Valley Of Fire Pt2 – Cullers War Series bk1 ch4

Valley Of Fire Pt2 Cullers WarWelcome to “Battlefield Barrens” book 1 chapter 4 of the Cullers War series (Valley Of Fire PT2).

Bringing you audiobooks for free every Saturday. Written and performed by author Raymond Burton except for this intro which is of course, the automated A.I. system that is now hacking your audio delivering device. Battlefield Barrens is suitable for ages 18 and up and contains graphic violence and offensive language.

Valley Of Fire Pt2

In This Weeks Episode #3 (Audio Download At End Of Text):
We spent the next 30 minutes or thereabouts shifting our position lower down into the ravine. I couldn’t figure out why it made any sense.

Sure as shit, behind a muddy and wet ridge, near the mouth of the ravine a few hundred yards away, the lead man of a Mute recce force was creeping inch by inch towards a small space between two rocks. Just like us, they wanted to get eyes on and report back to their HQ on our size and strength, as well as take out targets of opportunity.

Whatever the case, at some point one of them with an itchy finger looked down his scope at Herzog and figured he was a big enough fish to be worth the risk of taking a shot and never going home. That eager beaver on their side, squeezed the trigger….

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Todays music is a song called Nightmares from the album End Of Days by the the band Greggzeye out of croatia, which is cool because that’s where I did my tour of duty back in 2001 with 2nd battalion Princess Patricias 2VP.

Gregzeye was formed in June 2004 in Kutina / Croatia. Bands first lineup was Adi on guitar, Mile on vocals, Dac on bass and Veka on drums. We named the band after our friend Greg who came to one of our rehearsals after apparently hurting his eye on a beach umbrella. What better way to name your band than after your friends red eye?

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