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“Soup To Nuts” with proven tips, tricks and advice for anyone who NEEDS to get in shape fast!”

Ok, you’ve got me excited!

Ok, you’ve got me excited.. wow.. you should see my six pack coming out, it’s amazing. Just the little that I’ve gotten from you so far has inspired me more, and I actually started doing what you suggested. I also lost a kilo an a half in fat.

It’s really very helpful that someone is online like you to help people.. like our own personal trainer!

To your helpfulness and our success!!

One Of The Best!

In my view your website is one of the best health-related websites out there. Keep it up!
-Timothy Roach

You Tell It Like It Is!

I think this is a great website, and I think you are helping a lot of people.

There is so much garbage info out there, but you tell it like it is, and believe in “no quick fixes” which is important.
-J Garbutt

If you want build muscle while losing fat then the Just The Facts About Fitness, Bodybuilding & Weightloss Newsletter is the complete blueprint. Not only does it strip off fat, build muscle and make you look amazing…It gets you in the kind of shape that would allow you to pass basic training and battle school for the army like I did.

The Just The Facts About Fitness, Bodybuilding & Weightloss Newsletter covers everything including diet, training, and motivation. It’s all laid out, point blank and step by step…. And you can download it for free.

Right now, you probably have a question on your mind…

personal trainer Ray Burton

“Who the heck is Ray Burton and why are you qualified to show me how to go from couch potato to beach hero when nothing else worked for me before?”

Well, let me introduce myself…

I’m a personal trainer, ex-military soldier and the author of five instructional fitness books. After fitness training for the military, I started running fitness boot camps and helping clients one-on-one. I’ve done radio interviews for stations around the country. I’ve won my weight class in a bodybuilding show and won most fit infantryman two times while I was in the army.

My articles have appeared before hundreds of thousands of people online because they’ve been published on fitness websites and by publishers all across the internet since 2002.

The Military Was My Testing Bed

Ray Burton Fitness BookIn 1999 I spent 6 months in war-torn Bosnia on a tour of duty. Because of the fact that I had been previously awarded the most physically fit recruit on two separate occasions, I was asked by the platoon leader of Anti-Armour platoon to implement a fat loss workout program that would cause rapid fat loss and an increase in performance in the overweight soldiers while developing muscle for the underweight weak soldiers. So I gave them the routine I had already been perfecting for years.

The Result: It worked amazingly well, across the board, on all body types…

soldier fitnessWhile on Operation PALLADIUM (Bosnia), the Battalion was tasked to complete a challenging physical fitness test. Private Burton planned and led his section in a physical training program to ensure their success. Private Burton has been an asset to the Canadian Forces, to the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and to my platoon.

Captain Ryan Jurkowski
Anti-Armour Platoon Commander
Second Battalion Princess Patricia’s
Canadian Light Infantry

Fast forward to 2001…I came straight out of the military to make a living at something different. A Personal Trainer. I had the perfect system to help people get in awesome shape and do it fast. I could get someone ready for a wedding in a month and make they completely unrecognizable in 3 months. A system so perfect that everyone that went on it and truly applied themselves built an incredible looking body that could kick ass as well.

I continued doing this for a couple years and realized a lot of the same questions were coming up when I talked with my clients. I thought, “I’m just going to put all these answers into a manual I can hand to my trainers so we can ensure everyone’s progress.”

The Complete Manual On Losing Weight While Building Muscle

Well, that little manual grew, as did the questions I was getting about training and nutrition via email.

AND the end result is… A workout that builds strong good looking muscle and drops off the pounds at the same time. Anyone can do it, starting at any level and achieve rapid fat loss while developing strong muscle in all the right places. A complete step-by-step, starting from square one blueprint to getting the kind of body that turns heads and kicks ass.

Best of all, I don’t have to charge $80 per session personal training to get this info into people hands. I can send you the info for free via email.

Why Would I Put Out A Newsletter In 2018 At The Age Of 42, And Teach All This Free?

Because now that I’m older, it still works and there are people that will learn information and then immediately act on it to get results. Some other people will instead see that I know what I’m talking about and still want to hire me as a trainer. To be there with them as they go through the process so they can ask questions.

But if you are a lone wolf type, and you act under your own motivation and steam, then…

…using the methods I’m going to teach you, you’ll be able to eliminate over 75% of the time you have been spending on workouts and nutrition advice that simply does not work. Get on with using these methods I’m going to teach you, and see rapid and continuous progress without plateaus.

