Your Life As A Song

Carlos Castaneda Thinking Your Life Is A SongWarning: Alternative Thought Ahead – I am reading Carlos Castaneda’s “The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge“ in the backyard. Its 4:10 in the afternoon and the sun is about to go behind the big poplar tree by the back fence. The breeze and temperature are perfect thanks to the wonderful Canadian summer climate.

My girlfriend is asleep for an afternoon nap. We both are getting a little tired on our herbal cleanse. I got up about half an hour ago.

Life comes in moments.

In this moment reading page 110 of Castanedas book, I realize I am really just a part of the universe’s big musical production. We are little songs.

Your life plays out, moment by moment. Your life plays out note by note. When this work of art is done, the performance will have been a series of moments, of notes, strung together. This will be your song. When the song is replayed, it will have color, harmony, emotion and dynamics. You want the song to be original and bold. A great song causes a change of state. It takes a sad person and makes them happy or comforted. It can cause a happy person to become melancholy or to jump up and dance. Perfect balance is perfect stagnation.

Your body, the instrument you have been given, has internal qualities that will effect the song that is you. In the way a drum creates music a flute cannot, there is a creative sound that is you. Your song is special.

We learn to play, to express the notes we feel inside in an outward creative action, as we get older. Some lucky ones know their song very early.

Get your song out there. You want the fire to grow. There are bars and measures to be played. Your life so far has been an intro, and now the whole band is on stage waiting for the drop of your baton. At first your song was struggling to be heard, until the rest of the instruments joined in. We are one big orchestra in a concert with many songs.

So many songs. So many notes. Many styles and expressions to be played… and heard. There is no right song or wrong song. There are merely songs of expression. Many notes, instruments and songs can be on one stage. Enjoy the chaos because soon there will be only silence.

So We Dance

Isn’t it funny that long ago, before most of us spent our days stuck in traffic, people knew the nature of reality.

That while we chase success and all our goals sparkle with allure, the power we seek is only a breath away.

The world is a metaphor and words are powerful tools that start turning thoughts into reality. Everything is vibrational and in the beginning was a word.

A thought, a word, a sound, a vibrational movement of particles. Certain vibrational frequencies producing sound through the pulsing of matter, and denser vibrations becoming matter itself. Reality is a collection of vibrations, of thoughts, sounds, it’s a song.

When I hear a song, I dance.

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