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Natural Bodybuilding ProgramYes, it’s the 25th of May and sleeveless shirt weather is here. It’s made me think about more than just ‘skinny fat’ arms. There’s also cottage cheese thighs, asses that end up somewhere down by the back of your knee, muffin tops and having shoulders like a trout. So here I sit with my coffee putting together my best natural bodybuilding X-Frame-body-shaping, ‘opposite-sex-eye-popping’ tips and then I’m going to go nutty.

Last month a snow storm started something big (we’ll get to that in a bit). I’ve been waiting all month for today.

You’ll see at the end of this article….

Natural Bodybuilding Tip #1
Both sexes need to lift heavy to see results in the gym. Men have more testosterone and muscle building hormones than women and because of this will put on muscle relatively quickly in the areas that will create the X-Frame.

Women have less testosterone and will not put on as much muscle as quick because estrogen is their dominant hormone.

Bottom line? Men become more muscular and leaner while women become tighter and more toned. Both men and women need to lift heavy to stimulate the muscles. The effect between the sexes varies because of hormonal makeup.

Natural Bodybuilding Tip #2
Stop wasting money on muscle building powders and pills and start getting to the gym regularly to do a full body resistance workout with large compound exercises. My body developed best when I didn’t even know they made supplements. I trained three days a week and ate like a normal human. Now that lifting weights has become mainstream, almost everyone is trying to get in your wallet by promising just about anything that won’t get them sued.

Natural Bodybuilding Tip #3
The most important factor in shattering sticking points is ?change. Your workout routine must be changed every 4-6 weeks for optimal?results. You can change your workout intensity, set or rep range, amount of?weight lifted or your entire weight lifting routine.

Your body responds to unusual stresses by adapting. When your body adapts you look different. Nothing to adapt to = no changes in appearance. EASY DOES NOT WORK.

Natural Bodybuilding Tip #4
REST AS HARD AS YOU TRAIN. This means taking at least 48 hours between strength training the same muscles, and it also means getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Not only do individual muscles need rest but so does your nervous system.

If you train chest today, back tomorrow and then legs the next day you really have to watch your immune system and nervous system. You may not overtrain a particular muscle group but you will wear your system down as a whole.

Natural Bodybuilding Tip #5
Single joint movements are for PANZIE PANT’S. Squats lay the smack down on leg extensions. Chins hold curls down and then spit in it’s eye (like a big brother) and dips steal chest flyes lunch money.

You only need one, maybe two at the most exercises per bodypart if you follow JUST THIS ONE RULE. Think intensity and heart over volume. Get it done and get out of the gym.

Machines are for rehab, new untrained individuals with no co-ordination and tired people after an unnecessarily long workout.

Natural Bodybuilding Tip #6
The REAL secret to getting an eye popping X-FRAME is APPLIED EFFORT. You cannot skip eating, training and resting. You have to all three and the degree of informed intensity you apply to each determines how quickly you will see your body change.

You can train like a demon but if you don’t feed yourself right you get NOTHING. You can eat awesome but if your training is unmotivated and uninspired…NOTHING. You can sleep all day and take every wonder supplement but… well you get the point.

The best thing about training with weights? You are always rewarded for what you do right. It’s black and white and there are no office politics. You don’t perform, nothing happens. You work your ass off, then you WILL look awesome if you are doing it right.

You can’t make mistakes or offer excuses to try and worm your way into the body you want. YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE because of the effort you put in.

No ambiguity. The weight goes up or it doesn’t. The scale moves or it doesn’t. Your arms grew or they didn’t. You did what you were supposed or you didn’t. Either way, you got what you deserve.


A Full Natural Bodybuilding Program Laid Out Step-By-Step

From The Desk Of:
Ray Burton
I.S.S.A. Certified Personal Trainer

Yes, it really is simple… well it is now anyway… (that WAS me over on the left…) Because one day, I found the answers to all my questions about putting on quality, lean muscle and my life has never been the same since.

But a few years back, I was going crazy trying to figure all this conflicting information out.