In short, even if you think for some reason you are too out of shape, and your body won’t ever be lean and muscular, I can show you how to quickly burn fat and get faster, leaner and stronger using the simple methods in my program.

Here Is Everything You Get In The Newsletter

  • Fully detailed instructions. This includes diet, recipes and how to stimulate muscle properly and to lose fat quickly so you never have to guess what to do again.
  • Safe and individualized progression that will allow you to go from beginner to advanced level so that no matter where you are starting, you can get into killer shape in 3 months.
  • Step-by-step instructions through the fully detailed workout programs to insure your continued progress without sticking points and plateaus so that each hour you spend working on your new body…Pays off big time!
  • Quickly jump into the  “quick start” or “beginner” get-em-done-fast workouts and eating so you can get going while your motivation is high. It’s fine if you have never really “done the exercise thing” before. This is a body transformation for all states and shapes.
  • Get your flexibility back with the “essential” stretching guide that contains only the most effective stretches for quickly getting you loose again so that a tight back or aching knees will be a thing of the past. Clients from 24 to 74 have really improved the quality of their lives with this
  • You will know what, when and how to eat and make it work around your schedule. The fully detailed “burn the fat but feed the muscle” nutrition plan that you can customize will allow you to eat the foods you want and you’ll never starve on this program… guaranteed.
  • I’m going to give you the shortcuts that will save you time, money and a lot of wasted effort.
  • ALL of the techniques can be implemented easily, right in your home with your own bodyweight most times. If you have a power rack, dumbbells or barbell set, then we are unlimited. You can save your money on gym memberships unless you get a better workout there.
  • The techniques in the program are based on real-life clients and programs that I have worked with over the last 20 years.
  • Burn fat and develop the amount of muscle you want much quicker than you think… even in your problem areas… no drugs, fancy supplements or killing your metabolism while on the program.
  • You can run away and hide your wallet the next time you read through the muscle and fitness magazines. They have one purpose; to sell products. Most of the time those products are fancy supplements that do absolutely NOTHING! I’ll show you what to eat to get results fast. Its all regular food that you can get from your local grocery store.
  • Rebound weight gain does NOT have to happen. All fat-loss quick fixes, stop working if you are not starving yourself or using their product. When you stop depriving yourself, the fat creeps back on or you lose all your muscle. That does not, and should not happen when you do it right.
  • And much,much more.

Get Answers To The Most Common Fitness Questions I’ve Been Asked Over The Last 20 Years

As you go over the techniques and strategies in the newsletter, you are going to see things that will literally make your eyes pop. You’ll understand the pieces you missed before.

This means that you can go through the program knowing that simply starting is the only thing between you and quickly achieving your ideal body. By following my advice, you’ll cut months, maybe years off how long it takes to achieve your goals.

Results don’t take months to happen..they only take weeks… when you’re doing it right.

My program is updated on a continuous basis. Updates and cutting edge info is emailed out monthly for free. The exercise demonstrations are of me and my clients, not staged photo-shoots with skinny fitness models that eat only kale and dust. It’s a real “how to” blueprint of building muscle and burning off fat year round… for people in the REAL WORLD.

Raymond Burton Fitness TrainerSincerely,
Ray Burton
2 PPCLI (ret)Fitness Certification

P.S. Remember, everything I show you is from the field, personally tested, proven information that WORKS FAST.

We both know that the extra jiggly bits make you feel gross. I’ve been there, but do you honestly think it will get better on it’s own? NOT A CHANCE – it will only get worse every day from here on out. Unless YOU do something about it like I did. Get The FREE Program while it’s still free, and start kicking ass.

You don’t have time to waste on useless workouts, supplements or fancy machines that do nothing. Put down the fitness magazines that are full of misleading photo’s and workout routines. They don’t work for normal people that don’t use steroids, with normal lifestyles and time constraints.

Stop doing that… and start doing this.

“I Lost 60 Pounds And Am Still Going Strong!

Mack Kay client” My metabolism “flipped” and I could feel it happen. I immediately started losing weight fast, for me it was steady at 2lbs per week and now I have lost over 60 pounds and am still going strong. I started at 254 pounds and now am down to 194 pounds and can lift more in my workouts, go longer and feel great! You just have to try it.
Mack Kay
Alberta Canada

“I Recommend This Program!”

