cool people like them, yet here they are and I owe that to twitter.

      In the end for me? – twitter marketing = big no. Being able to make cool friends? Absolutely.


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