So let me ask you this…

Are you sick and tired of busting your butt, day in and day out in the gym and not seeing a frigg’n speck of muscle coming on your frame? I know I was…

Busting my butt @ 126 pounds, doing set after set, spending gobs of money on muscle magazines and every supplement I could afford…. and maybe, just maybe, I would get a little payoff in muscle growth.

But definitely not enough to justify the money, time and effort I was putting into this!

So it was either quit… or figure all this out once and for all.

NOW IF YOU want to put on quality muscular weight, do it fast and naturally… And if you want to never spend another dime on useless supplements, expensive trainers, and unnecessary machines AGAIN… and if you want to spend LESS time in the gym but getter EVEN BETTER results, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read….

This is the step by step process…all laid out.

Here’s what I’m going to show you – I will show you exactly how to put on quality, fat free muscle once and for all. Especially if you are genetically small personal that has had difficulty with putting on muscle before (…like I did) . I’ll show you not only how to put on at least 15-20 pounds of muscle, but how to keep it on without killing yourself day in and day out… AND THEN I’ll show you how to bring up lagging body parts by using a simple step-by-step program that I’ll even include with this special offer for X-treme X-Frame Muscle.

I’m going to take you from start to finish through the time line of a Muscle Man. What does that mean?

Let me explain… I’ve gone from 126 pounds, to putting on a fair amount of muscle ending up at 175lbs. Then I made the classic mistake of bulking up in a sloppy, messy way.

Then I decided that I wanted to be muscular AND ripped, so I did a bodybuilding contest…. and won.

It’s This Simple…

If you don’t learn exactly how to gain muscle in the fastest possible way, naturally, and without spending hours in the gym using useless machines and supplements using my methods, not only can
you keep the program, but you can keep all the bonuses too just for trying out methods… so as you can see, you have nothing to lose and a whole lot of frustration and time to save.

I’m doing this because I wish someone would have told me all this a lot, lot sooner.

Let me ask you this…

If you keep using the methods you have… and that means lots of hours in the gym, sweating, giving it everything you have then going home and flushing money down the toilet as you slurp back your latest wonder supplement that won’t do a damn thing…If you don’t do anything NEW about this… do you think anything is going to change on its own? I don’t think so!

In face, at this rate, you’re just going to piss away more money and time and get really, really frustrated. Now I can’t do anything about the supplement companies or the IDIOTIC recommendations of the muscle and fitness magazines, but I can sure show you how to get in the best shape of your life… and I’ll do it by showing your EXACTLY HOW I DID IT.

So think about this. Imagine having the ability to walk into a room and people notice… not because “holy crap that guy is skinny”… but because you have the look of a person that has applied themselves to a dedicated pursuit of physical perfection…and it shows. You’ve been using your ace in the hole and now the results speak for themselves… which means you just need to shut up and and enjoy the attention! Now I don’t know how far you want to take this but…

Think about how incredible it will feel to have a body so built and chiseled… to the point where you could actually step on a bodybuilding stage… and possibly win it. At the very least, have arms, shoulders and abs impressive enough that you could do a kick ass photo shoot.

Let me tell you… it feels great because I’ve done them all.

WOW – now that’s something you can really get excited about . Here’s exactly how you’re going to get in the best shape of your life… what you do with it from there is up to you.

You’ve Been Burnt Before…Why should you listen to me?

If you’ve read this far you probably have a question on your mind…

“Who the heck is Ray Burton and why are you qualified to teach me how to put on muscle?” Well, let me introduce myself…



I’m a personal trainer and ex military soldier, the author of five instructional fitness books. After fitness training for the military I started running fitness boot camps and helping clients one-on-one. I’ve done radio interviews for stations around the country. I’ve won my weight class in a bodybuilding show and won most fit infantry man two times while I was in the army.

My articles have appeared before hundreds of thousands of people online because they’ve been published on fitness websites and by publishers all across the internet since 2002.

I also run an online fitness membership site where I personally take people through amazing body transformations.

Most importantly I was a skinny 126 pounds and built my body up to 210 pounds using natural bodybuilding methods from old school bodybuilders.