Nick Nilsson fat loss guru“Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle growth or strength building, you need to know how to eat, train and what supplements to take. This informational and entertaining book leaves no questions unanswered as you start on the biggest challenge of your life. I recommend this book when you are ready to start changing your body for the better!

Nick Nilsson
Vice President of BetterU, Inc.

I’ve lost 50 lbs. in the last 6 1/2 months.

Jim lost 50 pounds of belly fat “With Rays help and guidance, I’m at my lowest weight in over 10 years (and still losing). I’ve lost 50 lbs. in the last 6 1/2 months. When I reached a plateau, Ray’s workout helped me smash through and reach a whole new level fast! Oh, and I did it all WITHOUT a gym membership or expensive equipment. Do what Ray tells you and you’ll get into the best shape of your life!”

Jim Edwards
Port Haywood, VA

I went from 18% body fat to 11%

david fafardI approached Ray and like many times before he pushed and challenged me to keep MOTIVATED and spent additional time with me in order to adapt my training to compensate for my injury. The concern and support that Ray showed allowed me to re-charge and I NEVER GAVE UP and made the suggested changes and adaptations to my program. The results are that I went from 18% body fat to 11%. As well I increased my lean muscle mass and improved my cardio conditioning. Thanks for all of your support Ray and I am now ready for a new challenge.
Dave Fafard

Simon KellyA serious car accident left me unable to work for nine months. After being unable to do much for several months my body was starting to slip and I wasn’t healthy. Since training with Ray I have made dramatic improvements in several areas of my health. After my latest checkup I am no longer border line type 2 diabetic. My blood sugar levels are down from 6.3 to 5.7. My total cholesterol is down from 4.16 to 3.24 and my resting heart rate is now 61 from 73. My pants fit better after losing 21 pounds and now have the energy to do the things I enjoy. So thanks for everything Ray.
Simon Kelly
warren coles I have been training with personal trainer Ray Burton for several months now. Using Ray’s advice and training principles, I have been capable of losing 29 pounds of body fat while adding 12 pounds of lean body mass.

Thank-you for everything Ray
Warren Coles

In no other program have I achieved even half the amount of success I have in yours. This has also motivated me in the other various aspects of my life. To date since I’ve started I have lost 20lbs of fat, I put on 13 lbs of muscle, and I’m down to a 36/38 regular fit jeans from a 42 relaxed fit and my body fat percentage has dropped from 23% to 18%.
A. South
Davs resultsFirst of all let me say I had my doubts that Ray would be able to live up to all the hype that was surrounding his training. After all I was starting his program at 323 lbs. But after doing it for the first month, I couldn’t believe the butt kicking I got. In that one month alone I dropped 30 lbs of 100% fat and gained some mean lean solid muscle mass and weighed in at 295 lbs!!! I could actually see some definition in my body over all. Because of his training and giving me the butting kicking I so desperately needed, I am weighing in at 230 lbs this year!

What I don’t understand is how after buying a gym membership and getting a personal trainer for 3 months at 4 times a week (costing 65$ a session) the only weight I lost seemed to be in my wallet. Yet with Ray, I lost 30 pounds!

Now I know why none of my clothes really fit anymore.

So if your not sure if this program is right for you….well it will be if you follow Ray’s advice and bring the motivation and desire, it will work.


I just wanted to let you know that before I started your program my cholesterol level was 265 which of course was high and one of the reason I started your program. I went to the doctors on Monday for a follow up on my cholesterol levels and it came in at 142 needless to say my doctor was pleased with that number and so was I. So with the help of your system my numbers improved greatly.


Well I weighed myself today and I am down to 224 so thus far I have lost about 22 pounds…
I have been staying consistent still and am feeling and doing really well! Another 20 pounds and I will have reached my goal for weight loss….

I can not thank you enough for your tremendous support and encouragement!

Just wanted to let you know that the farther I go into the program the more I love/hate it. Not only are the workouts great, but the nutrition info you included are top notch. When anyone asks me why I workout like I do, I tell them about your no BS training so hopefully you’ll get a little business from my end. Keep it up man!

Tony Zimlich

You were right, I don’t need any fat burners,I did it on my own!

I just wanted to share that with you and thank you. This is the best shape I have been in ever. I couldn’t have done it without you, your book, and your patience with the multitude of questions I asked you!

I got down to 10% body fat! You were always willing to help me out with a question and in some cases wrote a full page article about my concern. Keep up the great work! You made me feel like a friend more than a client.

Joel Smith San Antonio, TX

The Fitness Motivation Newsletter
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