Tell People What You Want Or You Won’t Get It

telling what you wantI had an “AHA moment” today that showed me, why indication, telling people what you want, is so important to your eventual success in whatever you do. I love those peak moments, because they don’t happen that often and they are vivid when they do. Kind of like chomping down on the piece of lemon wedge that comes in your water. It makes you stop and you KNOW you just did or HAD something unique happen.

The person on the other side of the table gets an AHA moment as well when the lemon juice hits them in the eye…. true story.

…Now I’m getting worried I may be building this up a bit too much but… what the hey, who cares 🙂

SOOOO, what was this AHA moment? Well, actually I had two. So I better step back and get the first one explained, well, first.

Yesterday was mall day. I love going to the mall and just hanging out. Yes, still. I don’t shop. I just watch. I like big malls with big ceilings. The massiveness of it. So Bankers Hall here in Calgary is one of my faves.

Anywho.. Branda (la bella) said we should stop into Holt Renfrew. Hmmm. Not my cup of tea I thought. Would rather look up at the skylight in the mall. Or my reflection in the floor and dance around so that it looked like I was actually dancing on the skylight because of the reflection… nevermind.

She said we should look in there so we know where we want to shop when I start making millions on the internet 🙂 Smart girl. She knows about the REAL Law Of Attraction that’s why I keep her around. JK.

So where was the aha moment here? I looked at this leather jacket. A leather jacket and a pair of jeans actually. The jeans were cool. I’d like to own them. But that jacket… That jacket smelled AWESOME. I touched it and it made me smile instantly. Clothes don’t make me smile… clothes are to cover my parts so I don’t end up in jail for indecent exposure.

But this was different….

It was a moment when I realized that there are some finer things in life that I want… and I don’t have the resources to obtain them. Actually, that wasn’t stated right. I have the resources, I’m just not using them correctly.

Maybe this would not be such an AHA moment for you. For me, it made me stop and think. Now at this point, I forgot that I never mentioned the REAL AHA moment that happened this morning.

This morning I was reading How Intentions Manifest (read “thought to action” before you throw flowers at me for being foo foo) at Steve Pavlina’s blog. Check that link out for the full article but here is the part that STRUCK ME.

Use SMOG, not MOSG

indicatorWhen I was first learning to drive a car, my drivers education teacher taught me the acronym SMOG, which stands for Signal, Mirror, Over the shoulder, Go. It’s the order of actions to perform when changing lanes on the highway. Note that the first action is to signal your intention to change lanes. Of course, what do most people do? In practice they follow something like MOSG: Mirror, Over the shoulder, Signal, Go. They first determine whether or not they can change lanes by looking for an opening. If there’s no opening, they wait. They speed up or slow down to find a spot. They’re afraid that if they signal first when there’s no opening, they’ll look like a dolt because no one will let them in. But the truth is that even if there isn’t an opening, many drivers will allow you an opening if you signal first. If you don’t signal, the only way they can tell you want to change lanes is via telepathy. The longer you signal, even when there’s no opening at first, the more pressure you build in the other drivers to let you in.

This is a great analogy for how intention-manifestation works. You have to signal (intend) first. Sometimes if you look before signaling, there just won’t be an opening. But signal anyway, and you’ll create the very opening you seek.

For example, if you want a new relationship, let the universe know what you want. Signal! Don’t check your mirrors first to see if there’s someone available in the next lane. You’ll miss way too many wonderful opportunities that way.


That frigg’n piece is me to a “T”. I hope not to inconvenience anyone, so I check and look for a gap. Then I get frustrated I can’t find one. Hold out for a bit. Then I panic because the off ramp is coming. And on and on. If you are like me… you know how this feels.

IT’S A METAPHOR FOR LIFE. This is how I used to live most of the time. I’d go after what I want but in a very subtle way.My belief is that if we were all a little more direct in telling people what we want and in showing our intentions, people will let you in, and help you get what you want.

Not all the time… but your odds go up a shit ton 😉

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