I’ve noticed over the last 10 years especially that the muscle magazines are getting worse and worse with the downright WRONG information they are teaching. What’s worse, new personal trainers that are coming onto the scene and haven’t been around very long are taking this crap as gospel… and charging people for it. Aside from the fact that most of the articles are
ghost written, not even from the bodybuilders themselves (who are taking large amount of steroids and have genetic advantages) and that the training articles are thinly disguised advertisements for
supplements… the fact of the matter is…. Most of it just plain WILL NOT work for you.

It took me a long time to figure this out…But finally, after a few more tubs of supplements (I
can’t believe people get away with selling that useless crap) and months of not seeing the scale move… I thought “ENOUGH” and put down the mags and took matters into my own hands. I started researching on my own. Now 15 years later, I’m taking everything I have learned over the years as a personal trainer, competitive bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast and giving you the step by step blueprint to putting on muscle in the safest, most efficient and fastest way possible.

My thinking?…Maybe, just maybe….. someone will use this program and change their lives. Sure, they’ll gain more muscle but also get more energy and self confidence and let me tell you… life would be a whole different shooting match.

Using the basic methods I’m going to teach you, I went from 126 pounds to 175 in one year!

If want to gain 10-15 pounds… This is how you do it. I’m going to show you everything you need to know.

Using the advanced methods in this e-book that you get as part of this special X-Frame Muscle Package, I was able to build enough muscle mass in a six month period to be able to not only get on the football team but even to play linebacker. I was also able to squat 315 x20 for the first time and I finally was able to bench 2 plates a side… and I was very, very happy with that. Of course that took me a ton of effort and dedication to the task… but I’m going to show you some easy ways to build the muscle, feed the muscle and rest your muscles… to you never need to be accused of being a long distance runner again…

In short, even if you’re short on time, think your genetics are terrible and nothing has worked for you before, I can show you how to quickly eliminate 90% of that wasted effort in the gym and put on 10-15 pounds of muscle in the next 90 days or less…. and that’s a guarantee.

90 days from today – your friends won’t be laughing at your
‘silly ideas about looking like a bodybuilder!’

Honestly, I couldn’t make it any easier for you if I tried…and the best part is you can start right now!

Now, I’m not saying this doesn’t require work. Of course it does. Anything worth achieving does.

But, if you simply make a commitment to spend the same time you normally do on those crap training routines the juiced up pro bodybuilders are using – simply working my system – I guarantee you’ll own a stronger, bigger, more muscular body in 90 days or less. (I’ll tell you about our extraordinary guarantee in a moment).

“Don’t take my word for it…”

muscle building results “Ray, I am happy to report that I have continued on your “high intensity exercise” regime and for sake of variation, I do the “high weight low rep” sessions occasionally. My shape shows great improvement, I can tell from the feel of my pants. I’m much stronger and my muscles are growing!”Kiran


muscle growth after picture “Dear ray,

I wanted to send u my progress pics after following your big three workout 2 times per week and the 6X10 once per
week. I was at 14-15% body fat and ended at 11% . My rowing performance increased a lot and I built some thick muscles with this :D.

I hope you post my pictures so that your clients will know how amazing your program is. I did all this in 5 weeks. Now I am hoping to cut even lower to 8% body fat.”

Amr Elsalanekly

Here Is Everything You Get For Ordering Now

As you go over the techniques and strategies of the program, you are going to see things that will literally make your eyes pop, and if you’re like me at all when I first learned this stuff… you’re going to say
WHAT! I can’t believe the horse crap people have been feeding me!”  Modelling is a proven success technique for achieving any goal fast. I’ve been there and I’m going to give you the short cuts that will save you time, money and a lot of wasted effort so that you can put on quality muscle FAST. This is some of what is included in the program;

  • All of your routines are laid out, step-by-step so that a beginner without a clue could come off of the street, start training, and put on 10-15 muscle in 90 days or less.

    1. No matter where you are starting, the answers are in
      there for you. I’ll start you at beginner but take you all the way to
      advanced training methods for those that are stuck in their muscles
  • The techniques in the program are based on real-life clients, bodybuilding competitors and programs that I have worked with. This means that you can go through the program knowing
    that simply starting is the only thing between you and quickly putting on quality muscular weight. By following my advice, you’ll cut months, maybe years off how long it takes to pack your frame full of muscle.
  • Through included bonus exercise videos, I will SHOW you to find those “SWEET” spots in every exercise so that every moment you spend working out, gives you the fastest muscle building bang for your buck. When you know exactly what, when, and how to do it…this way, it will take you half the time to build muscle that longer, less effective routines would.
  • You’ll learn how to build EVERY body part up… even your problem areas… with my special “lagging bodypart” bonus video. Results don’t take months to happen..they take weeks! Your going to be getting actual “insider” information from someone that does this for a living.
  • You can run away and hide your wallet the next time you read through the muscle and fitness magazines. They have one purpose; to sell products and keep you lost in the muck of confusion. Most of the time those products are fancy supplements that do absolutely NOTHING! Some can even mess you up big time. I’ll show you what to eat to get results fast and its all regular food that you can get from your local grocery store… with some protein powder for convenience.

And much, much more.

Here…finally, are the real HONEST tips, tricks, methods and techniques used by REAL and Natural trainers that know how to put Muscle On Grasshoppers!

Get these Bonuses if you act Now!

BONUS – My Personal Email Support

Value: $97/month

I don’t want anything to stand in the way of your success.

That’s right, I know no matter what… there will most likely always be questions when
you start something new. You can email me any time for the first month to ask me for help if you need it. This is something my online coaching clients pay $97 a month for.

Also as new editions of the program are revised, I will send you the updates totally free if you want to sign up for the support email which costs you nothing extra as well. Thanks to email, I can notify you whenever new ground breaking info is established.

BONUS – The Killer Three Video

VALUE: $97

I know that eating is a major obstacle for most people when they start building muscle, so I took care of it for you. Actually, I cover three ways to go about eating depending on your lifestyle and goals. But I’ll share more about that in a bit…

I’ve created a video showing how I eat and included the cheat sheets with it.
That’s right… You’re going to get an “over the shoulder” look at exactly how to set up your own eating, quickly and easily so that you know you’re eating the right way to force muscle growth… without getting fat.

BONUS – The Over One Hour “Bodybuilding Contest Q&A Audio” Mp3

VALUE: $19.99

Every month I take the questions I receive from my clients in the membership area and I do a group telephone call. As you can imagine, building muscle and cutting it up is a popular topic. In the
Bodybuilding Contest QandA Audio Mp3, I sat down with two guys getting ready to step onstage and you’re going to learn:

  • What are the most important things that you change in the last thirty days coming up to a photo shoot or show as far as weight training, cardio and nutrition?
  • What kind of advice do you have for the last week of the show to make my muscles pop
    like crazy?
  • What do you think about high rep stuff close to the show for cutting up? Is it a good idea or am I heading for disaster?
  • How much cardio is going to be too much cardio when I want to cut up my mass?
  • The importance of having a training partner when things get tuff.
  • What do you think of carb loading before the show, and how do you even do it?
  • Are there supplements that I should and shouldn’t be taking when I want to really cut up getting close to a photo shoot or bodybuilding show?
  • What about the cheat day? Does it work? Should I do it? If so why?
  • Why not to be scared to go your own way with training and have the courage to buck
    the trend of what everyone else is doing.

Download the Mp3, put it on your ipod and make that drive to a muscle building, fat burning education. Once you listen to the Mp3, you’ll see the value in actually being able to TALK TO YOUR COACH… when you want results fast.

BONUS – My Step By Step “How To Eat For Muscle Not Fat” Video

VALUE: $47

I sat down with one of my clients and went through everything about how, when, what and why to eat a certain way.

Then I showed him all the tools and cheat sheets I use to make it easy. He thought it was awesome and wished he had run into something like this before…. and that got me thinking.

So I went through the whole thing again and recorded it on video. You’ll see everything I do for my clients, and hear me explain it step by step as I go through everything and leave no stone unturned
in explaining how you can eat to cut the fat off your midsection.

BONUS – My “Watch Me Show You” Exercise Demo’s Video

VALUE: $47

I’ll bet you’re wondering if you’re going to be able to do these exercises right…

I bet you’ve also wondered what happens between picture A and picture B when you see those exercise routines in the magazines…

Well, I’ve actually recorded me DOING and EXPLAINING every exercise in this program for you on video.

Then I’ve spliced them all together in one easy to view video you can even put on your ipod if you’d like. That way you can take it with you wherever you workout and know that you are doing the exercises

Worth over a 108 times what you’ll pay!

The truth is – I don’t charge nearly enough for this information! How much is saving the $42,310 that I’ve spent worth to you? $5000… $10,000… MORE?

Actually… let me be brutally honest. I can’t tell you how much I would have paid to be able to save the money, time and embarrassment I spent on scams in high school if I only would have been able to find something like what I’m outlining in this program for you.

Seriously, if I could have cut the time it took me to do what I did in half… I would have… well, let’s just say that at that time and with how I felt about myself, I would have paid a lot.

How can you put a value on this critical information about the right way to transform your body without making the killer mistakes?

Let’s look at the BIG picture… How much would a personal trainer charge you for three months of one on one personal training and support? Try $1800 on average and $2880 for the good ones that know what they are talking about.

How much do you charge someone for information that is going to save them that amount of money for such a minimal amount of effort in comparison? $150, $300, $800, MORE?

Would you pay $97 if guaranteed the same fast results as the $1800 trainer would give
you? (Say yes!)

Wait… Don’t decide now!

For Less Than the Cost of One Personal Training Session, You Can Learn The Information That Took Me Years To Discover.

I know the information in The X-Frame Program plus bonuses is worth well over $97. However, for a limited time, I am running a Market Test and you can have it at a discount for only $39. That’s over 50% off – but you must Act Now!

WHY can you buy it now for OVER 50% off? Because I don’t have to send you anything in the mail! There’s no tape to mail, no manuals to print, no postage to pay. You
can access everything online right now!
Since I can make the same amount of money at this price I just pass the savings on to you and we both win!

Try it Risk-FREE for 60 days!

You can’t lose with my 100%,ironclad, 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee Don’t
decide right now if The Natural Bodybuilding Program is right for you. Take 60 days and put me to the test! If the Natural Bodybuilding Program doesn’t show you exactly how to pact on muscle fast, exactly how and when to eat, exactly how to train for maximum muscle building results, I’ll give you you’re money back no questions asked.

It’s simple: either I live up to my promises and your expectations, or you can request a refund and receive all your money back.

…no questions asked.

Click here for an instant download of the ebook. Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you will download the program along with your FREE Bonuses.


Click Here NOW to download your copy ($97) $39.95

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2:00
in the morning!

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Once you place your order you will have the full system, “Turn Key” within just a few minutes… and using it to Grow Pure Grade “A” MuscleIMMEDIATELY!


Ray Burton
Buildingbodies Personal Training

You Either Change What You’re Doing… Or You Keep Wasting Your Time.

What are you going to see when you wake up tomorrow and look in the mirror. Do you honestly think your muscle are going to decide to grow on their own if you keep doing the same stuff? NO – you’ll just keep wasting time, never getting any results from your training and feeling like your a failure despite all the hard work your putting in! Get on this natural bodybuilding program now and start gaining muscle without spending useless extra time in the gym. If you are tempted to leave without ordering, think about this… How much time will you waste in the next month ….. training endlessly… spending money on useless supplements… and never getting any payoff?

If you’re tired of working hard trying to change your body and not seeing the results you deserve in return, order my ebook today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

P.P.S. – Let’s Be Blunt: You’re either going to keep doing what you are doing and not gain a damn ounce of muscle or you’re going to learn something new from someone has done it and grow. Now what are you going to do?

You can wish and want, but wishing and wanting doesn’t put on muscle. Face it.

Most of what you need is proper instruction and some good old fashioned applied effort. Get this book NOW and GROW!
Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Click here!


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